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SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2017 
VOLUME 11 NO. 28 
SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2017 
VOLUME 11 NO. 28 
Local Area 
News Briefs

 Suspect Arrested in 

 Pasadena Police Department 
patrol personnel responded 
last week to the 100 block 
of West Peoria Street after a 
report of a female gunshot 

 Officers arrived last 
Saturday morning at about 

1:45 a.m. and found a Black 
female in her 40s, a victim 
of a shooting. Pasadena Fire 
Department paramedics 
arrived and transported the 
victim to a local hospital 
where she later died. 
Follow-up investigation 
led Detectives to a suspect, 
Teretha Howard (Black 
female, 58 years old, 
Pasadena resident), who 
was arrested and booked for 
murder. Due to a preexisting 
medical condition, she 
was transported to a local 
hospital. Howard’s bail was 
set at $2 million. 

 The investigation is ongoing. 
The identity of the 
victim is being withheld 
pending release from the Los 
Angeles County Coroner’s 

 Anyone with information 
about this case is encouraged 
to call Pasadena Police 
Detective Buchholz at (626)- 
744-7113 or you may report 
information anonymously 
by calling “Crime Stoppers” 
by dialing (800) 222-TIPS 

 Council to Create Civic 
Center Task Force 

 The city council is set Monday 
Night to create a community 
Task Force focused on the 
future development of the 
Civic Center including the 
embattled YWCA site.

 The council will discuss the 
scope and purview of the 
Task Force, and a process to 
implement the City’s desired 
vision for the Civic Center. 
They will also decide the 
number of members. 

 The meeting will be in 
Council Chamber, Pasadena 
City Hall at 6:30 p.m. and is 
open to the public. 

Metro Bike Share Rolls Out in Pasadena 

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena became the newest 
city Friday to add Metropolitan 
Transportation Authority’s(Metro) bike sharing system as 
officials from the city, Metro, 
and Bicycle Transit Systems, 
Inc unveiled hundreds of bikes, 
in front of city hall, set to fill 30 
bike share stations throughout 
the city 

 “We recognize in Pasadena 
streets are for more than just 
moving cars,” Pasadena Mayor 
Terry Tornek said. “And this 
is a tremendous leap in that 
direction. Make no mistakes 
this is an experimental program 
and we have no guarantee of 
success here, inevitably there 
will be complaints because that’s 
the Pasadena way.” 

 Tornek said he is optimistic 
that the program would be a 
success and that starts with 
people educating each other 
about how system works. 

 “If you are someone who is a 
regular bicycle advocate, take 
the time and explain to people 
staring at these things, how it 
works,” Tornek said. “And help 
them to understand… so we 
can make this program a huge 
success beyond the two year 

Adaptive Art ProgramArtwork Unveiling

 “We Belong” in Pasadena is 

the theme for this year’s popular 
Adaptive Art Program art 

Pg. 4 
Pg. 3 
Pg. 7 
Pg. 10 
show—and you belong 
there at the special free 
artists’ reception, 3-5 
p.m., Saturday, July 22, 
at the Armory Center for 
the Arts, 145 N. Raymond 

 Original artwork from 
the program’s participants 
will be on display at the 
Armory from July 22 to 
Sept. 8, 2017. The free 
art show celebrates the 
artists’ work and the 
theme of connection and 
community with skillfully 
depicted, colorful artwork 
featuring acts of kindness, 
caring and inclusion. The 
free opening reception is 
your chance for a first look 
at the original artwork, 
along with an opportunity 
to meet some of the 
artists and to purchase 
booklets of the exhibit, 
while supplies last, for a 
suggested $10 minimum, 
tax-deductible donation to 
the Pasadena Recreation 

experimental period.” 

 The bikes, with bold Metro 
branding across them, can be 
ridden 30 minutes at a time. The 
bikes can be unlocked from the 
stations using Metro TAP cards 
and credit cards. Officials said 
there are monthly passes and 
yearly pass options along with 

 There has been discussion as to 
why Pasadena did not create its 
own bike sharing system similar 
to Long Beach or Breeze in 
Santa Monica.

