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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 5, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 5, 2017 

If you are a dog owner in Sierra Madre or in one 
of the neighboring foothill communities, you are 
most likely among the many locals who’ve become 
quite concerned about how to protect their pets 
from harm in the heat, and keep a good healthy 
exercise regimen for them at the same time.

We all want to do what it takes to keep our 
four legged furry friends cool during the summer 
months, but at the same time we don’t want 
them becoming calorie-collecting canine couch 
potatoes due to lack of exercise. A client of mine 
told me about a creative and fantastically fun way 
she chose to beat the heat with one of her pups in 
the summer months, and I immediately thought 
her story was worth sharing.

When I first moved to California in 1984, I lived 
in the Redondo & Hermosa Beach communities. I 
have happy memories of playing fetch in the sand 
and swimming and wading through the breakers 
with “Lady”, my dog at the time, followed by 
leisurely walks on the strand in the late afternoon 
cool ocean breezes. 

Back then, in the South Bay, there were a couple 
of spots where you could get away with having 
a dog on the beach, so I took full advantage of 
that privilege, particularly on a hot summer day. 
I truly treasure those memories, because living 
in Sierra Madre makes driving to the beach a 
lot less convenient, and finding a beach that will 
allow dogs is not as easy as it used to be. Although 
there are still a few canine-kind beaches and when 
you find them it is definitely worth the drive, if it 
means keeping your canine cool.

Sierra Madre residents, Mike Bieber and 
Jennifer Cichocki, are pleased to be the proud 
owners of three delightful and absolutely gorgeous 
dogs named “Sid”, “Elijah” and “Utah“. Their 3 
beloved ’boys’ sure got lucky when they found 
a home where they are treated with the utmost 
respect and unconditional love that they indeed 
deserve, and for that they are very grateful dogs. 
I enjoy spending time with Mike and Jennifer’s 
babes when they call on me for walks or to stay 
over with them while they are away. I consider it 
an honor to call them my canine companions.

Some readers might remember a story I wrote in 
this column several months ago, about ‘Sid doing 
the twist‘. Well, while I am still very impressed 
with Sid’s dancing talents, I recently learned this 
precious pointer/pit mix is an agile athlete both on 
and off the dance floor! In fact, as it 
turns out, Sid is a rather impressive 

That’s right, Sid is one cool canine 
whose balancing act on a board 
is potentially more impressive 
than that of some humans you 
might see on the surf. And, what 
better way for a canine to keep it 
cool than by hanging out with his 
favorite humans, taking a dip in 
the refreshing ocean water and 
strutting his stuff in front of the 
other doggy dudes at the beach? 

Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

When I heard about Jennifer & Sid’s weekend water 
excursion in San Diego, it prompted me to look 
into dog-friendly water sports in hopes of sharing 
a few fresh ideas on ways to help pet owners avoid 
the heat with their dogs while ensuring that they 
are still getting the exercise they need.

Apparently one of the most popular water 
sports for canines is dock diving which I find 
quite fascinating, but to me the most impressive 
canine water sport is dog surfing! I’d had heard 
about it before, and had seen a few dogs known 
to be skilled surfers on Animal Planet, one of 
which appeared on a float in the Tournament of 
Roses Parade. But I had no idea how popular dog 
surfing had become until I saw a video on Youtube 
of an annual dog surfing event designed to benefit 
animal adoption and education programs.

I must say even if this fantastic fund-raiser 
didn’t help place animals into loving homes, I 
would still be in absolute awe of those darling 
dogs riding the waves on their surfboards! Anyone 
who loves dogs and enjoys a good laugh should 
see the surfing video entitled ‘Best of 2010 Helen 
Woodward Surf Dog Surfing Contest’ posted by 
user: SoCalBeachesMagazine. There may be more 
videos now posted on Youtube of the annual 
event held in more recent years, but this one is 
guaranteed to give you a good gut laugh.

After seeing that video, I am sure you will 
want to attend the next event with your own cool 
canine. This year’s Surf-A-Thon will be held on 
Sunday, September 10th beginning at 8:30am at 
Del Mar Dog Beach. For more information and to 
register your pet to participate, visit animalcenter.

There are lots of other ways to keep it cool with 
your canine right here at home, too. Backyard 
doggie pools and sprinkler parties are a great 
alternative for beating the heat if you are not up 
to taking a drive to the beach. Whichever method 
you choose to keep your canine cool, remember to 
enjoy the time you have together.

Take good care of your pets, give them lots of 
love and respect, don’t leave them out alone in the 
heat all day. Their systems need cooling just like 
ours and there are laws I place to protect them 
from such neglect. If you do right by your furry 
four legged friends, I promise they will reciprocate 
in more ways than you expect. Love and let live. 


Gypsy & Bongo, held, snuggled, and cuddled, and likes to sit on 
are a delightful your shoulder and purr. He gets along well with 
duol! Gypsy, other cats and with people, and always greets 
the female, is human arrivals. 
a shorthair, all See their video at 
shiny black, ratherwatch?v=MRVMdR-C_gspetite, age 2. Adoption fee is $100 for both, which includesBongo, the male, neuter, microchip, exam & vaccines. Our cats are 
is also shorthair, negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated.
black and white, a See more pictures, videos, adoption info & applicationrather big boy, ageon our website,
1. Gypsy, while more independent, likes to be nearCall 626-676-9505 for a Meet & Greet. Can’t 
you. Her favorite game is to hide from unsuspectingadopt? Visit our website for our easy Sponsor A KittyBongo and then pounce on him for a friendlycampaign for free promotion. Come chat with us thiswrestling match!Sunday afternoon, 12:30 - 3:30, at Petsmart, 3347 E.

