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Mountain View News Saturday, February 25, 2017 



To keep Arcadia schools among the best in California by renewing approximately $4.3 million in 
annual local funding the state cannot take away, shall Arcadia Unified School District continue 
attracting/retaining quality teachers; keeping schools safe/clean; protecting quality math, science, 
technology, reading, writing, art and music programs by extending the expiring school parcel tax at 
$288 per parcel annually for 18 years, requiring independent oversight/audits, senior exemptions, and 
all funds used locally to maintain quality education?


 As you may know, funding for public education in California ranks among the lowest in the nation. Governor 
Brown’s recent state budget projections have California running at a $1.6 billion deficit by next summer. A recent 
L.A. Times article shed light on what this will mean for public education: “Brown proposed to address the deficit 
primarily by slowing the growth in spending on public schools by $1.7 billion, a change that brings funding 
down to the minimum required by formulas enshrined in California’s Constitution.”

 This change in the budget equates to Arcadia Unified receiving an estimated $2 million less than what was 
originally projected. As the Board of Education’s recent resolution noted, the need for locally controlled funding 
led the Board of Education to place Measure A on the March 7, 2017 ballot. To continue to provide an excellent 
education for our children, our District can’t rely on inconsistent budgets and funding from Sacramento. 

 Measure A has and would be used to fund the following: Retaining and attracting high-quality teachers.

Maintaining advanced placement and honors courses. Protecting quality music, art, math, science, and reading 
programs and Keeping our schools safe and clean.

 Measure A is a parcel tax that was initially approved by voters in 2012 and has provided approximately $3.4 
million a year that goes directly to our schools. To continue this local funding that is set to expire at the end of 
the year, our Board of Education has placed Measure A on the March 7, 2017 ballot. The proposed renewal of 
Measure A will last 18 years at a rate of $288 per parcel.

 In addition to being in one of the lowest funded states for public education, because of the Local Control Funding 
Formula (LCFF) in California, our district is among the lowest funded school districts in L.A. County (see chart 
above). The LCFF directs 
more funds to school 
districts with higher 
percentages of low-
income families, English 
Language Learners, and 
foster youth. All the 
districts listed below us 
in funding also receive 
parcel tax funding (see 
figures below) like we 
currently do. 


Local School District 
Parcel Tax Funding Per 

 San Marino: $1,195

La Canada: $450 
South Pasadena: $386

Palos Verdes: $374 
Arcadia Unified: 
$228 (current), $288 
(proposed on March 7, 2017 ballot) 


Especially considering the latest budget projections from the state, without parcel tax funding, our District 
will be forced to join the many school districts around the state in making cuts. These cuts will include teacher 
layoffs, increasing class sizes, and the loss of many instructional programs like AP and Honors classes. 


While our District’s funding in California and locally has been inadequate for years, I am very proud of all of 
you and what we have accomplished together as a staff and community. Despite the recession, and unstable 
funding, thanks to you we have still maintained a level of excellence in public education unlike any other district 
in the nation. Our students are matriculating to the best universities in the world year after year, our performing 
arts programs continue to march on in front of international audiences, and every day our children are growing, 
learning, and engaging as they prepare for college and the real world that awaits them. I want to sincerely thank 
all of you for your work over the years. Our reputation for excellence is a direct result of an exceptional staff 
working in a remarkable community.

For the period of Sunday, February 12th, through 
Saturday, February 18th, the Police Department 
responded to 1,117 calls for service of which 123 required 
formal investigations. The following is a summary report 
of the major incidents handled by the Department during 
this period.

Sunday, February 12:

Shortly before 3:30 a.m., an officer responded to 7-Eleven, 
2 East Duarte Road, regarding a theft report. The suspect 
stole a bag of candy and as the clerk was calling APD, the 
suspect took the phone away from the clerk and proceeded 
to slap and push the employee. 

 The suspect is described as an Asian male, 20 to 24-years-
old, driving a newer model, white, 2-door Honda. The 
investigation is ongoing. 