 “We should leverage Metro, 
who is doing this county wide, 
City Manager Steven Mermell 
said. “They have a good partner 
in their vender. For us to go 
off and try and do this on our 
own, would cost us more, take 
us longer and require additional 
staff. It makes all kinds of sense 
of us to partner with Metro.” 
He also said that for the first two 
years, there is no cost to the city.

 “We will see in two years if it’s 
sustainable or not?” he said. 
Metro officials also made the 
choice not to have Global 
Positioning System GPS in the 
bikes or individual locks on 
the bikes as a way to keep cost 

 President of B-Cycle Rob 

and Parks Foundation, prpf. 
org. Light refreshments will be 

 This year’s cover is by artist 
Maria Escobar of Pasadena 
whose masterful use of 
geometry and color blocking 
creates a stunning, rhythmic 
backdrop for a scene depicting 
an unlikely friendship between 
a monkey and a lonely goldfish, 
who yearns to be a part of the 
outside world. Maria’s vibrant 
drawing is entitled, “We 

 For the duration of the 
special exhibit, the Armory’s 
Community Room will be 
open free of charge to the 
public Tuesdays through 
Sundays, Noon to 5 p.m. Visit for 
more information, or call (626) 

 The City’s Human Services 
and Recreation Department 
provides the Adaptive Art 
program for artists with 
disabilities who live in 
the greater Pasadena area. 
humanservices for more 

Classic Car Nights atLake Avenue Church 

 Lake Avenue Church is hosting free Classic Car Nights on 
Friday nights throughout the summer, on July 28, and August 
11 and 25, from 6-8 p.m. The church’s west parking lot will 
be transformed into a car enthusiast’s paradise of classic, 
vintage, exotic and vehicles, along with music and burgers.

The August 25 event is also a chili-cook-off. There will be 
dozens of entries judged by everyone who attends, along 
with a panel of three judges from the community.

Admission is free for all events. Donations to cover the cost 
of the food are appreciated. For more information, contact 
Rich Kasten at or (626) 797-2798.

Lake Avenue Church is located at 393 N. Lake Avenue in 
Pasadena, at the corner of Lake Avenue and the 210 Freeway. 

Burns said theft in bike sharing 
programs is low. “Local police 
know what these bikes are and 
where they belong.” 

 City staff said bike share 
stations are available in Old 
Pasadena, the Rose Bowl, 
Paseo Colorado, Pasadena City 
College, Caltech, City Hall, the 
Pasadena Convention Center, 
shopping and restaurants on 
South Lake Avenue and other 

 Metro has a similar bike 
sharing system in downtown 
Los Angeles, with plans to 
expand to the Port of LA at the 
end of the month and Venice in 
the near future. 


 Safely dispose of 

household hazardous waste 

and recycle electronics, 

9 a.m. to 3 p.m., today, in 

Parking Lot I, south of 

the Rose Bowl Stadium, 

1001 Rose Bowl Dr. The 

free event is sponsored by 

the Los Angeles County 

Department of Public 

Works in cooperation with 

the City’s Department of 

Public Works. Motorists 

are advised to use caution 

while traveling through 

the area and to follow 

instructions given by 

event staff. NO document 

shredding will not be 

provided at the event.

 Household hazardous 

waste items include used 

motor oil, oil filters, 

antifreeze, automobile and 

household batteries, paint, 

brake fluid, paint thinner, 

cleaners with acid or lye, 

pesticides or herbicides, 

expired pharmaceuticals 

and fluorescent light bulbs. 

E-waste items include 

computers, keyboards, 

printers, monitors, 

laptops, docking stations, 

scanners, shredders, fax 

machines, computer mice, 

telephones, televisions, 

flat screens, VCRs, DVD 

players, PDAs, cassette 

players, tape drives, stereos 

and household batteries.

 NO explosives, radioactive 

materials, trash and tires, 

controlled substances and 

household appliances.

