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Mountain Views-News Saturday, April 8, 2017 




200 N. Michillinda Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-3463 Head of School: Julia V. Fanara

E-mail address:

Arcadia High School

180 Campus Drive Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone: (626) 821-8370, Principal: Brent Forsee

Arroyo Pacific Academy

41 W. Santa Clara St. Arcadia, Ca, 

(626) 294-0661 Principal: Phil Clarke

E-mail address:

Barnhart School

240 W. Colorado Blvd Arcadia, Ca. 91007

(626) 446-5588 Head of School: Ethan Williamson

Kindergarten - 8th grade


Bethany Christian School

93 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-3527 

Preschool-TK-8th Grade

Principal: Dr. William Walner

website: www.

Clairbourn School

8400 Huntington Drive

San Gabriel, CA 91775

Phone: 626-286-3108 ext. 172

FAX: 626-286-1528


Foothill Oaks Academy

822 Bradbourne Ave., Duarte, CA 91010

(626) 301-9809 

Co-Principals Nancy Lopez and Diane Kieffaber

Frostig School

971 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 791-1255

Head of School: Jenny Janetzke


The Gooden School

192 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-2410 

Interim Head of School, Merrily Dunlap 


High Point Academy

1720 Kinneloa Canyon Road Pasadena, Ca. 91107 

Head of School: Gary Stern 626-798-8989


La Salle High School

3880 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 

(626) 351-8951 website:

Principal Mrs. Courtney Kassakhian

Monrovia High School

325 East Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016 

(626) 471-2800 Principal Darvin Jackson


Odyssey Charter School

725 W. Altadena Dr. Altadena, Ca. 91001

(626) 229-0993 Head of School: Lauren O’Neill


Pasadena High School

2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 

(626) 396-5880 Principal: Roberto Hernandez


St. Rita Catholic School

322 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

Principal Joan Harabedian (626) 355-9028 


Sierra Madre Elementary School

141 W. Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 355-1428 Principal: Esther Salinas

E-mail address:

Sierra Madre Middle School 

160 N. Canon Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

(626) 836-2947 Principal: Garrett Newsom

E-mail address:

Walden School

74 S San Gabriel Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 792-6166

Weizmann Day School

1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

(626) 797-0204

Lisa Feldman: Head of School

Wilson Middle School

300 S. Madre St. Pasadena, Ca. 91107

(626) 449-7390 Principal: Ruth Esseln

E-mail address:

Pasadena Unified School District

351 S. Hudson Ave., Pasadena, Ca. 91109

(626) 396-3600 Website:

rcadia Unified School District

234 Campus Dr., Arcadia, Ca. 91007

(626) 821-8300 Website:

Monrovia Unified School District

325 E. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, Ca. 91016

(626) 471-2000 Website:

Duarte Unified School District

1620 Huntington Dr., Duarte, Ca. 91010

(626)599-5000 Website:

Pasadena, CA -- Recognizing that children’s healthy development is 
largely dependent on having positive experiences in the early years of 
life, the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) has strengthened 
the early education choices now available to families with children 
between the ages of 3 and 5. Choices include preschools, full and half-
day programs, transitional and extended transitional kindergarten, 
Mandarin and Spanish immersion preschool, and before and after-
school care. Registration for programs is now open.

 “Our approach to early childhood education is a balanced one, 
developmentally appropriate and based on best practices that reflect 
our commitment to helping children build strong social, emotional, 
physical, creative, and cognitive foundations,” said Julie Reynoso, 
Assistant Superintendent, Elementary and Early Education. “Our 
faculty nurtures and challenges young children because we care about 
what they they think and what they have to say, and we are committed 
to preparing them to be lifelong learners.”

 Preschools use the Creative Curriculum, which emphasizes 
exploration and discovery as a way of learning, helping children 
develop confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Each 
classroom is equipped with technology and materials for STEAM 
(science, technology, engineering, art, and math) learning to challenge 
and engage young learners. Programs are also available for students 
with disabilities.

 Parents and families are encouraged to participate in daily activities 
and instructional field trips. Operating hours are designed for the 
convenience of parents; before and after school care is available. 
Preschool program costs range from free to affordable, depending 
on the family’s eligibility. Transitional Kindergarten and Extended 
Transitional Kindergarten are part of the California free K-12 public 
educational system.

