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Dear Savvy Senior,
Is regular heartburn or indigestion anything to worry about?
My 60-year-old husband eats a lot of Tums or Rolaids
throughout the day to help him manage it, but it keeps him
up at night too. What can you tell us? 

Inquiring Spouse 

Dear Inquiring,
Almost everyone experiences heartburn or acid indigestion
from time to time, but frequent episodes can signal a much 
more serious problem. Here’s what you should know, 
along with some tips and treatments to help relieve your
husbands symptoms.

It’s estimated that more than 60 million Americans 
experience heartburn at least once a month, with around15 million people who suffer from it daily. If your husbandis plagued by heartburn two or more times a week, andit’s not responding well to over-the-counter antacids,
he needs to see a doctor. Frequent bouts may mean hehas gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which canseverely irritate and damage the lining of his esophagus,
putting him at risk of Barrett’s esophagus and esophagealcancer if it’s not treated. 

Lifestyle AdjustmentsDepending on the frequency and severity of his heartburn,
there are a number of lifestyle adjustments he can make thatcan help provide relief and avoid a more serious problemdown the road. Consider these tips:

- Avoid problem foods: Certain foods can trigger heartburnsymptoms like citrus fruits, tomatoes, fatty foods, chocolate,
garlic, onions, spicy foods, mints, alcohol, coffee and sodas.
Your husband should keep a food diary to track whichfoods cause him the most problems and avoid them.
- Eat smaller, slower and earlier: Smaller portions atmealtime and eating slower can help reduce heartburnsymptoms. He should also wait at least three hours aftereating before lying down or going to bed.
- Lose weight: Having excess weight around the midsectionputs pressure on the abdomen, pushing up the stomach andcausing acid to back up into the esophagus.
- Quit smoking: Smoking can increase stomach acid andweaken the valve that prevents acid from entering theesophagus. If your husband smokes, the National CancerInstitute offers a number of smoking cessation resources at or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

- Sleep elevated: To help keep the acid down while sleeping,
get your husband a wedge-shaped pillow to prop him upa few inches. If that’s not enough, try elevating the headof his bed six to eight inches by placing blocks under thebedposts or insert a wedge between his mattress and boxspring. Wedges are available at drugstores and medicalsupply stores. Sleeping on his left side may also help keepthe acid down. 
Treatment OptionsIf the lifestyle adjustments don’t solve the problem, or ifantacids (Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, Mylanta or Alka-Seltzer)
aren’t doing the trick there are a variety of over-the-counterand prescription medications that can help, along withsurgery. His doctor can help him determine which one isbest for him. Treatment options include:

H-2 Blockers: Available as both over-the-counter and 
prescription strength, these drugs (Pepcid, Tagamet, Axidand Zantac) reduce how much acid your stomach makesbut may not be strong enough for serious symptoms.

Proton-Pump Inhibitors (PPI): If you have frequentand severe heartburn symptoms, PPIs are long-actingprescription medications that block acid production andallow time for damaged esophageal tissue to heal. Theyinclude Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Zegerid, Protonix,
Aciphex and Dexilant. Prevacid 24 HR, Prilosec andZegerid OTC are also available over-the-counter. But beaware that long-term use of PPIs can increase your risk forosteoporosis and chronic kidney disease.

Surgery: If the medications don’t do the trick, there arealso surgical procedures that can tighten or strengthen thelower esophageal sphincter so gastric fluids can’t wash backup into the esophagus.

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit JimMiller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of“The Savvy Senior” book. 


Did you have a good Fourth of July?
I hope so! To me, Sierra Madre’s 
Fourth of July parade is the essenceof summer! It’s Mayberry from“The Andy Griffith Show,” a livingNorman Rockwell Americana 
painting, and “The Far Side” rolled 
into one. It’s one of those things that goes in the “You knowyou’re a Sierra Madrean if...” category along with Mary’sMarket, the Mount Wilson Trail race, and memories of 
Bean Town even before 

it expanded to its current

friends Jack and Teddy (that’s

size (bonus points for 

a woman) Belicec discover

buying things from Robert’s

pods at the Belicec residence.

Market and Little Stuga!).

