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For the period of Sunday, November 16th, through Saturday, November 22nd, 
the Police Department responded to 1,030 calls for service of which 109 required 
formal investigations. The following is a summary report of the major incidents 
handled by the Department during this period.

Sunday, November 16:

Just before 2:08 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for driving 
on the wrong side of the road in the area of Santa Anita Avenue and Huntington 
Drive. The officer detected a strong odor of alcohol emitting from the driverÕs 
breath. The driver voluntarily participated in a series of field sobriety tests, 
however, would not submit to a breath test. The officer determined the 28-year-
old male of unknown race was under the influence of alcohol and subsequently 
arrested and transported him to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

At approximately 12:02 p.m., an officer responded to the Rusnak Dealership, 55 
West Huntington Drive, regarding a fraud report. An investigation revealed an 
unidentified suspect attempted to purchase a vehicle using a fraudulent driverÕs 
license. The suspect also signed the victimÕs name on official credit documents 
thus adding forgery to the list of charges. As he was confronted by Rusnak 
employees, the suspect fled in an unknown direction. The investigation is 

Monday, November 17:

At about 11:22 a.m., officers responded to the Arcadia Police Department 
front counter, 250 West Huntington Drive, regarding a fraud report. Officers 
discovered the suspect, a 43-year-old male of unknown race, made six cash 
advances from his account totaling $12,000.00 between August 28th and 
October 7th of this year, followed by six payments over the phone from closed, 
out of the state, accounts. When the bank contacted the suspect, he stated he 
would like to pay off the balance and provided account information for, what 
appeared to be, another closed account from out of state. The investigation is 

At approximately 12:19 p.m., officers responded to the Arcadia Police 
Department front counter, 250 West Huntington Drive, regarding a theft 
report. While the victim was out of town, he granted his friend permission to 
enter his residence to borrow a pair of shoes. When the victim returned home, 
he noticed multiple handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, and his dog had been stolen. 
The suspect, a 28-year-old Asian male, spoke to the victim and admitted to 
stealing his items, but refused to return them. The investigation is ongoing and 
the suspect outstanding at the time of this report.

Tuesday, November 18:

Around 4:32 a.m., an officer noticed an unknown male hiding in the bushes 
near the 200 block of West Norman Avenue. An investigation revealed two 
suspects, an unidentified male and a 38-year-old Hispanic female, had several 
items of mail containing newly issued credit cards in their vehicle. Additional 
officers were unsuccessful in their attempt to locate the male suspect as he had 
fled. The female suspect was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail. 
During the booking process, the jailer located five additional access cards in 
the suspectÕs purse. 

Just after 5:15 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 000 block of East 
Winnie Way regarding a burglary report. The officer determined unknown 
suspect(s) pried open the rear sliding door, ransacked the residence, and stole 
approximately $4,000 cash, $1,500 foreign currency, and two distinguishable 
designer watches. No suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 

Wednesday, November 19:

Shortly after 2:23 a.m., an officer initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle in the area 
of Foothill Boulevard and Baldwin Avenue for expired registration. The officer 
discovered the driver, a 31-year-old Hispanic female, was never issued a driverÕs 
license. She was cited and released in the field. Her vehicle was impounded for 
30 days.

At about 5:03 p.m., officers responded to MacyÕs in the Santa Anita Mall, 400 
South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a theft report. An investigation revealed the 
suspect concealed numerous items of clothing and accessories in her purse 
before exiting the store without making payment. The 27-year-old Black female 
was cited and released in the field.

Thursday, November 20:

At approximately 2:16 a.m., an officer conducted an enforcement stop on a 
vehicle in the area of 9th Avenue and Live Oak Avenue for speeding. Upon 
contacting the driver, the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on the driverÕs 
breath. Through the use of a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) device, the 
officer discovered the 27-year-old Hispanic female had a blood alcohol content 
greater than .08%. She was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail 
for booking.

Around 12:35 p.m., an officer responded to Ralphs Grocery Store, 211 East 
Foothill Boulevard, regarding a theft report. An investigation revealed an 
unknown male subject exited the store with a hand-held basket full of groceries 
without making payment. He entered an awaiting Chevrolet Cavalier and fled 
in an unknown direction. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 20 
to 30-years-old, approximately 6Õ1Ó, and weighting roughly 185 pounds. The 
suspect is still outstanding.

Friday, November 21: 

Just after 2:43 p.m., an officer responded to the intersection of Second Avenue 
and Santa Clara Street regarding a traffic accident. The officer determined 
Party-2 failed to yield to oncoming traffic when making a left turn and was 
struck by Party-1. Arcadia Fire responded to the scene and transported the 
driver of Party-2 to Arcadia Methodist Hospital for treatment. 

