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Originally, yoga 
was practiced one-
on-one between 
student and 
teacher. A practice 
was handed down 
through tradition 
and customized for that particular student. 
An ongoing student-teacher relationship was 
founded, nurtured, cultivated. 

 Today, we have group yoga classes which put 
many different bodies in the room. Each person 
progressing at their own physical, mental, and 
spiritual pace. It takes time and discipline to stick 
with and grow in your practice. And in starting 
out, it’s so important to have a teacher, even if 
it’s just in group classes. Getting connected with 
a teacher in-person is vital, a workout video or 
online class is not the same. 

 For those already established in their yoga 
practice, there may come a time when working 
one-on-one with a teacher is the next indicated 
step. You could want to reach a particular goal, 
physical, spiritual or personal. A personalized 
practice may be in order. That’s what private 
time with a teacher is for. Often through private 
sessions, a student can deepen their practice 
much faster than just through group classes. Your 
need could be a simple as wanting privacy, free of 
intimidation or as complex as a very challenging 
physical condition. In any case, establishing a 
one-on-one relationship with a teacher can prove 
to be an invaluable, inspirational experience. 

See you in class, 

Keely Totten

Teacher at Yoga Madre



If you are like me, 
you are always 
looking for easy ways 
to improve your 
immune response, 
lower inflammation 
and improve mood. 
Drinking lemon 
water first thing in 
the morning is one 
quick and easy way to 
accomplish all of the 

Since lemons are 
packed with vitamin 
C, B, calcium, 
iron, magnesium, 
potassium, enzymes, and antioxidants, they do 
all sorts of things to help strengthen our bodies. 
The vitamin C strengthens the immunes system 
which will help you to fight colds and flus whiling 
improving the body’s ability to absorb more iron 
from the food you eat. 

Lemons have the ability to remove uric acid from 
our joints. The build-up of uric acid is one of the 
major causes of inflammation so have a glass 
before and after a workout for better recovery. 
There’s been lots of talk about having an over 
acidic body. We know an acidic body can cause 
inflammation which is involved in obesity and is 
the root of most other diseases. Lemons to the 
rescue. They are one of the most alkalizing foods 
on the planet.

Lemon water provides beneficial effects on our 
brain and nerve health as well because of its high 
levels of potassium and magnesium. Because 
lemon water is loaded with these minerals, it can 
give you the boost you need to fight depression and 
stress. It creates mental clarity and focus. Have 
a stressful job to go to every day? Think about 
adding lemon water to you morning routine. 

There are many other beneficial reasons to drink 
lemon water. It is a simple, low cost and benefits 
your body and your mind. Warm lemon water 
is best because hot or cold lemon water will take 
more energy to digest. 

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center


by Lisa Weintraub Schifferle

Attorney, FTC

 It’s open season for everyone who wants to 
switch health coverage. As you select your health 
insurance plan, watch out for scams. Whether 
you are on Medicare, selecting a plan through 
the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or have private 
insurance, here are some tips to help you more 
safely navigate the open enrollment season. 


 A variety of scams take advantage of Medicare 
recipients. Here are a few: 

· An “official Medicare agent” knocks on your 
door selling Medicare insurance that can save you 
money. Stop. It’s a scam. There are no Medicare 
sales representatives. It’s probably someone who 
wants to use your information to commit fraud 
or identity theft.

· Someone calls and says you must join their 
prescription plan or else you’ll lose your 
Medicare coverage. Don’t believe it. The Medicare 
prescription drug plan (also known as Part D) is 

· Someone calls claiming that you need to give 
your Medicare number in order for you to keep 
your Medicare coverage under ACA. It’s a scam. 
Don’t give your personal information over the 
phone. If you need help with Medicare, call 
1-800-MEDICARE or go to

Affordable Care Act

 If you are shopping in the Health Insurance 
Marketplace, only shop at 
People who try to sign you up elsewhere may be 
scammers. If you’re overwhelmed, you can find 
free official helpersat Official 
helpers will never ask for money or try to sell you 
a particular plan. 

 Another important tip: the government will not 
call to sell you health insurance. And no one from 
the government will ask you to verify your Social 
Security number or bank information over the 

Private insurance

 If you’re looking for health insurance, make 
sure that’s what you’re buying. Be on the lookout 
for medical discount plans. They’re not the same 
as health insurance, even though they sometimes 
pretend to be. Many of these plans are scams that 
don’t deliver on the services promised. Others are 
just a way for identity thieves to get your personal 
information. Your state insurance commissioner’s 
office can tell you if a plan isn’t insurance and 
whether the seller is licensed in your state.

Report health care scams

 If you think you may be a victim of a health 
care scam, report it to the FTC. If the scam is 
Medicare-related, report it at

 If you gave our personal information, then 
call your banks, credit card providers, health 
insurance company, and credit reporting 
agencies immediately. The FTC’s website has 
more information on health care scams and 
medical identity theft.


LOS ANGELES COUNTY— Support for state 
legislation to allow terminally ill patients to use 
experimental drugs or treatments not yet fully 
approved for consumer use by the U.S. Food and 
Drug Administration was unanimously approved 
by the Board of Supervisors on a motion by 
Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. 

 “Terminally ill patients should not have to 
navigate the FDA’s bureaucratic process to access a 
drug and treatment that may help save their life,” 
said Supervisor Antonovich. 

 As is allowed in a number of other states, 
terminally ill patients who have exhausted their 
options would only need their physician’s approval 
and a drug company willing to assist them, to 
pursue these potentially life-saving opportunities. 

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