Bongo, on the other hand, is a lapcat. He is Foothill Blvd., Pasadena. Look for LIFELINE FOR 
playful, and loves belly & ear rubs. He is easily PETS! 


Johnny is a handsome 2-year

and training to live up to his 
old Chihuahua mix boy with an 

potential. If you have a safe and 
upbeat personality and friendly 

loving home to offer, please come 
demeanor. He has a beautiful 

in to meet this good-looking 
reddish brown coat of short fur 

boy and see if he is the right 
that is easy to care for and just 

match for you. His adoption 
shines after a bath. Johnny enjoys 

fee is $130 and includes neuter 
the company of people. In a one-

surgery, vaccinations, microchip 
on-one situation, he will happily 

and a free wellness exam at a 
sit on a lap for petting. Johnny 

participating veterinarian. Feel 
also has an energetic side which 

free to call us at (626) 286-1159 
blossoms when he has some 

for more information. She 
other dogs to play with. On those 

currently resides at the San 
occasions, he loves to run and 

Gabriel Valley Humane Society 
chase and engage in puppy-play 

located at 851 E. Grand Avenue 
with his canine companions. 

in San Gabriel which is located 
Johnny enjoys going for walks 

off San Gabriel Blvd, north of 
and has a medium energy level. 

Mission and south of Las Tunas 
Although he could benefit from Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and 
some leash training, he is easy to handle. Johnny Greet’, please stop by any time from 10:30am to 
is a smart boy who would thrive in a family 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday.Website:www.
where he gets lots of exercise and some guidance ID#30254. 

I believe the 


“storm in a tea 

cup” captures the 

frenzy that social 

media can be 
sometimes --socially, personally and politically. 
Earlier this week, Sierra Madre had its own rapid-
fire exchange on Facebook.

There was a talented young musician playing 
bagpipes in Kersting Court in our little town of 
Sierra Madre. Many were enjoying the live music, 
including us at Yoga Madre and others apparently, 
not so much. A complaint was made and the 
young musician was silenced from playing in that 
Sure enough, a Facebook post began with 
everyone telling of the disappointments of this 
and demanding to know who made the complaint. 
Our Yoga Madre name was mentioned in this post 
and, to our dismay, we were wrongly and without 
reason accused of making the complaint. The 
threads spread like wildfire coming from local 
people. I personally was at Yoga Madre when this 
event occurred and knew without a doubt that 
neither we or anyone at Yoga Madre called; we had 
been enjoying the music! Of course, we went on 
the post to defend Yoga Madre and set the record 
straight. Several hundred comments later, the 
threads still continue. (Exhale)

This whole occurrence brings up two of the 

main reasons why we do YOGA. First is to build 
awareness and begin to notice our reactions. 
Changing my reaction to any given circumstance 
is really the only thing I can control. Maintaining 
awareness of my own reaction is like putting a 
spacer in between me and the news I’m receiving. 
I inquire within: Is my reaction going to improve 
the situation? What am I contributing? Am I 

This is where pausing and breathing come in. 
Next, I aim to respond instead of reacting. The 
second reason why we practice yoga is to build 
love, compassion, and tolerance in the world. 
Through building these qualities within, we, in 
turn, have an outflow to the world around us. 

I am positive each and every person reading 
this responds well to love and compassion. Well, 
the same is true for each person WE encounter 
and interact with individually. The world changes 
one person at a time. Ask yourself, “What impact 
am I going to have on the people around me 
today?” Don’t be afraid to send love and peace 
in all directions and, if you’d like, enjoy some live 
music with friends! 

Please come see us at Yoga Madre, we’re right 
across from Kersting Court, upstairs. www. 

Keely Totten, E-RYT 500Yogi, Teacher Trainer, Bagpipe Lover 


Today, I offer you my powerattempts at something new it can be paralyzing

tips for progress. One of the for us. Train yourself to celebrate your friends andmost powerful things you can do to move yourneighbors. When you celebrate others, you makedream from wanting your dream to living yourlife easier on yourself.
dream is to stay in your lane.When you want the best for others, it makes

Give up the three C’s: Complaining, Comparingit easy to want and go for the best for yourself.
and Criticizing/Gossiping.Otherwise, it is easy to become bogged down in

When you see your neighbor rocking herworries about people criticizing you, laughing atApple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur, don’t you and ridiculing you. Those thoughts make it 
comment. Let it go.harder to move forward. 

When you are on Facebook, and you noticeRetire your snark and sarcasm; it’s not helpful. 
that someone doesn’t seem to know the difference 
between your and you’re, and has no commandPower tip: If you want to live your best life, wantover the Oxford comma. Let it go.the same for your neighbors. Build up and don’t 

When you go to work, and your colleague istear down. Think positive thoughts about and forwearing last season’s Tory Burch wedges. Let it go.others and watch what happens!

Conversely, when you appreciate that someoneDid you like this power tip? Shoot me an email 
does a task very well, don’t let that stop you fromat 
trying. You have no idea of how much effort theyLori A. Harris is a lawyer and coach thatput into their endeavor. Let them run their race, helps women who want more love to Make Loveand you run yours.Welcome with her proven strategies. You can learn 

It can be inspiring to watch our neighbors,more about her at and 
friends, and colleagues as they navigate the world,download her app the Gratitude Train; find it freebut when we criticize others for their style or in Google Play and the App Store. 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 
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