At about 7:50 p.m., officers and Arcadia Fire responded to a residence in the 
400 block of East Norman Avenue regarding a fire. An investigation revealed 
the fire originated from a smoking pot on the stove. The fire was extinguished 
and no residents were injured.

Saturday, November 22:

Just after 2:29 a.m., an officer responded to the 800 block of South Baldwin 
Avenue regarding the report of a stolen license plate. Sometime between 
November 21st at 2:00 p.m. and todayÕs date at 12:00 a.m., an unknown suspect 
stole the rear license plate from the victimÕs Toyota Highlander. No witnesses 
were located.

At approximately 8:53 p.m., an officer responded to MacyÕs at the Santa 
Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, regarding a theft report. The officer 
discovered the suspect concealed $258.00 worth of merchandise in her purse 
and exited the business without making payment. The 61-year-old White 
female was cited and released in the field.



Arcadia Senior Services is offering a musical lecture that will focus on 
the life of Bing Crosby on Tuesday, December 2, 2104 at 1:30pm. The 
lecture will take place at the Arcadia Community Center, 365 Campus 
Drive, Arcadia. This program will highlight the life and music of Bing 
Crosby, ÒCall Me LuckyÓ. This Timeless Melodies Foundation for 
Education musical program will trace BingÕs roots and early musical 
inspirations and how radio impacted the development of popular music. 
The presentation will go into the motion picture and sound recordings 
he made, plus his musical/movie career with Bob Hope. This program 
is for individuals 50 years of age and older. Cost of the presentation 
is $3.00 and is non-refundable. Tickets are available until Monday, 
December 1, 2014. For additional information please call Arcadia Senior 
Services 626.574.5130.

About the City of Arcadia

Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Arcadia is an 
11.38 square mile community with a population of just over 56,000. 
Located approximately 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, Arcadia 
is known for combining small-town charm with the conveniences 
and amenities of a mid-size city. Arcadia is a full-service charter city 
governed by a five-member City Council, elected at large. Recognized 
for exceptional education and recreation opportunities and beautiful 
neighborhoods, Arcadia is also defined as the ÒCommunity of HomesÓ 
and has twice been designated the ÒBest City in California in which to 
Raise KidsÓ by Business Week Magazine.




During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 386 service 
events, resulting in 74 investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported, 
go to for crime mapping. For 
Police Department news and information, visit our website and follow us on 

Disturbance / Trespassing Ð Suspect Arrested

On November 17 at 8:45 a.m., officers were dispatched to a residence in the 
300 block of East Palm regarding a male and female yelling at each other at 
the location. Officers arrived and determined there was no physical fight, but 
the verbal altercation was loud and aggressive. The male subject is the ex-
boyfriend of the female. The mother of the female subject is the lawful tenant 
of the residence and stated that the ex-boyfriend is not a resident and was not 
to come back to the location. The male subject was told to leave the location 
and he complied.

The subject then came to the police department and was, once again, advised 
not to return to the location on Palm. However, immediately upon being 
warned, he headed in that direction. Officers followed and found that the 
subject had returned to the location and was aggressively yelling at the female 
subject again. Officers arrested the subject for trespassing and for causing a 
disturbance; he was held for the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Expired Registration / Possession of a Controlled Substance Ð Suspect 

Arrested On November 17 at 9:54 p.m., an officer on patrol in the area of 
Buena Vista and Huntington stopped a vehicle for expired registration. The 
driver did not have proof of registration for the vehicle. A consent search of 
the vehicle revealed a white substance on the driverÕs seat and the floorboard 
area, which tested positive for methamphetamine. The driver was arrested for 
possession of a controlled substance and was taken into custody.

Hit and Run Traffic Collision Ð Suspect Arrested

On November 18 at 8:07 a.m., officers responded to the report of a utility 
pole down due to an accident. They arrived and found a utility pole had been 
sheered off, apparently from a vehicle hitting it, but the vehicle had fled the 
scene. Electrical wires were down, so Edison was notified. Witnesses reported 
that a male subject in a black Ford SUV had hit the pole and fled south on 
Sierra Terrace, possibly to an apartment on Sesmas. An officer searching for 
the vehicle was approached by a male subject who claimed his girlfriend was 
the driver in the accident, and the vehicle was hers. The officer located the 
damaged vehicle and girlfriend/registered owner. When confronted with the 
witness statements, the girlfriend admitted her boyfriend was driving the 
vehicle and she was not in the car. The officer questioned the male subject 
again, but he was not cooperative; he was arrested for misdemeanor hit and 
run and delaying and resisting an officer.