 Limits are 15 gallons or 

125 pounds of household 

hazardous waste. There is 

no limit for e-waste. For 

more information about 

the Los Angeles County 

hazardous waste disposal 

program, call (888) Clean 

LA, (888) 253-2652, or 

(800) 238-0172. 
VOLUME 11 NO. 28 

Suicide Barriers Placed 
along Colorado Bridge 

By Dean Lee

Individuals taking a stroll 
over the popular Colorado 
Street Bridge to view Arroyo 
Seco Canyon will have no place 
to rest or sit as the city started, 
this week, putting 10 foot 
metal poles —fencing off all 20 
alcoves along the bridge as a 
temporary solution to suicides. 

 The issue is set to be discussed 
at an upcoming Public 
Safety Committee meeting 
Wednesday night. 

 “We are installing some chain 
link fencing over the alcoves 
because, this year to date, we 
have already had six people 
jump off the bridge,” City 
Manager Steven Mermell said. 
“They won’t be able to sit in 
the alcoves for a while, this is a 
temporary thing.” 

 According to a staff report 
the alcoves provide “steps” to 
an elevation where jumpers 
can go over the railing. There 
are also concerns over gaps in 
the railing, at the pilasters, that 
allow for easier access.

 Mermell also said there is now 

Pasadena Parks After 
Dark Program Activities 

 The City of Pasadena’s 

Human Services & Recreation 

Department in collaboration 

with the County of Los 

Angeles Parks and Recreation 

Department coordinate the 

“Parks After Dark” program 

in order to expand summer 

programming and increase 

the use of parks as social and 

community resources.

 With a focus on youth and 

families, Parks After Dark offers 

surrounding communities 

extended park hours and 

activities on Thursday, Friday 

and Saturday evenings from 

5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. People 
of all ages can enjoy free 
activities that include sports 
leagues, fitness classes, arts 
and crafts, enrichment classes, 
teen activities, recreational 
From Arcadia PD: 

more awareness to the problem 
after houses were built near 
the bottom of the bridge, “the 
houses are far enough away, but 
there is more attention because 
people will be living there.”

 He said they were also 
aware of preservationists, 
including Pasadena Heritage, 
concerns over the aesthetics. 
“Throughout the years, back 
in the 30s, when a lot of people 
were jumping off, there was 
chain link there.”

 Non-structural interventions 
such as phones/intercoms 
Bridge patrols pedestrian 
exclusion, along with structural 
solutions like, wire strand 
installation, mesh barriers, 
netting and picket extensions 
will be discussed Wednesday 
night. The Public Safety 
Committee meets at 6:00 p.m. 
Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. 
Garfield Avenue, in the Council 

 For more information go 
city council, public safety 
committee. The meeting is 
open to the public. 

swimming, and movies and 
concerts in the park. 

 This year’s concert series is 
especially exciting and features 
Tribute Bands to the O’Jays 
and the Supremes, jazz bands 
and up-beat, high-quality live 
music. On Thursdays evenings, 
Villa-Parke’s “Dive-In! Movies” 
are not to be missed. Enjoy 
open swim and watch family-
friendly favorites poolside!

 The La Pintoresca Teen 
Education Center will also host 
“Teen Tuesdays and Thursdays” 
for youth ages 12 through 18 
inside the Center located at 
1415 N. Raymond Ave. from 

5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Tuesdays 
and Thursdays, from July 6 – 
For the entire list of activities 


On Friday, July 14, 2017, at about 8:05 P.M., Arcadia Police Officers 
and Arcadia Fire Department Personnel responded to Bonita 
Park located at 100 S. Second Avenue regarding reports of a possible 
explosion. Preliminary investigation revealed that two juveniles 
were lighting a firework when it went off in their hands. A 14 year 
old male received severe injuries to one of his hands and a 17 year 
old male received minor injuries to his arm and chest. Both were 
transported to local hospitals and appear to have non-life threatening 

At the time of the initial investigation it appears the only criminal 
activity related to this incident was the prohibited use of fireworks. 

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact 
the Arcadia Police Department at (626) 574-5156, case #173624. 
If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you may 
call "Crime Stoppers" by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477), use your 
smartphone by downloading the “P3 Tips” Mobile APP on Google 
play or the Apple App Store or by using the website http://lacrimestoppers.

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