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A flash flood warning was issued by the National 
Weather Service on Friday. With this latest storm, 
there will be periods of heavy rain with rainfall rates 
up to 1 inch per hour at times, with as much as 5 to 10 
inches possible along foothill and mountain locations. 
The heaviest rainfall amounts are expected along 
the south facing slopes from the Santa Ynez Range 
east through the San Gabriels. Please be prepared! 
Sandbags are available to residents at the City 
Maintenance Yard. The Maintenance Yard is located 
at 621 Sierra Madre Blvd., behind the basketball 
courts. Please bring your own shovel.



On Thursday, agents of the Alcohol, Tobacco 
and Firearms Bureau served a search warrant 
on a Sierra Madre home and removed what has 
been described by Jeff Nguyen KCal9 News as, 
"lots and lots of guns". The warrant was issued 
as part of a criminal investigation. The home, 
reportedly belongs to a member of the Pasadena 
Police Department who has since been put on 
paid administrative leave and an Internal Affairs 
Investigation initiated. (Related story on pg. 5).

According to reports, 'dozens of gun boxes and 
weapons were removed from the residence.' In 
fact, as reported by numerous television news 
outlets, the number of guns, etc., was so great 
that a Van and a SUV were used to carry the 
items away. CBS2/KCAL9 News were somehow 
tipped off about the raid in advance and arrived 
to witness the ATF activity.

The presence of the officers startled residents on 
this normally quiet street in Northeast Sierra 
Madre. In fact, the Sierra Madre Police Department, 
according to Detective Henry Amos and Watch 
Commander Sgt. Ed Delcour, the Feds did not 
extend the usual professional courtesy among law 
enforcement agencies to SMPD by letting them know 
in advance of the raid. Further, the Pasadena Police 
Department for whom the homeowner works, is also 
not involved in the investigation.

The homeowner is believed to be a Lt. in the Pasadena 
Police Department. Although a search warrant 
was issued, no charges have been filed against him. 
“Everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty 
and we certainly should not in anyway make the 
mistake of faulting the very good men and women of 
the Pasadena Police Department who have absolutely 
nothing to do with this and likely have no knowledge 
of this officer’s alleged actions,” said Pasadena City 
Councilman Victor Gordo.

Neither the Department of Justice nor the ATF were 
willing to discuss any additional information as the raid 
is part of an 'ongoing investigation. MVNews

CBS2/KCAL9 News crews were on hand as agents 
served a search warrant at this location on Thursday. 
Photo courtesy Google Earth


- 202 Homes Under Mandatory Evacuation Orders Evacuation Site Open at Community Center; 
Street Closures in Place; Trash Service Delayed until Monday, February 20th

DUARTE, CA - At 2:20 pm, the National Weather 
Service (NWS) declared a Flash Flood Warning for the 
Fish Fire Burn Area until 5:15 pm as the City continues 
to brace for what the NWS is calling an “atmospheric 
river event” that will be impacting the City of Duarte 
and the Fish Fire Impact Area today and tomorrow, 
February 17th and 18th generating up to an inch an 
hour in rain including wind gusts of up to 70 MPH. The 
City remains at Red Alert Level in the Fish Fire Impact 
area since 7 am on the 17th placing approximately 
202 homes under mandatory evacuation. Los Angeles 
County Public Works issued a Phase 2 Flow Forecast 
for this storm anticipating that heavy downpours and 
wind could cause mud and debris flows even more 
extensive than January’s flows on Melcanyon Rd. and 
adjacent streets which resulted in over 2800 cubic yards 
of mud. Valley View School will be closed for school 
Friday, February 17th. Additionally, Burrtec will not be 
servicing the Fish Fire Impact Area on Friday, February 
17th, instead trash will be collected on Monday, 
February 20th starting at 7 am. Thus, do not put trash 
cans on the street until Monday before 7 am.

 Residents were alerted door to door, this morning 
by Los Angeles County Sheriff regarding mandatory 
evacuation orders. Those who chose to stay were 
required to sign notifications. An additional 22 homes 
below the Maddock Debris basin were also requested 
to evacuate as well. Yesterday, Volunteers on Patrol 
and CERT Team members also went door to door 
encouraging voluntary evacuations starting last night. 
Displaced residents are encouraged to access the 
Duarte Community Center Evacuation Site located at 
1600 Huntington Drive. The site will remain open until 
mandatory orders are lifted and can accommodate 
up to 40 persons overnight. Evacuated residents are 
encouraged to bring medicines and any other items 
they may need for a minimum 48-hour period. Meals 
will be provided to all evacuees and LA County Animal 
Control has their mobile shelter on site for those that 
need to bring animals. 

 Although the timing could fluctuate, the heaviest 
rainfall is expected to generate between 5 to 10 inches 
in total rain. In preparation for this event, City phones 
are open 24 hours a day through Saturday evening. 
Public Safety (626-357-7938) on Friday from 7:30-
4PM and City Hall from 4PM-7:30 AM (626-357-
7931). On Saturday, call Public Safety from 7:30-4PM. 
Additionally, the City’s Emergency Operation Center 
is in full activation, and City staff are deployed within 
the Fish Fire Impact Area to address situations as they 

 Street closures staffed by Public Safety personnel 
are at the following areas: Royal Oaks and Greenbank, 
Bettyhill and Conata, Sunnyvale and Westvale, Royal 
Oaks and Mel Canyon, eastbound Fish Canyon at 
Mel Canyon, westbound Fish Canyon at Mel Canyon, 
Mountaincrest and Deerlane, and Brookridge and 

DUARTE RED ALERT continued on page 6


 Mandatory evacuation order in effect. All residents ordered to leave the impacted and/or potentially impacted areas.

 Residents directed to remove vehicles, trash bins, and other obstructions from the streets and/or travel lanes prior to 
evacuating, as they will be subject to tow or removal by authorities.

 Residents will be directed to an Evacuation Center at the Duarte City Hall Community Center located at 1600 Huntington 
Drive, Duarte CA 91010

 Residents electing not to evacuate will be required to sign a Refusal to Evacuate Form, acknowledging their awareness of 
the hazards/risks and assuming all liability for the decision to remain and shelter in place. If you leave the area, you will not be 
allowed to return.

 Entry into the area shall be prohibited to all persons except public safety, first responders.

 Residents will not be allowed to return to their homes so long as the “Red Level” protocol remains in effect.

 If you feel conditions are unsafe to evacuate, move to the highest safe place in your residence and shelter in place.

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