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to Discuss 
Bike Share 

NASA Telescope Reveals 
Earth-Size, Habitable Planets

The city council is set to enter 
into a contract Monday night 
with Metro for the Countywide 
Bike Share program to install 
34 bike stations throughout the 

 The locations include 
Huntington Hospital, Pasadena 
Central Library, Rose Bowl, 
Caltech, and many other 
surrounding streets including 
Lake Ave, Raymond Ave, Allen 
Ave, Hill Ave. and Green Street 
among others. Absent from the 
list are streets to the extreme 
north and south of the city, 
such as Washington Blvd. or 
Glenarm Street. There are also 
no stations proposed east of 
Allen Ave.

 Staff said the locations were 
picked by factors such as 
housing density, population 
density, employment density, 
intersection density, zero car 
households, transit frequency 
and transit ridership. 

 According to a city staff report 
other factors included “an 
evaluation of potential revenue 
from each bike share station 
location and potential effect 
on operational rebalancing 
efforts that move bikes around 
to match demand and to ensure 
that the appropriate number 
of bikes and open docks are 
available at all stations.” 

 There was also an internet-
based crowdsourcing map 
to directly collect suggested 
locations and to chart likes and 
dislikes. Crowdsourcing areas 
of high marks included the 
Civic Center, Old Pasadena, 
Playhouse District, South 
Lake areas around Caltech and 
Pasadena City College.

 The bikes will available 
for 30-minute rides and 
fees depend on single rides, 
monthly or annual flex passes. 

 A TAP card and credit card are 
both needed to rent the bikes. 
More info at bikeshare.metro.
net. The city council meets 
Monday night at 6:30 p.m. at 
City Hall 100 North Garfield 
Avenue, Room S249.

 NASA officials announced 
Wednesday that the Spitzer 
Space Telescope, managed by 
the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 
has revealed the first known 
system of seven Earth-size 
planets around a single star. 
Three of these planets are firmly 
located in the habitable zone, 
the area around the parent star 
where a rocky planet is most 
likely to have liquid water, they 

 “This is the most exciting 
result I have seen in the 14 
years of Spitzer operations,” 
said Sean Carey, manager of 
NASA’s Spitzer Science Center 
at Caltech/IPAC in Pasadena, 
California. “Spitzer will follow 
up in the fall to further refine 
our understanding of these 
planets so that the James Webb 
Space Telescope can follow 
up. More observations of the 
system are sure to reveal more 

 According to the 
announcement, the discovery 
sets a new record for greatest 
number of habitable-zone 
planets found around a single 
star outside our solar system. 
All of these seven planets could 
have liquid water -- key to life 
as we know it -- under the right 
atmospheric conditions, but 
the chances are highest with the 
three in the habitable zone.

 At about 40 light-years (235 
trillion miles) from Earth, the 
system of planets is relatively 
close to us, in the constellation 
Aquarius. Because they 
are located outside of our 
solar system, these planets 
are scientifically known as 

 The new results were 
published Wednesday in the 
journal Nature, and announced 
at a news briefing at NASA 
Headquarters in Washington.

 Using Spitzer data, the 
team precisely measured the 
sizes of the seven planets and 
developed first estimates of the 
masses of six of them, allowing 
their density to be estimated.

 Following up on the Spitzer 
discovery, NASA’s Hubble 
Space Telescope has initiated 
the screening of four of the 
planets, including the three 
inside the habitable zone. These 
observations aim at assessing 
the presence of puffy, hydrogen-
dominated atmospheres, 
typical for gaseous worlds like 
Neptune, around these planets.

 NASA’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory in Pasadena, 
California, manages the 
Spitzer Space Telescope 
mission for NASA’s Science 
Mission Directorate. Science 
operations are conducted at 
the Spitzer Science Center, at 
Caltech, Pasadena, California. 
Spacecraft operations are based 
at Lockheed Martin Space 
Systems Company, Littleton, 

 For more information about 
Spitzer, visit:

Glenarm Repowering Project Goes Online

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena Water and Power and 
city officials held a ceremony 
Friday morning in recognition 
of completion of the Glenarm 
Repowering Project, a $136 
million extensive power plant 
upgrade that included the 
replacement of a 51-year old 

 “Many of the benefits of this 
project are environmental, 
meeting and is some cases 
exceeding the required 
emission standards and other 
environmental benchmarks, 
has not been easy… said 
councilmember and chair of the 
Municipal Services Committee, 
Margaret McAustin. “Pasadena 
can claim a new local natural gas 
fueled combined cycle electric 
generating unit with state of the 
art pollution controls.” 

 McAustin also said that 20 
percent of those hired by the 
contractors to build the unit 
were local. 

 PWP staff said the benefits 
include, Pasadena’s ability to 
generate power locally helps 
to reduce the city’s exposure 
to region-wide outages and 
limitations with imported 
power supply. GT-5 provides 
a stable source of back-up 
power that allows PWP to 
integrate more renewable – but 
intermittent – energy such as 
solar and wind. And that, GT-5 
offers quick-start capability 
and can generate power within 
minutes as opposed to the 72-
hour start up time needed for 
the old generator.

 “This maybe the very last fusel 
fueled investment that Pasadena 
will make,” said Mayor Terry 
Tornek in regard to the city’s 
plan of 50 percent use of green 
energy by 2035. “And I think 
that highlights that technology 
is moving so fast and on so 
many fronts, that the other side 
[of the facility] maybe all battery 
storage and a solar farm.” 

 Tornek also said there would 
be a very small impact on the 
rate payer’s bill, “The bond for 
this facility was backed into the 
rate structure sometime ago.” 
He said. “The real impact on the 
rate payer here is that if we get 
into a summer time peak-load, 
semi emergency, they push the 
button and in 10 minutes this 
thing come on line and can 
provide the extra power.”

