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Mountain Views News Saturday, August 15, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT 
Jeff’s Book Picks By Jeff Brown 

how to influence the elements 
around you, and how to cope



successfully with the problems


of the inner and outer world. 


Autobiography of a Yogi is


at once a beautifully written


account of an exceptional lifeand a profound introduction

RIVER by Thomas Sugrue 

to the ancient science of 
Yoga and its time-honored 

EDGAR CAYCE (1877-1945) is 
tradition of meditation. 

known to millions today as theProfoundly inspiring, it 

grandfather of the New Age. Ais at the same time vastly

medical clairvoyant, psychic, 
and Christian mystic, Cayce

entertaining, warmly

provided medical, psychological, 

humorous and filled with 

and spiritual advice to thousands 

extraordinary personages.

of people who swore by the 

Self-Realization Fellowship’s

effectiveness of his trance-based 

editions, and none others, 

readings.But Cayce was not 

include extensive material 

always a household name. When 

added by the author after the

a young, skeptical journalist 

first edition was published,

named Thomas Sugrue first 

Review By: Sean Kayden

Westkust – “Last Forever” - 

Swedish noise poppers 
Westkust released their debut LP, Last Forever last 
month. It is a collection of shoegazing tunes that include 
punk sensibilities and ethereal guitars. With a wall-ofsound 
style, the nine tracks featured on Last Forever cut 
especially deep. Last Forever is the seamless introduction 
to Westkust, the newest indie-pop export. Westkust 
offers a wistful take on noise-pop with supreme delicacy. 
It’s difficult to feel down while listening to these nine 
idyllic songs. The dual vocals of Gustav Anderson (also 
on guitar) and Julia Bjernelind intermingled over the 
buoyant framework of fuzzy bass and spiraling guitar 
riffs go beyond just presenting these pop-perfectionists. 
With the additions of Philip Söderlind on drums, Hugo 
Randulv on bass/guitar, and Rikard Hjort on guitar/
bass, the three contribute tremendous complexity to 
this impressive debut record. Once you take a good 
listen to Last Forever, the only thing on your mind will 
be a repeated listen. The Gotheburg, Sweden quintet has 
seemed to masterfully craft a record that can be the daily 
soundtrack to one’s life. The record is filled with lush 
melodies, heartache, and the notion of going beyond the 
woefully limits one places on themselves. The capacious 
pop tune “Swirl” starts off Last Forever promisingly. 
The aptly titled track consists of swirling guitars, Julia 
Bjernelind’s effervescent vocals, and Gustav Anderson’s 
punk-style vocal delivery. The tempo is quick, but the 
song consumes you. The euphoric noise-pop tune is 
quite mesmerizing giving the listener high expectations 
for the remainder of the record. Those expectations 
are clearly met as Last Forever is a spectacular display 
of noise-pop songs that come off dreamy and ethereal. 
The combination of two vocals brings this project alive 
in so many unexpected ways as Westkust easily makes 
their mark on this musical terrain. There’s never a 
dull or unexciting moment to be had throughout the 



33-minute expedition Westkust puts the listener on. An 
exhilarating and sharply constructed debut record that 
feels organic and new. 