 Around 10:54 a.m., an officer responded to an apartment 
complex in the 400 block of South Baldwin Avenue 
regarding a commercial burglary report. An investigation 
revealed the suspect melted the lock to the laundry room 
and stole coins from the machines. No suspects were seen 
and no witnesses were located. 

 At about 7:51 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in 
the 00 block of Le Roy Avenue regarding a burglary report. 
An investigation revealed an unknown suspect broke a 
rear window, ransacked the home, and fled with cash. No 
suspects were seen and no witnesses were located. 

Monday, February 13:

At approximately 2:45 a.m., an officer responded to a 
residence in the 200 block of West Longden Avenue 
regarding a suspicious subject report. The victim 
reported a male suspect rang her doorbell and was 
seen carrying an empty pillow case and a crowbar. 
Officers located, arrested, and transported the 38-year-
old male from El Monte to the Arcadia City Jail for 

 Just after 7:37 p.m., an officer responded to 
Souplantation, 301 East Huntington Drive, regarding a 
shoplifting report. The officer discovered an unknown 
suspect stole an employee’s wallet from her secured purse 
and then used the victim’s credit card at an unknown gas 
station. The investigation is ongoing. 

Tuesday, February 14:

Around 9:30 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in 
the 400 block of Camino Real Avenue regarding a package 
theft report. The victim stated an unknown suspect stole 
twelve packages from their front porch sometime between 
11:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. No suspects were seen and no 
witnesses were located.

 Just before 10:46 a.m., an officer responded to the 
Arcadia Police Department front counter regarding 
a fraud report. The owner of Healthverve Food 
Manufacturing USA Inc., 118 East Saint Joseph Street, 
discovered a check written for more than $10,000.00 
had been fraudulently issued to a company accountant. 
The 25-year-old female accountant from Rancho 
Cucamonga denied having any involvement in the 
deposit. The investigation is ongoing.

 Shortly after 11:54 a.m., an officer responded to a 
residence in the 500 block of West Huntington Drive 
regarding a possible marijuana grow house. The owner 
of the property discovered his renters had converted the 
residence into a marijuana grow house. The suspects are 
a 29-year-old female and 24-year-old male, both from 
Arcadia. The suspects are outstanding at the time of this 

 At about 12:40 a.m., officers responded to 
Cheesecake Factory, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, 
regarding a theft report. The suspect was seen stealing 
cash from the tip jar and fleeing on foot. Officers 
located the suspect and arrested him. The 19-year-old 
male from San Gabriel was transported to the Arcadia 
City Jail for booking. 

 At approximately 10:44 p.m., an officer responded to 
the intersection of El Monte Avenue and Palm Drive 
regarding an activation of an Arcadia Police Department 
GPS tracker. Arcadia PD detectives had previously 
deployed decoy packages containing bait property and 
tracking devices to combat the increase in package thefts 
from residential areas. An investigation revealed a 27-year-
old female from Alhambra, a 26-year-old male from El 
Monte, and a 29-year-old female from El Monte were in 
possession of the stolen package, property, and tracking 
device. The suspects was arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Wednesday, February 15:

Around 9:18 a.m., an officer responded to a residence 
in the 100 block of Alta Street regarding an attempted 
residential burglary report. The officer discovered an 
unknown suspect attempted to enter the garage by prying 
the aluminum door. No suspects were seen, no witnesses 
were located, and no loss was reported. 

Thursday, February 16: 

At about 1:31 a.m., an officer conducted an enforcement 
stop on a vehicle in the area of Huntington Drive and 
Santa Anita Avenue for having tinted front windows. 
Upon contacting the driver, the officer watched as 
the passenger attempted to conceal a small bag of 
methamphetamine inside the car. The passenger, a 
50-year-old female from Pico Rivera was also found 
with drug paraphernalia. The driver, a 43-year-old male 
from Lake Elsinore, was driving without a license. Both 
suspects were arrested and transported to the Arcadia 
City Jail for booking.

