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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 7, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 7, 2017 11THE WORLD AROUND US 
The 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awardedto three key players in the development and ultimatesuccess of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-
wave Observatory (LIGO). One half of the prizewas awarded jointly to Caltech’s Barry C. Barish,
the Ronald and Maxine Linde Professor of Physics,
Emeritus and Kip S. Thorne (BS ‘62), the RichardP. Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics,
Emeritus; and the other half was awarded to MIT’s 
Rainer Weiss, Professor of Physics, Emeritus.
On September 14, 2015, the National ScienceFoundation (NSF)-funded LIGO made the first-
ever direct observation of gravitational waves—
ripples in the fabric of space and time predictedby Albert Einstein 100 years earlier. The publicannouncement took place on February 11, 2016,
in Washington, D.C. Each of the twin LIGOobservatories—one in Hanford, Washington, andthe other in Livingston, Louisiana—picked up thefeeble signal of gravitational waves generated 1.3billion years ago when two black holes spiraledtogether and collided. Two additional detections ofgravitational waves, once again from merging black-
hole pairs, were made on December 26, 2015, andJanuary 4, 2017; and on August 14, 2017, a fourthevent was detected by LIGO and the EuropeanVirgo gravitational-wave detector.
The detections ushered in a new era of 
gravitational-wave astronomy. LIGO and Virgoprovided astronomers with an entirely new set oftools with which to probe the cosmos. Previously,
all astronomy observations have relied on light—
which includes X-rays, radio waves, and other
Sonja and William Davidow Presidential Chair andVirgo scientists who found the gravitational-wavediscovery. When the signal reached LIGO from a

types of electromagnetic radiation emanating from

professor of physics. “The first direct observationsignals in LIGO’s noisy data and extracted thecollision of two stellar black holes that occurred 1.3 

objects in space—or on very-high-energy particles

of gravitational waves by LIGO is an extraordinarywaves’ information,” Thorne says. “It is unfortunatebillion years ago, the 1,000-scientist-strong LIGO

called neutrinos and cosmic rays. Now, astronomers

demonstration of scientific vision and persistence.that, due to the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, Scientific Collaboration was able to both identify

can learn about cosmic objects through the quivers

Through four decades of development of exquisitelythe prize has to go to no more than three people,the candidate event within minutes and perform the

in space and time caused by changes in gravitation.

sensitive instrumentation—pushing the capacitywhen our marvelous discovery is the work of moredetailed analysis that convincingly demonstrated

The Nobel Prize recognizes Weiss, Barish, and

of our imaginations—we are now able to glimpsethan a thousand.” that gravitational waves exist.” 

Thorne for their “decisive contributions to the 

cosmic processes that were previously undetectable.“I am humbled and honored to receive this You can contact Bob Eklund at: b.eklund@ 

LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational 

It is truly the start of a new era in astrophysics.” award,” says Barish. “The detection of gravitational


“The prize rightfully belongs to the hundredswaves is truly a triumph of modern large-scale

“I am delighted and honored to congratulate Kip

of LIGO scientists and engineers who builtexperimental physics. Over several decades, our

and Barry, as well as Rai Weiss of MIT, on the award

and perfected our complex gravitational-waveteams at Caltech and MIT developed LIGO into

this morning of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics,” 

interferometers, and the hundreds of LIGO and the incredibly sensitive device that made the 

says Caltech president Thomas F. Rosenbaum, the 



A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder


[Nyerges is the author of 9compost bin – about 10 feet from my door -- to get


books, including “Enter theto whatever yummy rotten food was inside, and he 
Forest,” “How to Survive left some prints on my sidewalk. Once I went outside 


Anywhere,” “Self-sufficient when a black bear was checking out the neighbor’s

Home,” and other books. trash, and the bear ran off so quickly that I couldHe leads regular naturalisthardly believe my eyes.Have you ever had the feeling that any goodI wish my watch would tell me how to get outwalks, and can be heard This morning I photographed these tracks downdeed you try is counteracted by a good swift kickof such predicaments. But when I inquired,

weekly on Preparedness Radio Network. He can on the dirt road west of my home that leads up intoin the pants?it didn’t give a tick. Then an idea burst in mybe reached at Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041, ora local canyon. I put my reading glasses next to theI recently grabbed a quick lunch at a localnoggin. If he said anything about me being late]track so you can see how big it is. I always figured thatrestaurant. I don’t like eating at fast foodwill get mad, turn around and go home. Or, if he

I’ve always liked the wildlife where I live buttingthis was the path that the bear takes into his canyonrestaurants, but, occasionally, I don’t have muchwasn’t ready to move the boxes when I got there,
right up against the Angeles National Forest, thoughhideout, but I never saw good track til today.choice. Then, once in the restaurant the menu I would, in a huff, turn around and stomp off andit does mean that I have given up the idea of a food By the way, I naturally assume that each of you doesn’t give me much choice, either.go home.

