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Walking Sierra MadreÉThe Social Side 

by Deanne Davis


The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library announce that their 
Silent Auction at the library will continue until December 1. 
Featured are many interesting and collectible books, including 
some Signed, First and Limited Editions. The books will be in 
the Display Case in the main room of the library and will be 
available for inspection from 1-2 p.m. on Saturdays, November 
8, 15, 22 and 7-8 p.m. on Monday, December 1.

Check out some of the titles available:


 Inscribed by J.M. Barrie on the first page, with a word that 
may be ÒFondly,Ó this book was the first one written about 
the young boy Tommy and his childhood friend, Grizel. The 
following book about these two is called Tommy and Grizel, 
and the two books are thought to have a Peter Pan quality to 
them. A lovely book for any book collector. 


 This book was written by the popular science-fiction author, 
Poul Anderson. The novel centers on a ten-year interstellar 
voyage aboard a spaceship as the crew is preparing for their 
departure from Earth. It is particularly poignant for the crew 
as they know that while they are aboard the ship and traveling 
in space, time will be passing much more quickly back home. 
As a result, by the time they return, everyone they know will 
have long since died. As they navigate through space, the 
voyage takes a disastrous turn and the crew must cope with 
the unexpected leading to a dramatic and taut story. This is a 
beautiful red-leather CollectorÕs Edition from Easton Press.


 Aldous Huxley wrote this book in 1931. Surprisingly, 
the novel anticipates developments in science, psychological 
conditioning and technology in the future and sounds an 
alarm about losing individual identity in the fast-paced world to 
come. This edition is presented in a fine slipcase and would be a 
wonderful gift for a collector.


 Carl Sandburg, the American poet, won a Pulitzer Prize for 
his Lincoln biography, ÒThe War YearsÓ in 1940. These three 
volumes join his 1926 collection: Abraham Lincoln ÒThe 
Prairie YearsÓ. This set of 6 books is a definitive collection of 
information on Lincoln.


 This is a First Edition volume of the beautiful photographs 
of Philip Hyde, a pioneer landscape photographer who studied 
under Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Dorothea Lange in 
the 1940s. His beautiful and haunting photographs of deserts 
are presented in an over-sized volume in glorious color.


 This book, written by Academy-nominated costume 
designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis, features one hundred 
years of HollywoodÕs most famous costumes and the characters 
they helped bring to life. She utilizes many costume sketches 
and photographs, many previously unpublished, as well as a 
collection of first-person anecdotes about the designers and 
the stars they dressed. This is a beautiful book that no film or 
fashion lover could resist!


 Curated by Nicholas Calloway, this book presents 100 
of OÕKeeffeÕs flower paintings in all their true-to-life colors. 
Each page shows an OÕKeeffe flower with all the details she 
represented so beautifully in her paintings.


 Charles Baudelaire, a French poet, essayist and art critic, 
published these poems in 1857. Translated as ÒThe Flowers 
of EvilÓ, the principal themes became a vanguard for 
unwholesomeness among the mainstream critics of the day. 
This particular Limited Edition was published in Paris in 1942 
and is bound in red leather.

 Come and look at these beautiful books soon! Bids may be 
written on bid sheets in the ÒSilent AuctionÓ notebook on the 
Service Counter in the library. The highest bid will be accepted 
as the winner when the Auction closes at 8 p.m. on Monday, 
December 1.


 All proceeds benefit the programs and resources of the Sierra 
Madre Library. For more information on the FriendsÕ group 
please contact the Library at 626-355-7186 or on the FriendsÕ 
website at 

ÒService First, Quality Always!Ó 

Moe Marshal

 Sierra Madre has a number of treasuresÉ the 
amazing view of our own personal mountains; a 
whole bunch of really nice restaurants; citizens 
who take pride in our town; and Moe Marshal, 
owner of MoeÕs Automotive Service Center. All 
of you who are reading this are now going, ÒOh 
yeahÉMoe! CouldnÕt live without him!Ó My 
truck-driving walking partner, John, is among 
you, having been to MoeÕs very recently for a 
check engine light alert. After getting his red 
baby hooked up to all the diagnostic scanners, 
and the verdict being Òrough engine,Ó it was 
decided by Andy that a Òwait and seeÓ attitude 
was the answer and, once again, peace reigned 
over all. Moe is totally up to date on all the 
computerized equipment necessary to fix our 
cars these days, and, in fact, will be heading for 
Las Vegas to attend two different industry shows, 
three days of seeing all the latest and greatest car 
repair equipment.