 Just before 7:29 a.m., officers responded to an apartment 
complex in the 100 block of South Santa Anita Avenue 
regarding a trespassing report. Officers located the suspect 
loitering on the property and a records check revealed the 
29-year-old male from Los Angeles had five outstanding 
misdemeanor warrants. He was arrested and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for booking.

 Shortly after 1:13 p.m., officers responded to the area 
of Las Tunas Drive and El Monte Avenue regarding a 
suspicious circumstances report. An investigation revealed 
a sex registrant new to the city had offered a ride to two 
juvenile females, a violation of his parole. The 55-year-old 
male from Arcadia was arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking.


Following are the weekend’s highlighted issues and 
events. To see a complete listing of crimes reported, go 
to the City of Monrovia website and click on the crime 
mapping link. Sign up to follow us on Twitter for police 

Stolen Vehicle Recovered February 16 at 10:56 a.m., 
officers responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle 
parked in a business parking lot in the 1600 block of 
S. Mountain Avenue. Officers located the vehicle and 
determined it was stolen. The vehicle was processed 
and returned to the owner. No suspects were located. 

Residential Burglary February 16 at 8:59 p.m., a 
residential burglary was reported in the 200 block 
of N. Encinitas. An unknown suspect entered the 
residence through an unlocked back door and took 
a backpack belonging to a juvenile. The suspect then 
fled. The investigation is continuing. 

Battery February 17 at 11:03 a.m., officers were 
dispatched to a residence in the 1400 block of S. 
Magnolia to investigate a physical altercation between 
a mother and her adult daughter, which has been an 
ongoing problem. The mother has signed a no trespass 
order against her daughter, who has returned to 
the residence on multiple occasions for a variety of 
reasons,a` and has been arrested for violation of the 
order. The mother allowed the daughter to stay at the 
home overnight, but then asked her to leave because 
DCFS was coming to the house and the daughter was 
not supposed to be there. The two began to argue and 
the argument turned physical. A report will be filed 
with the District Attorney’s office for battery charges. 

Possession of Methamphetamine / Warrants – 
Suspect Arrested February 17 at 2:27 p.m., a suspicious 
vehicle was reported in the 200 block of N. Ivy Avenue. 
An officer arrived and located the vehicle and a person 
in the driver's seat who appeared to be hiding from 
the officer. During the course of the investigation, the 
officer discovered the driver had several warrants, no 
license, and methamphetamine on his person. The 
suspect was arrested. 

Residential Burglary February 17 at 11:09 p.m., a 
residential burglary was reported in the 300 block 
of Bradbury. The victim left his residence for several 
hours. When he returned, he found the back sliding 
door shattered and his home had been ransacked. The 
resident is determining the loss. The investigation is 

Stolen Vehicle February 18 at 8:15 a.m., the victim 
parked their vehicle in their apartment complex 
parking lot in the 900 block of W. Walnut in the 
evening. They returned to the lot in the morning 
and the vehicle had been stolen. The keys were in 
the vehicle. The vehicle is a 2015 Lexus IS 250. The 
investigation is continuing. 

Domestic Violence February 18 at 12:54 p.m., a victim 
of domestic violence went to her friend’s home and 
told the friend that her boyfriend had beaten her. The 
incident occurred in the 200 block of W. Colorado 
and the victim had visible injuries; she was taken to 
a hospital for medical treatment. Officers went to the 
boyfriend's residence and interviewed him. He was 
then arrested for domestic violence. 

Vehicle Burglary February 18 at 3:44 p.m., employees 
at a business in the 1100 block of E. Huntington 
witnessed a male Hispanic suspect with a tattoo on 
his neck enter a locked vehicle in the business parking 
lot. The suspect fled in a gold, 4-door sedan, possibly a 
Honda or Toyota. The investigation is continuing. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovered February 18 at 3:50 p.m., 
two suspicious vehicles were reported in the 700 block 
of E. Royal Oaks, possibly involved in drug activity. 
Officers arrived and located the two vehicles. One 
vehicle was found to be a reported stolen vehicle 
from Upland. The vehicle was recovered and the 
investigation is continuing. 

