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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc


A Highly Recommended Read For Every 
Animal Lover


A dear friend recently gave me a book that I have 
found to be one of my favorites so far. Authored 
by Tracey Stewart and illustrated by Lisel 
Ashlock, DO UNTO ANIMALS - A Friendly 
Guide To How Animals Live and How We Can 
Make Their Lives Better takes the reader on an 
amazing journey of understanding and loving 
our fellow creatures with a fresh perspective on 
the reciprocal relationships we can and should 
have with them.

 Tracey Stewart is truly a woman after my own 
heart. She begins the book with a short bio about 
herself, telling how she came to be such an avid 
animal lover. Throughout her life she has had the 
privilege of getting to know animals in various 
scenarios, both domestic and wild. Drawing on 
her countless experiences with a wide variety of 
species, Stewart shares how getting to know the 
animals has taught her how to be a more giving, 
mindful individual in all aspects of her life.

 The book is broken into three main sections; 
Animals at Home, Backyard Wildlife and 
Falling in Love on the Farm. Each section is 
filled with sub-titled categories, each offering 
several chapters on interesting and informative 
subjects such as ‘Giving back to My Furry Family 
Members’ (I related so well to this part, I felt like I 
could have written it myself!) , ‘A Mindful Nature 
Walk’ and ‘My Superheroes‘.

 Within each categorized section, Stewart 
includes detailed chapters on important facts 
and concerns related to the specific animals that 
apply to their respective categories. For example, 
in the Animals at Home portion, she includes a 
full chapter not only on the dog itself, but also 
one specific to caring for a dog’s skin, one on 
watching for communicative clues from a dog’s 
body language, one on the significance of a dog’s 
tail & ears, and so on. 

 Through her delightful use of the English 
language, and with the remarkably creative means 
by which she expresses her thoughts, Stewart 
draws the reader into the stories she tells, holding 
them in three-dimensional imaginary suspension 
throughout the book. It didn’t take long for me 
to see that Tracey Stewart and I think a lot alike 
when it comes to animals and 
the importance of their humane 

 On one hand, cultural changes 
in civilized society have occurred 
over many millennium which 
have brought us to a higher 
standard of how we treat animals 
overall. However, with regard 
to domesticated animals, some 
folks have really missed the 
boat on moral progress. The 
human’s relentless need to breed 
in an attempt to produce the 
“perfect pup”, for example, has brought us to an 
unprecedented low.

 Stewart’s take on breeding is much like mine. 
Please, just stop! There are so many pets that 
have already been born and are not being loved 
and cared for. Until we can clean up the messes 
we have made, we don’t deserve to procreate any 
additional pets that will inevitably be left by the 
wayside and ultimately euthanized. We humans 
have a lot to make up for, and today is a good time 
to get started.

 In Do Unto Animals, Stewart offers a plethora 
of practical ways we can get back on track with 
loving and respecting the animals and she has 
an amazing way of saying how giving back will 
benefit not only the animals, but us humans as 
well. It is the balance of nature that our Earth is 
lacking and craving more than ever today, and we 
humans hold the key to re-achieving that balance.

 It has been said that no man is an island unto 
himself, therefore what happens in one area of life 
on earth affects every area of life on earth. With 
this in mind, we humans each need to do our part 
to start spreading some good to all of earth’s life 
forms. And what better place to start than with 
our closest fellow beings - our pets, our local 
wildlife and our farmed animals?

 Do Unto Animals is an amazing read that offers 
some very practical ways to do right by our fellow 
beings. I highly recommend it to all of my animal-
loving friends. Although it has been in print for a 
couple of years (Published 2015 by Artisan, New 
York) it’s content is absolutely timeless. With 
beautiful illustrations of animals both inside and 
on the cover, it would make a great Christmas gift.

 After reading the book, I felt like I had gone on 
an enchanting trip to a place where Stewart has 
been and kindly recounts. It is a place where the 
animals are understood, loved and respected. I 
learned some very interesting facts about dogs, 
cats and the other animals I see almost every 
day. I learned what I can do to make their lives 
better and I was inspired to adore even more, the 
wildlife I am blessed to cohabitate with here in 
Sierra Madre. Do unto the animals as you would 
have them do unto you…love and let live!


Have you ever of 
heard tucking the 
chin is exercising your 
humility muscle? 
Accessing the power 
of the chin lock in 
yoga is available to 
every practitioner. 
The chin lock, or Jalandhara Bandha, is one of the three 
energetic locks of the body. These locks (Bandhas) help to 
collect energy in the body and generally help build vitality. 

 The chin lock is the very first one to learn because the 
others build upon its foundation. Think of it as the wall 
or lid at the top of a container. In this case, the container 
is the body. To engage the chin lock, tuck the chin and 
slightly draw the head back, making the back of the neck 
long. Keep the breath steady, even and through the nose. 
There are several poses in which to practice this: a normal 
seated posture, warrior I pose, downward facing dog, seated 
forward fold, and many more. The chin lock is soothing 
and can often relieve strain and tension in the neck. Many 
practitioners have gotten into the habit of leading with the 
chin and overarching the neck. Doing this, they are missing 
some of the wonderful benefits that come with engaging the 
chin and exercising this humility muscle. 

 Every time I engage this chin lock, I know that I 
am containing energy-- precious energy that is built 
during practice. It makes sense to hang onto it! There 
is also an unmistakable effect of soothing lightness. 
The chin lock helps to calm the mind, create a state of 
introversion, and it cultivates one-pointed awareness. 
Add the benefit that it helps to lower blood pressure 
and decrease the heart rate which makes this pose a 
powerful place in the body. 

