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VOLUME 11 NO. 37

Free Path to 

South Pasadena Picks 
DeWolfe as City Manager

South Pasadena officials 
announced Thursday 
that former Pasadena 
city employee Stephanie 
DeWolfe has been selected 
as the new City Manager. 
DeWolfe’s appointment and 
employment agreement 
are scheduled for a vote 
Wednesday night at the 
regular South Pasadena city 
council meeting.

 DeWolfe will start 
November 6.

 According to a statement, 
after interviewing several 
candidates provided through 
the recruitment firm of 
Peckham & McKenney, the 
City Council unanimously 
selected DeWolfe has nearly 
30 years of experience in 
city services, particularly 
in planning, community 
development and services, 
and city administration. 
She has worked in both 
the Pasadena and West 
Hollywood City Manager’s 
Offices in Assistant and 
Deputy City Manager 
functions, with outstanding 
qualifications and references 
from all past employers. 
DeWolfe has been on a 
City Manager “track” in her 
professional career for the 
past five years, and most 
recently has been serving 
the City of West Hollywood 
as its Deputy City Manager 
since 2016, where she helped 
to oversee a staff of 225 
employees and a budget of 
$134 million dollars.

 “I am excited to be part of 
team South Pasadena. I have 
always loved South Pasadena 
and I am looking forward to 
spending even more time in 
this wonderful community,” 
DeWolfe said.

 West Hollywood Mayor 
John Heilman spoke highly 
of Stephanie, describing her 
as “first rate,” very intelligent 
and capable with a positive 
reputation in the community, 
stating “We hate to lose her.” 
Similarly, West Hollywood 
City Manager Paul Arevalo 
describes Stephanie as “a 
big picture person, a great 
communicator, who knows 
how build consensus in 
the community,” and with 
her more than 15 years’ 
experience in Pasadena, 
she also “has the regional 
perspective that will serve 
South Pasadena well.”

South Pasadena Mayor 
Michael Cacciotti, on behalf 
of the entire City Council 
stated, “I am very excited 
about hiring Ms. DeWolfe. 
She brings to our city the 
optimum combination of 
experience and leadership 
qualities. South Pasadena 
is very fortunate that she 
has agreed to serve our 

 The city council meets at 
7:30 p.m., in the Amedee O. 
“Dick” Richards, Jr., Council 
Chambers, located at 1424 
Mission Street.

On Citizenship Day, Sunday, 
the Pasadena library will host 
a free Path to Citizenship 
Workshop from 2 to 5 p.m. at 
the Central Library’s Studio 
on 4th, 285 E. Walnut St. 
This workshop will feature 
presentations on available 
citizenship application 
services and resources by 
the Pasadena Public Library, 
Catholic Charities of Los 
Angeles, Inc., Salvadoran 
American Leadership and 
Educational Fund (SALEF) 
and El Rescate. Following 
the information sessions the 
presenters will be available 
to assist residents with their 
citizenship applications.

 Pasadena is joining Mayors, 
Members of Congress and 
organizations across the 
country in encouraging our 
communities to “Naturalize 
NOW!” This national 
campaign is being led by 
organizations and supportive 
elected officials to move 
1,000,000 eligible residents 
to apply for citizenship by 
the end of Fiscal Year 2017. 
Efforts to date have brought 
us halfway to this goal, but 
we still have more residents 
to reach. 

 You qualify for Citizenship 
if You: Are at least 18 years 
old; Are a permanent resident 
(you have a green card); Have 
resided continuously in the 
U.S. for more than 5 years 
(or if you are married to a 
U.S. citizen for more than 3 
years); Have been physically 
present in the U.S. for more 
than 2.5 years (or if married 
to a U.S. citizen for more than 
1.5 years); You can show you 
have good moral character; 
You can speak, read, and write 
basic English (or qualify for 
the waiver) and You can pass 
a test on U.S. government 
and history (or qualify for a 

 The library has additionally 
introduced an online resource 
at cityofpasadena.libguides.


Thousands to Wiggle Waggle Next Weekend

 Grab your walking shoes and 
a leash for the 19th Annual 
Wiggle Waggle Walk and 
Family Festival at Brookside 
Park at the Rose Bowl next 
Sunday, September 24. 

 Officials said thousands of 
people are expected to take 
part in the walk around the 
Rose Bowl to raise funds 
for thousands of animals 
this year. Attendees do 
not need a dog to join the 
fun, just a desire to help 
animals. Participants can 
choose to walk a 1 or 3-mile 
loop around the Rose Bowl 
or enjoy vendor booths at 
Brookside Park. Emmy-
winning journalist Lu Parker 
will emcee and actress 
Carolyn Hennesy will be on 
hand to get the party started. 

 Check-in opens at 8:00 
a.m. at Brookside Park. The 
Walk begins at 9:00 a.m. and 
festivities, including vendor 
booths, K-9 demonstrations, 
food trucks, music and 
canine contests, will continue 
until noon.