Stolen Vehicle February 18 at 5:11 p.m., a vehicle was 
reported stolen from the 1200 block of Sherman. The 
victim reported his green, 2000 Honda Civic had been 
stolen sometime between 12:00 and 5:10 p.m. The 
investigation is continuing. 

Commercial Robbery February 18 at 6:25 p.m., 
officers responded to a robbery at a business in the 100 
block of W. Huntington. A male suspect entered the 
location wearing a grey and green hooded sweatshirt 
and revealed a black handgun in his waistband. He 
demanded money from the cash register, which the 
employee gave to him, placing it in a Walmart bag. 
The suspect then fled the location. The investigation 
is continuing. 

Shoplifting – Suspect Arrested February 18 at 8:11 
p.m., a business in the 500 block of W. Huntington 
reported a theft that had just occurred. The suspect 
concealed items on his person and exited the store. An 
officer responded and detained the suspect nearby. 
The stolen property was recovered and the suspect 
was arrested. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovered February 18 at 10:51 p.m., a 
vehicle that was reported stolen earlier in the day from 
the 900 block of W. Walnut was recovered in Upland 
by the Upland Police Department. A Monrovia 
officer responded to Upland to process the vehicle for 
fingerprints. The investigation is continuing. 

Domestic Battery February 19 at 7:46 a.m., a battery 
incident was reported in the 500 block of Cloverleaf 
Drive. The investigation revealed that a boyfriend 
and girlfriend were in a verbal argument that turned 
physical. The female struck her live-in boyfriend with 
a broom. The male complained of pain to his hand. 
The female was arrested for domestic battery. 

Felony Hit & Run Traffic Collision February 19 at 
3:51 p.m., the victim driver was traveling west on 
Huntington and came to a stop at Mayflower. The 
suspect rear-ended the victim's vehicle and then fled 
the area. The victim and a passenger complained of 
neck pain. The investigation is continuing. 


Kiwanis Member, Marilyn Mays has her hands 
full. She is the Manager of the Duarte Teen 
Center. She provided an amazing update on the 
Teen Center’s Boxing Program at a recent Duarte 
Kiwanis Meeting.

 The Boxing Program currently has:

. 65 registered amateur boxers (25 are females!), 
. 3 professional boxers (one World Champion - 
Rhonda Luna). 

The Boxing Club’s head trainer, Victor Valenzuela 
was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame and is 
a past recipient of the NAACP Civic award. 

 The Boxing Club is open to children 8 years 
old and up. The Boxing team has had the 
opportunity to travel throughout the US as well 
as to a number of places outside the US such as 
Peru, South Korea, New Zealand and Tahiti (to 
name a few). The Boxers who travel to these 
locations are selected and sponsored by USA 

 There is an upcoming annual Boxing Show 
which is a great fund raising opportunity. 
In the past, Lisa Magno (a Duarte Kiwanis 
Member and much loved and missed member 
of the Duarte community) provided all the food 
for the Boxing Show. The Volunteer Center 
of the San Gabriel Valley will be providing 
that service this year in Lisa’s memory.
Marilyn is also a key leader of the 7th annual ACT-
SO competition being help on April 29th at the 
Duarte Sr. Center. The NAACP’s Afro-Academic, 
Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics 
(ACT-SO) is a yearlong achievement program 
designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage 
high academic and cultural achievement among 
African-American high school students.

 Marilyn and her team are looking for mentors 
and judges in a number of categories including 
Dance, Oratory, Film Making, Music Vocal, 
Photography, Dramatics, and even Business 

 The Gold Medalists from this competition will 
have the opportunity to compete at the end of 
July in Baltimore. 

 The Duarte Kiwanis Club is proud to continue 
to support both the Duarte Teen Center and this 
year’s Pasadena/Duarte ACT-SO competition. 
Pictured from left, Marilyn Mays and Duarte 
Kiwanis President, Cheryl Reynolds. For 
further information on speaking or joining the 
club, contact Dr. Diane Hernandez at drdiane@

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