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What is neck pain?

Neck pain is a common condition — so common, 
in fact, that the expression “a pain in the neck” is 
an oft-used figure of speech in English. Because 
of its position and range of motion, and because 
it plays a vital role in the support of the head, 
the neck is more subject to injury than any other 
portion of the spine. While it is much less frequent 
than back pain, neck pain can occasionally be 
severe enough to warrant attention from a licensed 
health professional.

 Neck pain can have a variety of causes. Keeping 
your head in an awkward position can cause your 
neck muscles to fatigue and the joints in your neck 
to “lock” in place, causing discomfort, stiffness 
and limited range of motion. Neck pain can also 
be caused by a sudden force (such as an automobile 
accident), or a medical condition (swelling, 
disease, tumors, bleeding, inflammation, etc.). 
Some neck pain can also cause headaches (see 
the “Acupuncture for Headaches and Head Pain” 
section for more information).

Who suffers from neck pain?

 Almost everyone will experience some sort 
of neck pain or stiffness during their lifetime; 
however, certain occupations appear to be 
predisposed to neck symptoms. Manual laborers, 
for instance, have more symptoms than office 
workers, and the type of work seems to affect the 
risk. A person’s age and a history of twisting and 
bending during work can also contribute. Workers 
who have been required to do repetitive tasks with 
their upper extremities, or who undergo periods 
of prolonged sitting with their head in a flexed 
position (such as typing on a keyboard at a desk) 
are at risk of developing mechanical neck pain.

What can acupuncture do for neck pain?

 Studies have shown acupuncture to be effective 
in relieving certain types of neck pain, particularly 
those caused by whiplash. Some studies suggest 
acupuncture can treat degenerative neck disorders 
such as ankylosing spondylosis and cervical 
spondylosis; in many cases, acupuncture has 
worked for patients whose conditions could not 
be solved using conventional approaches.

Acupressure and herbal medicine are sometimes 
used in conjunction with acupuncture for neck 
pain. Applying acupressure to the neck muscles 
can reduce spasm and lessen pain, leading to a 
relaxed state and a heightened sense of well-being. 
Depending on the patient’s condition, certain 
herbal products can be used to improve circulation 
and blood flow and ease muscle contraction.




Practicing Yoga at 
a yoga studio is a 
unique experience. 
It’s a community 
experience. It’s an energetic experience. Very 
different from taking a yoga class in a gym or multi 
use environment. 

 As a student, I first began taking yoga classes 
in a studio. Looking back I’m so grateful I started 
this way. What a treat. I enjoyed the smell upon 
entering the studio. It was instantly calming. I 
liked the easy going people working the desk 
and the yoga teacher greeting students as they 
came in. And whoa, the practice space was clean, 
spacious and relaxing. As I continued my practice, 
I became picky about where I would practice yoga 
in a group setting. When traveling, I looked for 
yoga studios, not fitness places with yoga classes. 
There’s a difference in tradition and reverence for 
the practice. 

Little did I know the effort put in by the yoga 
studio to create the space. Clean wood floors, 
simple, yet aesthetically pleasing decor, carefully 
stacked blocks and blankets, cherished deities 
displayed honoring any and all faiths. But the 
biggest noticeable attribute was the energy in the 
room. It had been created and gathered, class after 
class. Only yoga, meditation and learning about 
those things taking place in the room. It was a 
sacred space. Many students say the yoga studio is 
their second home. I’m not surprised at all! 

 Come and enjoy class at our lovely, sacred space




Last week I wrote about the definition of responsibility. 
In short, responsibility means your children are “able 
to be trusted to do what is right.”

 So let’s see what that looks like in several different 
contexts and explore how we can support our kids to 
become truly responsible.

 I’ll start with money because most parents want to 
raise kids responsible in that area.

 So what does it mean to be responsible with money? 
What does it mean to be trusted to do what is right 
with money?

 To begin with, it means that we are confident our 
children know how to make good use of the resources 
that come to them.

 But before we can ensure our children become 
responsible in this area, we must look at whether 
- and how - we are taking responsibility in this 
area ourselves. So I ask you, can you be trusted to 
make good use of the resources that come to you? 
In my experience, many people do not feel confident 
in this area. That lack of confidence may show up as 
an over focus on money, an unnecessary stinginess 
with money, or as an unwillingness to make the time 
to really look and organize assets and resources.

 If you see yourself in any of these examples, 
supporting your children to become responsible with 
money needs to begin with you.

 You can take responsibility yourself by getting 
clear on what you have and what you need to have 
to provide a life of comfort and connection with 
the ones you love. You can show your children what 
responsibility looks like by creating a Family Estate 
Plan which is more than just a set of legal documents 
– it should engage your children in planning for their 
own futures.

 When you bring your children into the Family 
Estate Planning process, in a well thought out 
manner, you are helping prepare them for a life of 
financial responsibility.

 Whether you have young kids or adult kids, it’s 
never too late - or too early - to start the process of 
taking full responsibility for your money and leading 
your kids by example.

 Dedicated to your family’s wealth, health, and 


A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a 
mission to help parents protect what they love most. 
His office is located at 49 S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, 
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