 McAustin said the plant is a 
landmark in Pasadena, “it is a 
primary entry point to Pasadena 
that is impossible to miss … and 
through the one percent for the 
arts program, we will have the 
opportunity to see this power 
plant be home to an iconic art 

Tree Care 
after Recent 

 Pasadena residents are 
reminded that they should 
use only licensed contractors 
and certified arborists when 
facing the challenge of a 
fallen or severely leaning tree. 
Residents also are reminded 
to report any storm damage 
that they have experienced to 
the County of Los Angeles.

 During the recent series 
of storms, the City received 
reports of 21 trees that fell 
throughout Pasadena. Of 
those, 10 were City-owned 
trees from Pasadena’s Urban 
Forest inventory of more 
than 60,000 trees. The rest 
were privately owned trees on 
private property.

 City trees are generally 
located in the center medians 
or in the parkway strip areas 
along streets in the space 
between the sidewalk and the 
roadway. When in doubt, call 
the Pasadena Citizen Service 
Center at (626) 744-7311.

 City officials urge the public 
to only use a currently licensed 
and insured contractor for 
any work at their property, 
including the emergency 
removal of a downed tree. 

 The City recommends using 
a certified arborist to help 
determine the health and 
status of your trees. The cycle 
of drought and now abundant 
rain can put stress on trees 
that may otherwise look 

 If a privately owned tree has 
fallen on private property, 
the owner is responsible for 
its removal. No tree removal 
permit is required from the 
city if the tree has already 
fallen. If the fallen tree is a life-
threatening emergency, or has 
damaged structures and/or 
utilities, call 9-1-1. Otherwise 
please notify the City via the 
Citizen Service Center of your 
non-emergency tree situation.

 Got storm damage? Make 
sure Los Angeles County 
officials know! To complete 
a damage assessment survey 
go to and 
click on the link for Damage 
Assessment Survey. At this 
website, residents can also 
find up-to-date weather info, 
road closures and emergency 
preparedness tips.

The Yale 
in Concert

A One-Night-Only concert 
at A Noise Within

Pasadena Daughters of 
the American Revolution 
‘Caring For Keepsakes’

 A Noise Within Theatre, in 
collaboration David 
Miraglia and Chuck 
Dalaklis, announces 
an evening of song and 
merriment entitled 
“The Yale Whiffenpoofs 
in Concert.” The 
internationally respected 
a cappella group 
performs live on Monday, 
March 13, 2017 at 7:30 
pm, singing Barber Shop 
to The Beatles, and even 
songs The Muppets 
made famous. See them 
in Pasadena before the 
group departs for a 
world tour in May.

 The Yale Whiffenpoofs 
is a collegiate a cappella 
singing group comprised 
of 14 male seniors from 
the esteemed university 
in Connecticut. 
Established at Yale in 1909, it 
is the first and oldest of such 
groups in the United States. The 
line-up changes each year, and 
they are renowned for having 
had Cole Porter as a former 

 One of the top a cappella choirs 
in the world, the Whiffenpoofs 
have performed at prestigious 
venues such as The White House, 
Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, 
and the Rose Bowl; they have 
appeared nationally on Saturday 
Night Live and 60 Minutes. 
More info at

 The performance takes place 
A Noise Within, Main Entrance 
and Box Office are located at 
3352 E Foothill Blvd (at Sierra 
Madre Villa). 

 tickets can be purchased online 
at or by 
calling (626) 356-3100.


 Denise Levenick will 
monstrate and discuss how 
to create a home archive of 
heirloom photos, documents 
and other family treasures 
at the next meeting of the 
Martin Severance Chapter of 
Daughters of the American 
Revolution on Saturday, March 
4, at 9 a.m. at the Women’s 
City Club of Pasadena, 160 N. 
Oakland Ave.

 Topics during the 
presentation, titled “Caring for 
Keepsakes,” will include basic 
archival care of heirloom photo 
albums, loose photographs, 
family Bibles, clocks, jewelry 
and more; how to set up a 
home archive for research and 
sharing; how to prevent damage 
by silverfish, mold and acid 
migration; proper materials 
and containers for storage and 

 A continental breakfast 
will be available. The cost of 
attending the event is $15; 
reservations are required by 
emailing martin.severance.

 Established in 1914 in 
memory of a veteran of the 
American Revolution, the 
Martin Severance Chapter 
of DAR is a non-profit, non-
political organization that 
supports local libraries and 
homeless veterans, sponsors 
annual Constitution Week 
commemorations at Pasadena 
Central Library and an 
American History essay contest 
at local high schools. For more 
information visit pasadena.


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St. Patrick’s Luncheon


 Pg. 10

 May the luck of the Irish 
be with you at the St. 
Patrick’s Day lunch and 
dance Sunday, March 12, 
from 1 to 3 p.m. at the 
Pasadena Senior Center, 
85 E. Holly St.

 Sure and begorrah, 
the Scott Pavilion will 
come alive with shamrocks, leprechauns and pots of gold 
as the National Charity League San Marino Chapter hosts 
homemade treats and sandwiches prepared by member 
mothers and their daughters.

 The Great American Swing Band will perform musical 
favorites for listening pleasure and dancing. 

 The cost is only $10 for members and $12 for non-members 
of the Pasadena Senior Center. Reservations may be made at 
the Welcome Desk or by calling 626-795-4331.

 Founded in 1960, the Pasadena Senior Center is an 
independent nonprofit agency that offers recreational, 
educational, wellness and social services to people ages 50 
and older in a welcoming environment.









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