Vehicle Burglary

On November 19 at 4:26 a.m., a vehicle burglary was reported at a hotel 
parking lot in the 900 block of West Huntington. The victim parked his rental 
SUV in the lot and locked the vehicle. When he returned, he found the third 
row seats were missing. He called police. The investigation is continuing.

Burglary / Resisting and Delaying a Peace Officer / Displaying a Weapon in 
a Threatening Manner Ð Suspect Arrested

On November 19 at 3:22 p.m., police received a call reporting a male subject 
running through backyards in the 600 block of King Street. Officers arrived 
and contained the area. The Foothill Air Support Team helicopter arrived to 
assist. The subject was seen coming out of a garage with a golf club in his hand. 
He ran, but was confronted by officers. He held the golf club up and over his 
head in a threatening manner. Officers ordered him to put down the golf club 
and he complied. He was detained and taken into custody.

Mail Theft / Possession of Burglary Tools Ð Suspect Arrested

On November 20 at 3:24 a.m., an officer on patrol in the 400 block of Granite 
observed two subjects dressed in dark clothing and hooded sweatshirts. 
When they saw the officer, they ran. Assisting officers responded to the area, 
and after an area search, one of the two suspects was located. He was arrested 
for mail theft and possession of burglary tools. The second suspect has been 
identified and the investigation is continuing.

Mayor Pro Tem Sam Kang, Council Member Margaret Finlay, Council Member Liz Reilly, Wendy Mathis, Special Olympics, Mayor Tzeitel

By Joan Schmidt

 This past Tuesday was a great day in Duarte. First there was the 
annual MayorÕs Prayer Breakfast in the morning. The Premium 
Sponsor was Burrtec Waste Industries and Co-Sponsors included 
City of Duarte, City of Hope, Duarte IHOP, Duarte Chamber 
of Commerce, Duarte Church and Clergy Association, Duarte 
Kiwanis Club, Duarte Key Club and Duarte WomanÕs Club.

 IHOP provided the Breakfast Buffet as we were entertained 
by Varetta HeidelbergÕs Instruments of Praise on Saxophone. 
Mayor Liz Reilly welcomed us. Attending were Congresswoman 
Grace Napolitano, and representatives from Senator Carol Lui, 
Assemblyman Roger Hernandez and Supervisor Mike Antonovich; 
Duarte Mayor Liz Reilly, DuarteÕs Mayor Pro Tem Tzeitel Paras-
Carraci, Council Members John Fasana and Margaret Finlay, City 
Manager Daryl George, Superintendent Terry Nichols, School 
Board Members Reyna Diaz, Tom Reyes and Ken Bell, Temple 
Station Commander Coronne Jacob, Directors Brian Villolobos, 
Caesar Monsalve and many others.

 Colors were posted by local Azusa Army National Guard, 
Troop 1-18., followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by the 
Congresswoman. Other musical selections included God Bless 
America by Melida Smith, I Hope You Dance by Jeanette Depatie, 
and Varetta Heidelberg. Pastors participating included Pastor Glen 
Gibson (Invocation), Pastor Emelito Hernandez (Community 
Prayer), Pastor Simon Espartinas (Scripture Reading), and Pastor 
George Salter (Benediction).

 The honorees were Outstanding Youth Award- Kassandra Lopez 
and Autumn Knight, Outstanding Service to Youth Award- Tim 
Rhambo and Stephen Martinez, Outstanding Service to Senior 
Citizens/Disabled Award- Janet Malone, Outstanding Civic Service 
Award-Sheryl Lefman, Outstanding Humanitarian Award-Dr. 
Susan Kane and Outstanding Business Person Award=Bob Cruz, 
The Gas Company. Congratulations to these great volunteers!

 Tuesday evening at the City Council Meeting, there were two 
great events. First there was a special Proclamation presented to 
Wendy Mathis from Special Olympics because Duarte is going to a 
HOST TOWN! How exciting is that?

 A few months ago, the City of Arcadia announced it would 
be a ÒHOST TOWNÓ at a special city meeting. DuarteÕs official 
announcement as a ÒHost TownÓ will be at Azusa Pacific University 
because APU is working with the City of Duarte-the athletes will 
use APU facilities for practice.

 The ÒHost Town ProgramÓ is a special 3-day program that takes 
place prior to the Opening Ceremony of the Special World Olympic 
Games. At their Host Town, delegations of athletes from around the 
world will be welcomed and celebrated. The athletes will become 
community members, participate in cultural activities unique to 
each area, and in between, practice and rest for the games.

 The second special event at the Council Meeting was the 
Reorganization of Duarte City Council. Tzeitel Paras-Caracci 
is Mayor and Sam Kang is Mayor Pro Tem, Both elected by a 
unanimous 5-0 vote. Then there was a brief 15 minute break for 
refreshments, pictures and celebration! Another great day in