Night Beds – “Ivywild” - Night Beds is the musicalproject of Colorado Springs native Winston Yellen.
In 2013, the twenty-six year-old singer/songwritercrafted his faultless debut album, Country Sleep. Hescored much recognition for its arduous take on altcountry and towering vocals. While the effort was quitememorable and beautiful, Yellen has experimenteddown a different road. If folk-rock can become a little 
restricted, then Yellen has become entirely unrestrainedwith his sophomore attempt, Ivywild. The forlorn, butR&B tinged record is a hypnotic collection of sixteentracks. It’s nearly twice as long as County Sleep. Thesecond endeavor features deep bass beats and auto-tunedvocals, but remains ever so captivating and effective. Itdiffers from Country Sleep in many evident ways withundulating, palpitating synths that vacillate slightlybelow Yellen’s trembling vocals. However, at its core itstill constructs a vast emotional resonance that’s difficult 
to ignore no matter which album you have playing.
Ivywild trance-like atmosphere pulls the listener intodark places, but sometimes in the darkest places is whereone discovers their best self once they make their way outof the wreckage. “Stand On My Throat” concludes thealbum and it couldn’t have been more fitting. The heavilypoignant closer features the best harmonies on the recordand a rapid tidal wave of emotions rush to the listener’sheart. It may very well be Yellen’s most accomplishingwork in a singular form. With the combination of subtledrums, pensive guitars, and an unfathomable yearningin his vocals, the final song is undeniably spellbinding.
Ivywild may be a complete departure in overall sound forYellen, but his sophomore album is a huge spike forwardin musicianship, originality, and profundity. The recordshines in various aspects and the only way to truly findout is to take a listen. 

On the Marquee: Notes from the Sierra MadrePlayhouse 

By Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

Along with all I’m learning about being an 
Artistic Director and producing a season, I’m alsolearning a lot about writing a weekly piece for a 
paper. I’ve learned NOT to “bury the lead,” so…weare extending Always…Patsy Cline for two weeks

– now closing on September 27! It gives me such 
pleasure to write that.
This week has been a good one. We learned 
on Tuesday that Always…Patsy Cline is OvationRecommended. We are one of only seven showscurrently running in the greater Los Angeles area(Riverside, Orange, Ventura, and San Bernardinocounties are included in the area covered by theseawards) to have that distinction. The Ovations 
are our Tony Awards – it is the largest peerevaluated awards program in the country. Beingrecommended means that 8 voters ranked us 
highly enough to be in the top 20% of scores fromthe previous season. You need 12 voters to vote on 
your show to be eligible for awards consideration.
This is our 3rd Recommended designation sinceI started and the second this season – A Walk in 
the Woods, which opened in January, also wasrecommended. 

I owe such a debt of thanks to everyone whohas made this production as good as it is but letme single out five people without whom thisproduction would never have happened – Robert 
Marra, our director, for bringing his artistry andexperience to every decision; Estelle Campbell,
SMP’s Managing Director, for her tenacity; Sean 
Paxton, our Music Director and Band Leader, for 
his meticulous musicianship; Nikki D’Amico,
our Louise, for being such a funny and charmingactress, who welcomes the audience in every night;
and Cori Cable Kidder, who plays Patsy, for hergorgeous interpretation of Patsy’s songs and herlovely stage presence. All of the designers andcrew have brought their best to this show and it isso evident. 

We sold-out the upcoming weekend byWednesday and are almost sold-out for nextweekend. Audiences love Patsy and everyoneinvolved with the show is having a ball sharing itwith our patrons. I’ve never heard the Playhousequite so raucous as I did last week during oneperformance after Cori finished singing “Crazy”.
The audience went wild and it was so fun to see her 
standing there not really able to acknowledge theaudience’s response but seeing on her face what itmeant to her. 

We have now added 10 performances to the 

original run – closing now on September 27. If youthink a show may be sold-out it is still worth callingMary Baville in our box office and getting on thewaiting list for the show you want – we sometimesget cancellations and Mary will call you and letyou know. Remember we give 20% discounts forgroups of 10 or more who purchase their ticketsahead of their attendance date. Please call Mary at626.355.4318 to arrange your purchase. 
. . . 