 ÒLove this place! They are honest, but more 
importantly ethical. MoeÕs has been servicing my 
vehicles for over 10 years. Andy also looked at 
vehicles for me when I was purchasing used cars 
for my daughters. The few times I havenÕt been able 
to get someone to take me home to/from the shop 
they have driven me to/from my home. Need a 
good mechanic? Look no further, this is where you 
should go. Both you and your vehicle will be happy 

 Just one of many YELP Reviews!

 Yes, Moe has been there forever! Or practically 
forever, 31 years in January and heÕs been the 
owner for 26 years this coming May. His building 
dates from at least 1949! MoeÕs is truly a family 
business as MoeÕs stepsons, Andy and Tim, both 
started working with Moe when they were still 
in their teens, Andy working in the gas station, 
which is now a Valero station, when it was still 
Chevron. Yep, Moe owned that for quite a while, 
too, eventually selling to Bill Bergensmith, who 
always referred to my engineer husband as ÒThe 
Doctor!Õ Tim started working with Moe at 15 but 
eventually heard the Midwest calling and moved 
to Springfield, Missouri, where MoeÕs two sisters 
live. MoeÕs wife, Shirley, did the books for quite a 
while, coming in on Friday nights to balance the 
debits and credits, but she passed that job along a 
while back. Andy, of course, is still an extremely 
necessary part of MoeÕs.

 We didnÕt talk about cars all that much, except 
to bemoan the fact that nobody can work on their 
own car anymore. We both remember the auto 
shop, metal shop and motor shop classes that were 
available in high school years ago, which made it 
possible for most guys to pop their hood, make a 
few adjustments and keep going! Moe and Shirley 
are dedicated motor-home travelers, and love 
spontaneous trips where they pick a direction and 
take off, ending up in Springfield a couple of times 
a year. Moe says he loves the Midwest, enjoys 
traveling back roads and going through small 
towns, rather than the highways. CanÕt say as I 
blame him!

 MoeÕs a motorcycle guy, too, part of a group, 
mostly family, that takes rides all over the Nation. 
There are about ten guys and their wives. If itÕs 
a fairly short trip, the wives ride along on the 
back but if itÕs one of the longer ones, the girls 
all fly. TheyÕve been to Boston for the fall colors; 
Nashville; Portland, Oregon; Durango, Colorado; 
and the next trip will start in Chicago. The guys 
will ride their Honda Goldwings or their Harleys. 
Moe is a Harley guy, and plans are underway to 
stay at all the nicest hotels and B & BÕs along the 
way. ÒNo, we donÕt camp at all!Ó Neither do we, 

 If your car or truck is needing some loving 
attention, here are a few of the things that Moe and 
Andy will do for you:

 Tune-up and Drivability Problem Correction; 
Oil Changes and Chassis Lubrication; Heating 
and Air Conditioning Services; Brakes; Batteries 
Starting/Charging System Diagnosis and Repair; 
Cooling System Service; Belts and Hoses; Tire 
Replacement, Repair, Alignment and Balancing 
Steering and Suspension; Factory Scheduled 

 When the subject of possible retirement came 
up, Moe shook his head and said, ÒNo, not anytime 
soon.Ó Which should be a real relief for those of 
us who count on Moe to keep us going. He and 
Andy take time off and frequent vacations and, 
fortunately, the days when he was there pretty 
much all the time are gone and with so many good 
customers, heÕs a pretty happy guy.

 If you havenÕt met Moe and handed him the 
keys to your ailing vehicle, you should! HeÕs at 125 
W. Sierra Madre Blvd. HereÕs his phone number: 
626-355-4714. He does both domestic and foreign 
cars. ThatÕs a 1950Õs Hudson heÕs standing next to!


 If you like Walking Sierra Madre, you oughta 
take a look at my book!