 Teachers at PUSD preschools and four children’s centers are trained 
in child development, classroom management, and positive discipline. 
Preschool classes have a ratio of 2:1 teacher/staff per child.

Highly qualified teachers in transitional and extended transitional 
kindergarten programs are credentialed as part of California’s K-12 
education requirements. Transitional and Extended Transitional 
Kindergarten classes have a teacher/student ratio of 24:1


Early Education Programs:


Preschool programs that engage children between 3 and 5 years old as 
initiators and active participants are offered at a total of 10 PUSD sites. 
Half-day morning or afternoon sessions operate during the school year. 
Preschool programs are free for income-eligible families; fees may apply 
to non-income eligible families. To enroll, contact the Early Childhood 
Education office at 626.396.5762.

Children’s Centers:

Four Children’s Centers offer full-day preschool year round for 
children ages 3-5 whose families are working, going to school, seeking 
employment, or incapacitated. Educational before and after school 
care is offered at two sites (Jefferson and Longfellow) for children in 
PreK-5th grade. Children’s Centers operate year round from 7 a.m. to 
6 p.m. The program is free for income-eligible families; fees may apply 
to non-income eligible families. To enroll, contact the Early Childhood 
Education office at 626.396.5762

Jefferson Children’s Center

391 N. Sierra Bonita Ave., Pasadena, CA 91106

(626) 793-0656 Washington Children’s Center

130 Penn St., Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 396-5945

Longfellow Children’s Center

1377 N. Mar Vista Ave., Pasadena, CA 91104

(626) 396-5947 Willard Children’s Center

345 S. Halstead St., Pasadena, CA 91107

(626) 396-5946

Spanish and Mandarin Immersion Preschool

Designed to prepare 3-5 year-old children for Pasadena Unified’s dual 
language immersion programs, preschool immersion instruction is 
wholly in Spanish or Mandarin so that students build a strong linguistic 
foundation. Educational assistants help clarify concepts in English.

 Spanish Dual Immersion Preschool is offered in half-day sessions 
at San Rafael Elementary, Jackson STEAM Magnet, and Jefferson 
Elementary. Mandarin Dual Immersion Preschool is offered in half and 
full-day sessions at Field Elementary. Fees apply for these programs. To 
register, contact the Early Childhood Education office at 626.396.5762.

Transitional Kindergarten

Specially designed for children with fall birthdays after the kindergarten 
enrollment cut-off date, transitional kindergarten is the first of a two-
year kindergarten program that bridges preschool and traditional 
kindergarten. Part of California’s public K-12 educational system, 
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is taught by fully-credentialed teachers 
and operates during the school year. Children who turn 5 years old 
between September 2 and December 2 and who may benefit from an 
enriched foundational early childhood education are eligible. TK is a 
free full-day program offered at seven campuses during the school year. 
To enroll, visit your school of residence. You will be directed to the site 
that hosts TK in your neighborhood. 

Franklin Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Madison Elementary

McKinley School

Norma Coombs Elementary

Willard Elementary

Extended Transitional Kindergarten

 Extended Transitional Kindergarten (ETK) is the first of a two-year 
kindergarten program for children who turn five years old between 
December 2 and March 31 and who may benefit from an enriched 
foundational early childhood education. Part of California’s public 
K-12 educational system, ETK is taught by fully-credentialed teachers. 
The full-day free program is offered at two campuses during the school 
year. To enroll, visit the PUSD Office of Enrollment, 351 S. Hudson 
Ave., Room 210, Pasadena, CA. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-
served basis.

Cleveland Elementary

McKinley School

 Both Transitional and Extended Transitional Kindergarten 
students attend the assigned school for one year; after that, they go to 
Kindergarten at their school of residence or apply through PUSD Open 

 Stay connected to the Pasadena Unified School District! Download 
the Pasadena USD mobile app at Visit us online at; follow us on Twitter @PasadenaUnified; like us on Facebook 
at; text PUSD to 
888777; subscribe to PUSD Today! at; subscribe to 
our YouTube channel at Or call the 
Communications Office, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday at 
(626) 396-3606.


The musical talents of these children ignited the audience at the 
annual Dan Stover Rotary Music Contest hosted at the home of Tom 
and Julie Brady. 

 The competition drew high school students of all grades from 
Alverno Heights Academy, Pasadena Conservatory, La Salle High 
School, and Firm Foundation Christian Academy. 

