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Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side

by Deanne Davis 

e“Fer-til-iz-er: A substance which makes soil more . 
fertile.” (Webster) 1-1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp. ground cinnamonHaving grown zucchini and pumpkins, fertilizer is. tsp. baking sodaa superfluous frill as far as they are concerned. Put. tsp. baking powdera couple of seeds in the ground, go away for the. tsp. saltweekend, and be astonished when you return to find. tsp. ground nutmegtheir vines have cascaded all over the geraniums,1 cup sugarthe Dutch Iris and zinnias are fighting for their lives1 cup finely shredded, unpeeled zucchiniand those greedy little tendrils are eyeing the garage.. cup vegetable oilZucchini is delicious when it’s small and tender but, 1 eggif you don’t pick them, a day later after they’ve coyly1 tsp. grated lemon peel – more if you’ve got ithidden themselves under the leaves, they’ve turned. cup chopped pecans (optional), dried cranberriesinto a club the size of a baseball bat...sort of like this are good in here, too, and maybe a little choppedone, in son-in-law, Chuck’s, garden. You can grateapple. 
one all day to make zucchini bread and never finishit off. Neighbors see you coming with that big bagIn a medium bowl combine first 6 ingredients.
of squash and won’t answer the door. The zucchiniIn another medium bowl combine sugar, zucchini,
phenomenon is sort of like Mickey Mouse as theoil, egg and lemon peel. Mix well.
Sorcerer’s Apprentice in Fantasia! with his enchanted Add dry mixture to zucchini mixture, stir just tillbrooms and buckets of water. The zucchini inexorablymoistened (batter will be lumpy)
keep coming and coming! Add nuts and/or cranberries, and apples. 

Speaking of pumpkins, Parker’s giant pumpkinsare sporting leaves the size of umbrellas and the vineshave taken over their entire fenced area! Halloween is 
coming, friends and neighbors!

Anyway, when the zucchini overwhelms you, chopup some in your salad, sauté some in olive oil withtomatoes and lots of onions, drain and stir in some 
sour cream and top with a little parmesan cheese for areally great veggie dish. Or get out your Cuisinart andgrate some for bread. This one is particularly good.
This recipe originally came from Dorothy Reinhold’scolumn in the Pasadena Star News in 2011. In it, 
she described her son’s ecstasy about the zucchinibread that his 3rd grade Webster Elementary Schoolinstructional aide, Mrs. Corinne Le, had baked and 
brought to share. “It’s soooooo good,” he said, “andshe gave me the recipe. It’s really really good!” Andit is, too! So, thanks Dorothy and Mrs. Le. This is 
the best zucchini bread I’ve ever had. It’s neat to 
think that these third graders got to taste somethingfabulous that a teacher wanted to share. Teachers 
ARE exceptional people! 

Zucchini Bread 
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease 8” x 4” loaf pan. 


July 23, to July 30, 2017booked and released on a citation from the Pasadena 
During this time period, the Sierra Madre PoliceJail. 
Department responded to approximately 449 day andnight time calls for service. Friday, July 28

Officers responded to a call of a reckless driver thatTuesday, July 25, at about 3:10 p.m. a resident reportedalmost hit a pedestrian. Officers arrived to find thea fire on Mount Wilson Trail. The reporting personvehicle abandoned. Officers did a check of the area 
said he saw the possible suspect(s) who ignited the fire.and located a subject who appeared to be under theMultiple fire agencies arrived and assisted to extinguishinfluence of an unknown substance and possiblythe fire. The fire is currently under investigation.suffering from a mental illness. A second call came inCase to Detectives regarding a stolen vehicle that matched the description

of the abandoned vehicle. A witness was able to identifyWednesday, July 26the suspect as the reckless driver and the suspect wasAt about 10:15 a.m., officers responded to the 700taken into custody.
block of W. Sierra Madre Boulevard regarding anCase to Detectives 
elderly female who was found unresponsive inside herhome. Efforts to resuscitate the elderly female were10:48 p.m.
unsuccessful. SMPD responded to a call of a fire in the 00 block

of Kersting Ct. Officers provided traffic control and

2:12 p.m.,secured the perimeter to accommodate respondingA man was arrested for being drunk in public in thefire personnel from neighboring agencies assisting500 block of W. Sierra Madre Blvd. The man was SMFD. No injuries were reported. 
City of Sierra Madre 


From: The City of Sierra Madre
Applicant: City of Sierra Madre
Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, County of Los Angeles, State of California 

The City of Sierra Madre gives notice, pursuant to State of California law, that the Planning Commission will conduct a 
public hearing to consider recommending adoption of Municipal Code Text Amendment 17-05 amending Title 8 of the Health 
and Safety Code, establishing Chapter 8.18 – Vacant Property Registration Requirement. The purpose of the amendment is 
to establish registration and regulation requirements for unoccupied properties in the R-1 Zone (Single Family Residential) 

and other residential buildings. The purpose of the requirement is to protect neighborhoods from the effects of unoccupied 

properties that are not adequately maintained or to address health and safety issues that may arise at the property. The 
registration requirement will identify a responsible party that can respond to health and safety code violations. Following a 
Planning Commission recommendation for approval, the proposed text amendment will be forwarded to the City Council for 
their consideration. 

City of Sierra Madre City of Sierra Madre
Planning Commission meeting City Council Chambers
Thursday, August 17, 2017 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 
(Hearing begins at 7:00 p.m.) Sierra Madre, CA 

All interested persons may attend this meeting and the Planning Commission will hear them with respect thereto.
ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION The Municipal Code Text Amendment is exempt from the California Environmental 
Quality Act (“CEQA”) pursuant to CEQA Guidelines §§ 15060(c)(2), 15060(c)(3), and 15061(b)(3). The Ordinance will 
not result in a direct or reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment; the ordinance does not involve a

“project” as defined by Section 15378; and the ordinance is covered by the general rule that CEQA applies only to projects that 
have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment; Therefore, it may be seen with certainty that there is no 
possibility this ordinance will have a significant effect on the environment. 

APPEAL: A decision by the Planning Commission is subject to a 10-day appeal period to the City Council. If in the future 
anyone wishes to challenge the decision of the Planning Commission in court, one may be limited to raising the issues that wereraised or presented in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Commission at, or before, the scheduled public hearing.
For further information on this subject, please contact the Planning and Community Preservation Department at (626) 355-7138. 

Spoon batter into greased pan. Bake for 55-60minutes or until a wooden toothpick inserted nearthe center comes out clean. Cool in the pan or ona wire rack for 10 minutes. When your bread hascooled off a little, cut yourself a slice and sit down andenjoy it with a cup of coffee. You deserve a break after 
all that planting, fertilizing, harvesting, distributing,
baking and cleaning up! This freezes well, too, so youcan double the recipe, which just happens to be inmy book, “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon ofLaughter.” 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
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