 There is a more mystical explanation of the benefits too. 
It is said that the throat holds the nectar of enlightenment 
and immortality flowing down from the heavens (or center 
of the head). Tucking the chin holds this rich nectar of 
enlightenment and prevents it from falling into the digestive 
fire. Ultimately, we hang onto more prana or energy. 

 Become aware of this powerful tool for deepening your 
yoga practice and hanging onto the beautiful energy you 

 Come practice! Find me and other experienced teachers 
at Yoga Madre, 

Namaste friends,

Keely Totten, 

E-RYT 500, 

Yogi, Teacher Trainer


Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual


You have got to stand up for your 
dream; no one else can do it for 
you. In the face of all difficulties and 
against all the odds, it is imperative that we stay tuned into 
our desires and allow them to direct our steps and our lives. 
There is a legend of a warrior that is recounted by Napolean 
Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich:

 “A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which 
made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured 
his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his 
armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his 
own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy’s 
country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the 
order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing 
the men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats 
going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these 
shores unless we win! We now have no choice—we win—or 
we perish!”

 Those soldiers won, as they had no choice and in doing 
so they came alive. What does it mean to burn the boat? 
Decades ago I wanted to be a lawyer more than anything. I 
was unwilling to wait until a time it was more convenient or 
when it might be easier. I had a burning desire. There was 
nothing to indicate that I would be successful. I had no plan 
to pay for my living expenses or school, but I would not be 
deterred. I gave up my apartment and moved to another 
city. I rented a room and shared a bathroom with a man I 
didn’t know. I did not have a plan, but I did have a dream, 
and that dream fueled me more than anything. I was willing 
to go into uncertain terrain, even though my future seemed 
unclear. People told me to wait, to delay, to save my money 
and then return with a cushion. I said, no and pushed 
forward. There were times when I didn’t know how I would 
eat or pay my rent, but I stuck with it. I am so glad that I did 
because I learned just how resilient I am and it created a firm 
foundation for the rest of my life. I learned how to take a 
step, even when I am afraid. I look back at that time in my 
life and see places where I could have pushed myself further, 
but I can only see that now. I couldn’t have seen it then. I 
also know that I can recover from a mistake, but only if I am 
willing to try. 

 I allowed myself to be pulled into the feeling of the 
excitement of crossing into the bar of justice, addressing the 
court and speaking to juries. It is such a glorious feeling, and 
not everyone gets to do that. There are thousands of lawyers 
in California, but being a trial lawyer is a unique experience, 
and there was no way I was going to let fear stop me. I was 
more afraid not to try than I was of failing. 

 Guess what happened once I started, once I tried. 
Everything came together. The school created a financial 
aid package that I could handle, while friends and family 
pinched in too. None of that could have happened if I hadn’t 
tried. I had to succeed because I didn’t have a plan B. 

 Living from your Core Desired Feelings requires you to 
stand up for yourself in ways that you never have before. 
You’re going to need to talk to yourself differently and to 
entertain possibility. 

 You will have to give some “ish” up too.

 It will require you to ignore what others will think to stop 
you. You will have to tell your fear to shut the hell up and 
keep going. Sometimes you will have to keep going because 
you have burned the boat behind you. 

 We are always evolving. We are never going to stop wanting 
because we are alive. We want this breath and the next one 
and the one after that. We should never stop dreaming. To 
get to your best life, give up good enough, go ahead a try 
excellent. When the choices are good, better, best...Take the 
BEST, it’s your birthright.

 So now I do this coaching because I want more people to 
experience living wildly fulfilling lives, not sometime off in 
the future, right now.

 It is so exciting to step into an active role in creating a life 
worth living. The joy is in taking a step, and then another 
and another.


 Lori is a lawyer and coach. You can find out more 
about her on her website and her free app 
Gratitude Train in the App Store and Google Play.


Last week you met 
Milky White and 
one of her sons, 
Earl Grey. Here 
are her other two 
kittens, SPOT and 
MICKEY, both 
about 3 months. 
Mickey, male, is a 
pint-sized barrel of 
fun. Mickey will 
eventually grow 
into his generous pair of ears. He loves gentle attention 
from people and plays endlessly with his siblings.

 Spot, female, has silky white fur accented by gray 
markings, including her fashion statement “spot” on 
her shoulder. Curious and cuddly, she is seeking a 
“spot” to call home. She is a real confident, friendly 
girl. She has a silky coat, and a beautiful little face. 
Adopt both for a Twofur Discount of $100 and 
they will come already spayed & neutered, current 
on vaccines, and microchipped. Call to make an 
appointment for a Meet & Greet: 626-676-9505 or 
visit for adoption info and 
application. See more pictures, adoption info & 
application on our website, 
Can’t adopt? Visit our website for our easy Sponsor A 
Kitty campaign.


Scooter is a cute, friendly little Chihuahua mix who 
was picked up as a stray dog. Scooter is 9-years-old 
and weighs about 8 pounds, just the right size to fit 
on a lap. Scooter is easy to harness, enjoys going for 
walks with our volunteers and loves being with people. 
Scooter has his own special charm and would make a 
wonderful companion for the right person. If you are 
looking for a new buddy, come meet Scooter and see 
if he is a good match for you. His adoption fee is $130 
and includes neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip 
and a free wellness exam at a participating veterinarian. 
Scooter also qualifies for our Senior-for-Senior 
adoption discount program. Feel free to call us at (626) 
286-1159 for more information. He currently resides 
at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society located at 
851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel which is located 
off San Gabriel Blvd, north of Mission and south of Las 
Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’, please stop 
by any time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through ID#28789

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