 Registration is $25, 
which includes a Wiggle 
Waggle Walk t-shirt, bib 
number and bandana for 
your dog. Register as an 
individual or join a team at

(Photo: 2015 Wiggle Waggle 
Walk, photo by D. Lee 

Police to Focus 
on Bikes and 
Safety Monday

Golf with a Pasadena 
Officer and Support PAL

 Pasadena Police 
Department will step up 
Bike and Pedestrian Safety 
Enforcement Operations 
on Monday, with focused 
enforcement on collision 
causing factors involving 
motorists, pedestrians and 

 The department has 
mapped out locations 
over the past 3 years 
where pedestrian and bike 
collisions have occurred 
along with the violations 
that led to those crashes. 
Extra officers will be on 
duty patrolling areas where 
bike and pedestrian traffic 
and crashes occur in an 
effort to lower deaths and 

 Officers will be looking for 
violations made by drivers, 
bike riders and pedestrians 
alike that can lead to life 
changing injuries. Special 
attention will be directed 
toward drivers speeding, 
making illegal turns, 
failing to stop for signs and 
signals, failing to yield to 
pedestrians in cross walks 
or any other dangerous 

 Additionally, enforcement 
will be taken for observed 
violations when pedestrians 
cross the street illegally or 
fail to yield to drivers who 
have the right of way. Bike 
riders will be stopped and 
citations issued when they 
fail to follow the same 
traffic laws that apply to 
motorists. All riders are 
reminded to always wear 
a helmet – those under 
18 years of age must wear 
helmets by law. Pedestrians 
should cross the street only 
in marked crosswalks or at 

 Pasadena Police 
Department has
investigated 427 fatal and 
injury collisions involving 
pedestrians and bicyclists 
during the past three (3) 

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft 
Ends Exploration of Saturn

 A thrilling epoch in the 
exploration of our solar 
system came to a close Friday, 
as NASA’s Cassini spacecraft 
made a fateful plunge into the 
atmosphere of Saturn, ending 
its 13-year tour of the ringed 

 “This is the final chapter of 
an amazing mission, but it’s 
also a new beginning,” said 
Thomas Zurbuchen, associate 
administrator for NASA’s 
Science Mission Directorate 
at NASA Headquarters 
in Washington. “Cassini’s 
discovery of ocean worlds at 
Titan and Enceladus changed 
everything, shaking our views 
to the core about surprising 
places to search for potential 
life beyond Earth.”

 Telemetry received during 
the plunge indicates that, as 
expected, Cassini entered 
Saturn’s atmosphere with its 
thrusters firing to maintain 
stability, as it sent back a unique 
final set of science observations. 
Loss of contact with the Cassini 
spacecraft occurred at 4:55 
a.m. PDT (7:55 a.m. EDT), 
with the signal received by 
NASA’s Deep Space Network 
antenna complex in Canberra, 

 “It’s a bittersweet, but fond, 
farewell to a mission that leaves 
behind an incredible wealth of 
discoveries that have changed 
our view of Saturn and our 
solar system, and will continue 
to shape future missions 
and research,” said Michael 
Watkins, director of NASA’s 
Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 
Pasadena, California, which 
manages the Cassini mission for 
the agency. JPL also designed, 
developed and assembled the 

 Cassini’s plunge brings to 
a close a series of 22 weekly 
“Grand Finale” dives between 
Saturn and its rings, a feat never 
before (cont. page 3.) 

 The Pasadena Police 
Activities League (PAL) 
will hold its PAL Golf 
Classic on Friday, 
September 22nd at 
Brookside Golf Club. 
The format is a shotgun 
start at 8:00 a.m. with 
breakfast and registration 
beginning at 7a.m. The 
PAL Golf Classic will 
include breakfast, 18 holes 
of golf, several on course 
activities (including a 
slider bar by Del Frisco’s 
Grille), great raffle prizes, 
and an awards luncheon. 
Thorson Buick GMC will 
be sponsoring the hole-
in-one prize of a 2018 
GMC Terrain. There are 
prizes for 1st, 2nd and 
3rd places foursome. 
Individual golfers are 

 The goal of this charitable 
tournament is to raise 
funds for PAL so that it 
can continue to reach the 
youth of our community 
by providing programs 
and services that make a 
positive impact on their 
lives. This year is the 
20th anniversary of PAL, 
a national organization 
that came to Pasadena 
in 1997. It partners the 
youth of our community 
with the men and women 
of the Pasadena Police 
Department in a fun, 
safe, and nurturing 
environment while 
providing academic 
and cultural activities. 
PAL offers homework 
assistance, leadership 
programs, various 
sporting activities, 
and a wide variety of 
enrichment activities, 
such as robotics, culinary 
skills, and arts classes, 
that give students an 
opportunity to build 
character and form a 
positive relationship with 
our community’s law 

 Currently, the PAL 
program serves between 
120–150 children in 
grades 4-12 each week, 
with over 3500 students 
provided with services. 
The current need for 
the PAL program is to 
attain a facility of their 
own where they can host 
evening and weekend 
activities for Pasadena 
youth, and expand the 
program to include the 
approximately 200 kids 
on the waiting list.

 To support Pasadena 
PAL, spons orship 
opportunities are 
available. A $250.00 
sponsorship tee sign can 
be purchased in advance. 
For more information 
please visit Pasadena 
PAL website www. 
or call (626) 791-1225.



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