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Trusts seem to be shrouded in mystery. Often 
thought of as an estate planning tool only for theultra-wealthy, many people aren’t sure what trustsare really all about let alone whether or not a trustwould be appropriate for their family.
Let me try to clear up the confusion: A trustis nothing more than a legal agreement set up tobenefit someone or something. For example, somepeople set up trusts to benefit their children, theirgrandchildren, their favorite charities, or even 
their pets.
It is easiest to understand trusts if you thinkof them in terms of a relationship between threeseparate parties, people or entities.
The first party (called the trustor, settlor, orgrantor – these terms are all interchangeable andrefer to the same party), funds the trust by placingassets into the trust. Any type of asset may be used,
such as money, brokerage accounts, cars, and evenreal estate. 
The second party, known as the trustee, agreesto manage the assets held by the trust. Once thetrust is created, legally executed, and the assets aremoved into the trust, the trustee holds title to those 
assets on behalf of the trust. 
The third party, who is known as the beneficiary,
receives the benefits of the assets held in the trust. 
For example, those benefits might include interestpaid on money in the trust, a monthly allowance,
or even a place to live.
And the use of trusts as a planning tool isn’t justfor the rich. Trusts can provide many advantagesfor the rest of us, too, including:
Avoiding the formal probate process associatedwith transferring property using a will;
Protecting assets from a beneficiary’s creditors;
Caring for those who cannot care for themselves,
such as minor children or those with special needs;
and Reducing tax liability.
Although it may seem confusing, a trust can evenbe set up to benefit the person who puts the assetsinto the trust. In other words, while there are three 
roles to be played, each role does not necessarilyhave to be played by separate and distinct parties.
One person can serve in more than one of thoseroles. 
For instance, a person may place assets into atrust, select someone else to manage those assets,
and then receive the benefits himself. To take that 
example one step further, the person who is boththe trustor and the beneficiary could even be thetrustee if the circumstances suited such a scenario. 
How a trust is drafted and who plays each ofthese three roles depends on the goals of the personsetting it up. Call our office today to schedule aFamily Estate Planning Session, where we canexplain trusts further, answer all your questions,
and help you determine if a trust is the best strategyfor you and your family.
Dedicated to your family’s wealth, health, andhappiness, 
A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on amission to help parents protect what they love 
most. His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., 
Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an 
appointment to sit down and talk about ensuring alegacy of love and financial security for your familyby calling 626.355.4000 or visit www.GarlettLaw.
com for more information. 
Unlike print, the best fonts to use on-line (in youremail campaigns, websites, blogs etc.) are san seriffonts. 
Studies have shown that Verdana is the most 
legible font on-line with Arial coming in a closesecond. The reason is that fonts we traditionallyuse for print like Timesand Garamond, tend 
to blur more on the 
In today’s fast-pacedworld of information, it’s important that on-linecontent is easy to read and simple.
Use serif and playful fonts sparingly. There isalso an old rule of thumb: no more than 2-3 fonts 
per page. Using san serif fonts for bigger blocks of 
copy will make it easier on the readers eyes.
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Did you know that 
today’s crops are 
heavily sprayed 
with a chemical 
cocktail of syntheticpesticides, fungicides,
herbicides, and 
fertilizers? In the 
past 150 years 
there have been 
more than 85,000 
chemicals created 
that now pollute ourenvironment. Some 
of them are used 
on our food supply. 
I prefer to avoid exposure to these dangerous 
chemicals by eating organic.
The practice of spraying crops with artificialchemicals upsets the balance of Mother Nature’secosystem. Crops treated with pesticides and 
artificial fertilizers become increasingly dependenton these artificial substances. This in turn 
weakens the plant’s natural growth and defensemechanisms. Crops grown organically use onlynatural methods and products for fertilization, 
pest control, fungus control, and weed suppressionwhich are harmless to humans. 
There are multiple studies that show organicfood is more nutritious. The topsoil on most 
factory farms has been depleted of minerals 
because of over farming. Most of the conventional 
produce available for us to buy is grown on lifesupport primarily of just three minerals: nitrogen,
potassium, and phosphorus. These three nutrients 
are important to the growers because they are whatmake the plants grow fast so farmers can turnaround the quickest profit. We should be askingthe question, where is the iron, the calcium, themagnesium, zinc, copper, and any one of the other92 minerals we humans need for good health? Ifthese nutrients are missing from the soil, they willbe missing or severely diminished in the plants.
If they are missing from the plants they will bemissing in you!
If you really want to guarantee the quality ofyour food, grow you own! If growing your ownfood is not an option, then eating as many organiccrops as you can is in your best interest. Organicproduce can cost a little more than conventionalproduce, but what you are saving today may costyou way more in your future health. 
Are you in needof shift in yourpractice or do youfeel it has plateaued? 
Each one of 
us can experience this “flatness” in our practice.
Even as a teacher, rather especially as a teacher, Imust keep my practice current and fresh. I have 
experienced many plateaus or times when I’vedone my practice out of habit. Good thing myown consistency has seen me through those timeswhen I wanted to abandon my practice rather thananswer the call for evolution and growth.
Whenever I’ve felt in a rut, this meant it was 
time for shift in what I was doing. Literally.
I didn’t change everything at once. But a fewtweaks can make all the difference! First, myworld of asana practice gets a boost and a change.
Try a home practice everyday and at least threegroup classes per week. If your home practice isless, practice three times per week and hit a groupclass 4-5 times during the week. Our physical 
asana practice (advanced, beginning or gentle) canbring our own light forward. It also balances andunblocks our physical and energetic bodies, whileimproving respiration.
Next, I always take a class or workshop witha new teacher. There is undoubtedly some newnugget of inspiration or technique that providesgreater effectiveness in my practice.
Last, there’s some attention needed to my ownsvadyaya, or self study. There are many areasof study as we delve into yogic philosophy andself-healing. Pick an area of interest, and divein! I’ve created lasting change in this area fromchanging my environment, lengthening my timein meditation and changing how and what I eat.
These are all parts of my yoga practice.
Cheers to evolving your own yoga practice inthe best possible way! 
Keely Totten 
Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutri-
tionist at Vibrant LivingWellness Center