After killing the sudsy pod-

One other experience vital

man with a garden pitch

for any Sierra Madrean is

fork, Jack and Miles lay

seeing “Invasion of the Body

him out on Jack’s pool table

Snatchers” at least once. Just 

while they all smoke and get

the name lets you know it

a couple rounds of gin and

must be great!

tonic. Becky is particularly

This 1956 cinematic 

distressed, so Miles gives her

gem stars Kevin McCarthy

a couple pills to go with her

as protagonist Dr. Miles

drink. He is a doctor, after 

Bennel and Dana Wynter

all. Wow, the 50’s must’ve 

as Becky Driscoll, his love

been something!

interest. It’s your typical sci

 While “Invasion of the 

fi mystery thriller with allthe corny effects and acting you’d expect from a film ofthat era. Here’s the story in a nutshell. Aliens are invadingEarth by sending out “pods” containing blank prototypemale and female bodies. These bodies assume yourfeatures until they resemble you completely at whichpoint they “take over” your body when you fall asleep.
Great stuff! The “pods” are sleeping bag-sized leafy shellsthat start foaming as they mature. (I think they used dishsoap.) When ripe, the pod bursts open and the bodyinside flops out like a blow-up doll. Classic!

 We first meet Becky as she gets off a train in the quaint 

Santa Mira station to meet Miles. There’d be nothingnoteworthy about this, except that it’s about nine in themorning, and Becky is wearing a low - I mean LOW - cutdress with what appear to be little wads of tissue or cottonballs barely covering her bosom. What? You mean you 
don’t wear this when traveling? The next half-hour of 
the film follows Becky meeting various other Santa Mirafolks, the men making a conscious effort to look herstraight in the eye.

 Other highlights include a great scene in which Dr.

Miles, Becky, and their 

Body Snatchers” is a must-
see in it’s own right, it’s unique because it was filmedin Sierra Madre! (prominent footage of Kersting Court,
Sierra Madre Blvd., and the old building that is nowSierra Fitness) When the city started showing movies inthe park, the first was “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
on the Fourth of July. My dad was sorely disappointedwhen this did not become an annual Sierra Madre 
Fourth of July event. But that doesn’t mean that youcan’t start your very own Body Snatchers 7/4 tradition!
Then you can brag that you’re a truer Sierra Madrean,


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ….July Birthdays 

Nina Bartolai, Mary Lou Caldwell, Louise Neiby, Eunice Banis, Betty Hansen, 
Christine Durfort, Shahrzad Azrani, Jeanne Borgedahl, Janet Cox, Dorothy 

Montgomery, Bess Pancoska, Janet Swanson, Linda Thunes, Barbara Watson, Pat 
Alcorn, Karma Bell, Alice Clark, Dorothy Jerneycic, and Betty Dos Remedios. 


ACTIVITIES: Unless listed differently, all activities are at the Hart 
Park House (Senior Center) 222 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre 

Hawaiian & Polynesian Dance Class: Every Tuesday morning from 10a.m. to11a.m. Join instructor Barbara Dempsey as she leads you in the art of Hula. 

Bingo: Every Tuesday beginning at 1:00p.m. Cards are only $0.25 each!
Everyone is welcome to join. May be canceled if less than five people. 
Free Blood Pressure Testing: 2nd Tuesday of the month from 11a.m. to 12p.m. No appt. is necessary. 

Brain Games: Thursdays, 10:30a.m. to 11:30a.m., improve your memory and strengthen your 
brain. Activities facilitated by Senior Volunteers. 
Free Legal Consultation: Wednesdays from 10:30a.m. to Noon. Attorney Lem Makupson is
available for legal consultation. He specializes in Family Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Injury.
Appointments are required by calling 626-355-7394. 

Senior Club: Meets every Saturday at the Hart Park House Senior Center. Brown Bag Lunch at 
Tax Assistance: Every Wednesday beginning on February 1st through April 12th from 1:00p.m.
to 2:00p.m. - Don Brunner is available for income tax consultation. Appointments are required by 
calling 626-355-7394. 

Chair Yoga: Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:00 to 11:45a.m. with Paul Hagen. 3rd Monday of each
month, a variety of balance exercises are practiced. All ability levels are encouraged and welcomed! 
*A suggested donation of $5 at one of the classes is requested, but is not required. 

Case Management: Case Management services are provided by the YWCA and provide assistance in a 
variety of areas. Appointments are required
and can be scheduled by calling the Hart
Park House Office at 626-355-7394. 

Birthday Celebrations: Every 2nd Thursday
of the month at the Hart Park House, share
some free birthday cake provided by the
Sierra Madre Civic Club. 

Game Day: Every Thursday starting at 
12:00p.m. Come join this group of Seniors in
a poker game. Other games are offered to all. 
Please note time change. 

Free Strength Training Class: Every
Friday from 12:45p.m. to 1:30p.m. with Lisa
Brandley. This energetic class utilizes light
weights for low impact resistance training.
All class materials are provided. 

Stress, Resilience, Positivity: Finding
Balance - by The Kensington Sierra Madre
Four Tuesdays, March 7 - 28th from 2:00 -
4:00p.m. Register by calling 213-821-6919
or 213-821-6908. 

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