You may be wondering what effect this has hadon Deathtrap, our next show. Well, we’ve pushedthe opening back by a week to October 9. We 
didn’t start rehearsals last week as planned buthave moved our start to Saturday, August 22. I’m 
eager to get started working with the great teamwe’ve assembled for this show, it will be so much 
fun to get back into rehearsal. I’ll let you know 
how it’s going. 

including a final chapter onthe closing years of his life.Selected as “One of the100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Century”,
Autobiography of a Yogi has been translatedinto more than 30 languages, and is regardedworldwide as a classic of religious literature. Severalmillion copies have been sold, and it continues toappear on best-seller lists after more than sixtyconsecutive years in print.With engaging candor,
eloquence, and wit, Paramahansa Yogananda tellsthe inspiring chronicle of his life: the experiencesof his remarkable childhood, encounters with 
many saints and sages during his youthful searchthroughout India for an illumined teacher, tenyears of training in the hermitage of a reveredyoga master, and the thirty years that he livedand taught in America. Also recorded here are hismeetings with Mahatma Gandhi, RabindranathTagore, Luther Burbank, the Catholic stigmatistTherese Neumann, and other celebrated spiritualpersonalities of East and West. The author clearlyexplains the subtle but definite laws behindboth the ordinary events of everyday life and 
the extraordinary events commonly termed 
miracles. His absorbing life story becomes thebackground for a penetrating and unforgettablelook at the ultimate mysteries of human existence. 


The life partner of the famed Aldous Huxleyoffers practical wisdom on how to cope withstress, anxiety, competition, and the uncertaintyof the times without going to pieces mentally orphysically. You Are Not The Target offers over 30recipes for living which show you how to change, 

met Cayce 

in 1927 
the world 
had not yetheard of the 
years of 
which on its 
publicationin 1942 
to Cayce 
and stands 

as the sole 
record written during the seer’s lifetime.This book 
-- which contains many photos of Edgar Cayce, 
his family, and close friends -- is the complete, 
original biography of the best-documented 
psychic in America. It tells the story of how he 
discovered his astounding psychic gifts and what 
led him to a life dedicated to helping others. 
Cayce’s “readings,” ranged from phenomenal 
medical cures to advice on spiritual growth, 
psychology, and prophecy of world events. A 
philosophy section covers our origin, purpose, 
and destinies on the earth, making this book a 
valuable resource. 

Monrovia, CA, August 12, 2015 — People at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church were well-acquainted withneighbor Raymond Audette. Largely because they could hear him practicing his drums every day. Butalso because he showed up to help on church improvement workdays, even though he wasn’t a memberof the congregation.
So it was natural that Ray would come to mind when keyboard wizard Doña Oxford, a longtimefriend of St Luke’s Rector Neil Tadken, offered to play a fundraising event for the church. Rev. Tadkenasked Doña if she could use a drummer for the evening, Boogie Under the Stars. He introduced them,
and Audette got the August 1 gig, without an audition.
“I’ve been drumming forever, getting in trouble in class banging on my desk,” says Audette. “But Ididn’t have an actual drum set until I was 24, so I’ve really only been ‘drumming’ for six years. The firsttime a friend asked me to audition for a gig, I practiced for two weeks, tapping on my legs at Starbuckswhile listening to my CD player. After that first gig, I was hooked. I wanted to do this no matter what.”
Oxford’s schedule kept the two from rehearsing together. “I just had to focus for four days on learningas much of her music as I could. Talk about nervous,” Ray says. “But once I sat down, I was good.” 
Actually, he was quite a bit better than good. Oxford — who was fresh off a UK tour with legendaryblues guitarist Albert Lee and has played with such legendary stars as Keith Richards, Van Morrison,
Roger Daltrey, Buddy Guy, Levon Helm and Bob Weir — complimented him repeatedly throughoutthe concert. “Ray is fantastic,” she says. “I knew from the first note he had the goods. His timingand groove are exceptional, and he can even sing! What an incredible talent.”
“Getting this gig was really a treat for me,” says Audette. “She was amazing to play for.” 
About St. Luke’s 
With roots in Monrovia dating to the 1890s, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive churchthat welcomes all to its community. The landmark 1924 Romanesque church is located at 122 S.
California Ave. at Foothill Blvd. Eucharist services are held on Sundays at 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. andWednesdays at 12:10 p.m. The Reverend Neil Tadken is Rector. For more, visit saintlukesmonrovia.