 It was a wonderful concert. Mr. Brian Shawn Boull’t played Alto 
Saxophone, Miss Patill Daghlian played flute, Miss Xuanyi Liu 
played flute. 

 The third place winner, Miss Laura Chen, played the piano. 
Second Place winner, Mr. Nivram Castro, played violin, and first 
place winner, Mr. Saren Daghlian, played the violin and will play 
again at the regional performance on Tuesday April 11 at 6 pm. It is 
hosted by Ramona Convent Secondary School, 1701 W Ramona Rd, 
Alhambra, CA 91803. The public is welcome to attend and cheer Mr. 
Saren Daghlian on to the district level competition hosted in May. 
The winner of the district may win $4,000 or more.

 Professional Music Judges included Mr. Eric Byak, professional 
musician and recording artist, Mrs. Connie Washburn, piano 
studio and vocal coach of Sierra Madre and Mr. David Bedrosian, 
percussionist of Pasadena.

 Please let all these young people know how proud you are of them.

Front: Tom Brady, Laura Chen, Nivram Castro, Saren Daghlian, 
Connie Washburn Back: Eric Byak, David Bedrosian


ROSEMEAD, CA—April 5, 2017—Don Bosco Technical Institute 
(Bosco Tech) will host its annual Black and Gold Gala at the 
Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles on Sunday, April 30, starting at 5 
p.m. Gala guests will dine, dance, and bid on auction items with all 
proceeds benefiting Bosco Tech’s tuition assistance program. 

 The event will honor Bosco Tech past president Father Nicolas 
Reina, SDB; long-time faculty member Jim Curiel; the John Devaney 
family (sons Cedric, Roger and Trevor are graduates of Bosco Tech) 
and their company, Hi-Rel Laboratories. Each honoree has greatly 
contributed to the school’s long-term success.

 “Bosco Tech and its students have benefitted beyond mesure by 
the dedication and generosity of each of our honorees,” said Xavier 
Jimenez, Bosco Tech President. “We are honored and blessed to have 
the opportunity to recognize each one, while celebrating what the 
Tech has meant to the lives of so many young people.”

 Gala tickets are $100 per person and can be purchased through An assortment 
of auction items will be available for online bidding on the website 
beginning on April 17. For more information about gala tickets, 
auction items, or to purchase ad space in the event program, contact 
(626) 940-2000.

 Celebrating its sixty second year, Bosco Tech is an all-male 
Catholic high school that combines a rigorous college-preparatory 
program with a technology-focused education. The innovative 
STEM curriculum allows students to exceed university admission 
requirements while completing extensive integrated coursework 
in one of five applied science and engineering fields. Each year for 
the past several years, one hundred percent of the graduating class 
has earned college acceptances. Visit for more 

 According to, Bosco Tech ranks in the top three of 
all-boys schools in the Los Angeles metro area and among the top 
100 all-boys high schools in America. Founded in 2002 by Carnegie 
Mellon University students as, Niche provides 
reviews from everyday experts on neighborhoods, colleges, and K-12 
schools to provide students, families and professionals with insight 
into important life decisions. 

 The Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles is located at 506 South 
Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, 90071. 


Pasadena, CA—Attorney Valerie Vanaman, a 
successful advocate for individuals challenged 
with disabilities, will discuss current issues in 
special education during a free forum at The 
Frostig Center on April 19.

 For four decades, Ms. Vanaman has 
represented people who need help obtaining 
services from private and governmental 

 As a partner in the law firm Newman Aaronson 
Vanaman, Ms. Vanaman has specialized in 
securing for her clients an appropriate education 
and their rights under the Individuals with 
Disabilities Education Act, Social Security 
Act, Supplemental Security Income Act and 
Americans with Disabilities Act.

 “It can be very challenging for families to 
understand all the complexities of special 
education and to know their rights,” said Dean 
Conklin, executive director of The Frostig Center. 
“During her talk at The Frostig Center, Valerie 
will simplify complicated issues and answer 

 The presentation begins at 6:00 p.m. in Gates 
Hall at The Frostig Center. The event is free and 
open to the public. 

 The Frostig Center, located at 971 N. Altadena 
Drive, is a non-profit organization that strives 
to improve the lives of children with learning 
differences through research, professional 
development for teachers, and Frostig School. 
Frostig also provides services to young adults 
with learning differences who are transitioning 
to college and work. For additional information 
about Frostig Center, call (626) 791-1255 or visit 
our website at 

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