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Mountain Views-News Saturday, September 16, 2017 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills


Happy National Cheeseburger Day

I am asked frequently, as I am sure that all of us 
who are asked to pen our restaurant experiences 
are, “how did you find this restaurant?” In the case 
of Rounds Restaurant on North Lake, my friend 
Robin Salzer of his namesake restaurant turned 
me on to it, and Joe Caiello of Nikki C’s seconded 
the motion that I needed to check out Rounds 
which features, of course, hamburgers. Sorry if 
you are getting burgered out, but this one here is 
something special. I spoke to owner, Charbel, who 
said “we are re-inventing ourselves so if you are a 
fan come on in and if you weren’t give us another 
try!” He told me that they are indeed busy at lunch 
and that they are working hard to spruce up the 

 Upon entering the restaurant one late Tuesday 
night, I was a little nervous that there wasn’t 
much going on. If this place is so hot where is 
everyone? I guess it’s up to me to get the word 
out. The restaurant interior is simple (maybe they 
like it that way or are waiting for the chandeliers 
to arrive?) There is a large screen TV in the back 
room, a few signs on the wall, and the menu board, 
but that is it!! Fortunately, I don’t write for Good 
Housekeeping; I am here for a cheeseburger. Self-
service is fine by me, and the menu is right above 
the register. The choices have expanded from 
my last visit to include wings, hot dogs, a pulled 
pork sandwich and other items. The western 
Cheeseburger ($6.75) is spot on - lean beef medium 
rare, with cheddar cheese, onion strings, lettuce, 
and tomato. I asked if the fries were fresh cut, and 
the answer was “every day”!!! Now I am excited 
-- fresh cut fries and hand made patties, throw in a 
craft beer, and you are thinking this might fall into 
the $20 range? Nope, it was all under $16. I even 
had enough to throw my change in the bucket.

 When my name was called, “Peter your order is 
ready!” I could tell just by looking at the fries that 
they were fresh cut, and I was ready to grind on 
my burger. The bread was not toasted, as I prefer, 
perfect!! The fries were hot so I munched on them 
first – they were as good as Islands or In and Out, 
this tough fry fan says!!! I didn’t have the chili 
cheese fries, but my buddy Craig gives those a 
thumbs-up. All and all, it is still one of the best 
values for a burger and fries combination I have 
ever had. Check out Rounds Burger it’s a winner!! 
Rounds Premium Burgers 46 Lake Ave. Pasadena 
(626) 304-9810

 P.S. Joe Caiello’s Sena in Monrovia makes a 
pretty darn good burger too. It’s called “Burger by 

 Save The Date: Mike Bingley and I are doing a 
live TV remote at Rocco’s Tavern this Monday to 
celebrate National CheeseBurger Day!

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