 ÒA Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of 
LaughterÓ ItÕs available on or from 
me! Christmas is coming and itÕs a great gift!


Sierra Madre United Methodist Church is holding its 
annual Christmas Alternative Gift Fair & Boutique on 
Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. Ð 1:00 p.m. 
Celebrate the spirit of the holiday season with a gift 
that truly Ògives back.Ó Your donations help support 
the relief efforts of local organizations such as San 
Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity, Friends in Deed, 
and Foothill Unity Center, and global efforts such as 
Heifer International, Imagine No Malaria, Church 
World Service, and missionary programs in Mexico. 
Sales from the popular handcrafted gift boutique will 
benefit Family Promise of San Gabriel Valley. Fair 
Trade items from the Ten Thousand Villages Store 
will also be available. Enjoy free refreshments while 
you browse. 

The Church is located at 695 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. in 
Sierra Madre. Call 626-355-0629 for more information.


The FirefighterÕs Ball will be held on December 
6th at St. Rita Parish OÕMalley Hall from 8:00 
PM to Midnight. The annual festivity that 
began in 1921 isa sponsored by the Sierra 
Madre Volunteer FirefightersÕ Association and 
will host live entertainment, refreshments, and 

 Attendees are encouraged to bring a new, 
unwrapped gift to donate to the U.S. Marine 
CorpÕs ÒToys for TotsÓ program.

 Tickets to the ball are $5.00 each; however, 
contributions of any amount are sincerely 
appreciated. Ticket sales and donations from 
the Ball finance S.M.V.F.A. sponsored events 
such as the Christmas Eve visit from Santa and 
stocking distribution, the Easter Egg Hunt, 
continued sponsorship of youth athletic teams, 
and more.

Sierra Madre Police Blotter

During the week of Sunday, November 16th, to 
Sunday, November 23rd, the Sierra Madre Police 
Department responded to approximately 303 calls 
for service.

Monday, November 17th

 At 1:21 am, Sierra Madre Police responded 
to the intersection of Sierra Madre Blvd and 
Michillinda Avenue regarding a possible hit 
and run. Upon arrival, Officers were met with a 
single vehicle with the driver and passenger. The 
driver informed Officers that a vehicle driving 
at a high rate of speed caused her to veer off the 
main road and hit a pole. Further investigation 
revealed the driver was under the influence of 
alcohol and had taken medication for anxiety. 
The passenger was released on scene to family 
and the driver was transported to a local 
hospital where she was cited for driving under 
the influence. 

Tuesday, November 18th

 At 9:25 am, Sierra Madre Police were patrolling 
on East Mariposa when they noticed two 
subjects sitting on the curb. The 1st subject was 
observed to have a tobacco type pipe and was 
getting ready to smoke it when he then noticed 
the Officers and quickly put the pipe back into 
his pocket. When approached by Officers, the 
1st subject informed them that he was going to 
smoke marijuana with the 2nd subject. Further 
investigation revealed that the first subject had a 
small plastic baggy and a clear green bottle, both 
containing marijuana. The subject told Officers 
he did not have a medical marijuana card. The 
marijuana was booked into evidence. Both 
subjects were released on site after the 1st subject 
was cited for possession of Marijuana.

Wednesday, November 19th

 At 7:39 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded to 
the station lobby regarding a petty theft report. 
The victim informed Officers that on Monday, he 
ate lunch at a local restaurant, where he had used 
his wallet last. Later that evening he realized he 
had left his wallet at the restaurant. The victim 
then checked his online bank statements and 
discovered his credit card had been compromised 
and an unauthorized withdrawal of $300 was 
made. This case has been forwarded to the 
Detectives Bureau. 

Saturday, November 22nd

 At 12:49 pm, Sierra Madre Police responded 
to the station lobby regarding a theft report. 
The victim informed Officers that she had been 
expecting a package in the mail. When she did 
not receive it by the expected date, she contacted 
the mailing service and was informed by them 
that they had delivered the package two days 
prior, leaving it on the porch. Officers determined 
an unknown suspect removed the package from 
the victimÕs porch. This case has been forwarded 
to the Detectives Bureau. 

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