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The Derby Restaurant inArcadia is part of a storiedhistory like the racetrackthat birthed it. As you

you are a Hemingway fan,
horseracing and boxing areas American as freedom. 
The great thing is that youdon’t have to be a racingfan to enjoy this historicrestaurant. The restaurant 
was made famous by itspurchase in 1938 by Hall ofFame Horse Jockey George“The Iceman” Woolf, 
who rode Seabiscuit, and 
who wanted a place to 
gather his friends in thehorse racing industry. He 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
thechefknows@yahoo.comshuffle through the restaurant you are takenback in time to an era when horseracing wasthe sport and Seabiscuit galloped through theDepression. Over the decades interest in the sporthas waned with the divided attention of more 
Frontrunner (at Santa Anita Racetrack) he mightchannels than once could ever be envisioned. If myself all the way into gnawing on the bone. My 
I think if the chef could make his way over to thediscover what a Maryland crab cake is all about.
For my entree I went with the steak, a Bone-inKansas City Rib Eye . Once the kitchen got thetemperature right, it was so tender that I worked
Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, And Catering 
was famously known 
for his cool rides on horses. As other jockeysaggressively moved their mounts a fractionearly, he patiently waited and finally unleasha well-timed run that would place his horse’snose on the winning end of the photo. Todaythe reins of the restaurant fall under the able 
hands of two young entrepreneurs who havemaintained the identity of the restaurant.

There are many exciting items on the menu, andwe started dinner with the World Famous Cheese 
Bread. You know I love “World Famous” and it 
is enough bread to feed a cavalry. Our appetizerselection was the Crab Cakes, and described on 
the menu as California Style, but was a little weak. 

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dinner companion ordered the Marinated GrilledShrimp (aka Shrimp Skewers), breaking the ruleof ordering seafood on a Sunday, but I gave it twothumbs up as well. As for desserts, there are manyon the list, but for a special occasion I would gofor the Baked Alaska. The Bar has Large screenTVs and watch the races . 

After a special Day at the Track, or simply ifyou are in the area, you should definitely checkout The Derby.

Closed: Sorry to report the BRU on Lake has 

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