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Dickey’s BBQ opened in a small strip mall on the 
corner of Sierra Madre and Colorado about two 
years ago, right behind the Plate 38, now to be called BBQ you must well…. Have a BBQ Pit, the 
menu says that all meats are smoked on site daily and due to this some items might sell out early, I 
get that, many of the true BBQ places I have visited in the Dallas area also give you fair warning, now 
if I drove fifty miles for some great BBQ I certainly would be disappointed. Since Dickey’s has several 
locations through out the Los Angeles area you might not have to drive far. The real questions is 
should you? 

My buddy Charter Cable’s TV Food Star Mike Bingley and I visited Dickey’s for lunch, Mike and I 
have visited the stars of the Pasadena BBQ scene ala Robins, Gus’ and Bonnie B’s. So we are pretty 
well versed on the art of BBQ and what to look for , wanting to try a little of everything I ordered 
the 3 meat plate you can choose from Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Turkey, Chicken, Ham Sausage and 
polish sausage. I opted for the brisket, chicken and fall off the bone pork ribs, the owner/franchisee 
told me that they were St. Louis style Pork Ribs not Baby Back. Spoiler alert, the spare ribs don’t fall 
of the bone, maybe it was bad shipment, but there wasn’t enough meat to fall off the bones, however 
the Beef Brisket was above average and the chicken was good as well. Sides included Fried Okra and 
Mac and Cheese, Mike liked the Mac and Cheese but said his Mothers was still the best. Sandwiches 
are available using your choice of meats. Prices are from $8 to $17 with sodas and plenty of refillable 
sweet tea. 

What to like , the refillable sweet tea is a plus, the Brisket is fantastic. You even get a small self serve 
ice cream. 

What to consider, BBQ ain’t cheap, and although Dickey’s website mentions value their prices are in 
line with their competitors, the Spare ribs are small, much like you’d get a Chinese Buffett. I might 
have to give the spare ribs a second chance but then again why. If you are thinking about feeding the 
lunch crew, they have a few options, but avoid the noon time rush, it is mall restaurant 

If you are a TRUE BBQ lover, you’ll like the brisket, but other items might be a little , shall we say 
pedestrian for you. 

WINE TASTING: This Thursday August 20th, Vons on Colorado across from Dickey’s, fun starts at 4 
PM. Wild Horse wines featured. Free to adults 

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