I ordered my lunch and settled at a cornerIt’s been such a long time since I got mad ortable. About halfway through my lunch an olderangry that I wasn’t confident of my plan. But, Icouple took the table next to me. Being a “peoplereasoned to myself, it’s worth a try.
watcher,” which is a fancy way of saying, “I’mI found myself running about 45 minutes late.
nosy,” I watched this couple out of the corner of I was grinning to myself, thinking this would bemy eye.enough to make him say something about my

I noticed right away the woman got her thingstardiness. 
situated immediately. Not so with the man.When I arrived, he was waiting for me with

He struggled to unwrap the plastic fork. Heeverything in readiness. He greeted me in a veryfumbled trying to break the plastic wrapping andcheery voice and made no mention whatsoeverfree his fork so he could begin eating. Nothingabout my lateness.
he did seemed to advance his cause. This distressed me. 

Without missing a beat, his wife reachedSurveying the work before us, I figured itover, took the wrapped fork from her husband,would only a few hours to load the truck, drivepopped it open in one easy motion and handedto the post office, which was only a couple blocks 
it back to him. Without saying a word, he took itaway.
and began eating.I had the auspicious job of lifting every box

This incident reminded me of something thatfrom the truck up on to the dolly on the dock,
happened the week before.several feet over my head. Complicating things

A friend phoned, asking me if I could helpeven more, the post office personnel supervisinga friend of his who was moving from Floridathe unloading of these boxes was a woman. Thisto Virginia and had nobody to help him.meant I could not groan nor complain about theImmediately I agreed to help all I could. Afterstrain of lifting boxes several feet over my head. 

garden (except wild foods). Between the gophers,has a copy of my book “Enter the Forest” on yourhanging up my phone, I wondered what I hadI guess it must be a man-thing.
squirrels, and deer, nothing lasts long enough for mebedstand right next to your Bible. I have a chaptergotten myself into.I was wondering while working, just why heto harvest. And the bird scene is incredible, with all all about bears in that book, and you’ll find thatI told him to have this person call me. I asked for help. Really, this was not a two-manthe usuals, such as hawks, owls, jays, crows, ravens,interesting reading. If by some strange quirk you havefigured if he doesn’t call, I wouldn’t have to help.job. He could have done this quite nicely all bywoodpeckers, hummingbirds, the feral parrots, misplaced your copy of “Enter the Forest,” you canNo sooner had this thought rambled through thehimself. 

wrens, and many others.get a copy at Amazon, at my website which is www.little gray cells, then the telephone rang. It wasThen the real reason slipped out from under aI haven’t seen a bear in the yard for a few, or wherever quality booksthis person requesting my assistance.nearby rock where it had been hiding.
The first encounter was when one broke apart my are sold. I invited him to church on Sunday and we“The school where I will be teaching,” hewould see how we could help him. I hoped thebegan, “will reimburse me for all my expenses

HUMANITARIANimmunization outcomes in Need)

“we” did not mean “me.” After hanging up thein moving. But ...” I was now ready for the rest

 (cont. from pg. 1) developing countries. providing a resource directory

telephone, I told my wife the incident and sheof the story. “But, I am a little short on cash and

& web-based 

Stephen Turner, NWilliam C. Patzert Ph.D. Research App for homeless & vulnerablereassuringly said, “He may not even come towas wondering if you could help me? I’ll be glad
ASA Emergency ManagementScientist, youth. church.” I took comfort in her send the money back to you.” 
Specialist - Michoud AssemblyNASA JPL Interpreting Satellite data,On Sunday morning, an hour before services,Then I got mad. further Robert C. “Bud” Bishop Ph.D.,this person showed up at church. He introducedI thought he wanted a hand up when in reality

Directed efforts with the MAF our understanding of climate andM.B.A. President 

himself and we got acquainted.he wanted a hand out. 

Response and Recovery teams environmental Pasadena Bio Collaborative 

“All I have,” he assured me, “are 25 boxes of Driving home I was reminded of what the

problems. Incubator 

Sam Bloch, Founder of Coordinates the nurturing of overbooks that I need to take to the post office so IBible said, “And let us not be weary in wellCommunitere International Angelo Capozzi, MD. Founder50 earlycan mail them to where I am going.” doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faintInnovative approach to& Medical Director stage companies working to translateWell, I mused, this may not be as bad as Inot. As we have therefore opportunity, let us dohumanitarian aid, changingRotaplast International. Helpingscientific thought.good unto all men, especially unto them who are

the scope of disaster response andchildren and families ideas into products for the

On awakening Monday morning, secondof the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:9-10).

community development. worldwide by eliminating theimprovement of health,

thoughts about the whole project bombardedI remembered what someone told me once. 

burden of cleft lip palate,quality of life, and the environment. 

Mark Minie Ph.D. Founder, burn scarring, and other deformities. my empty head. I was trying to think of someNobody can take advantage of a Good Samaritan.
BioSphericsAnna Stork,Andrea Sreshta and way to graciously bow out of the whole mess.Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family ofWorking Group. Bionic LeafMark E. Davis, Ph.D., Warren & Mark Cuban I have a problem pronouncing the word “no.”God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 
Development KitKatharine SchlingerLuminAID founders & partner.You have no idea the trouble this has brought34472. He lives with his wife in Silver Springs

Professor Chemical EngineeringInvented solar 

for use in education and innovation. me. I’m thinking of consulting a speech therapistShores. Call him at 352-687-4240 or e-mail 

at CalTech, City of Hopepowered inflatable light. Forty

to help The church web site is 

Nexleaf Analytics ColdTraceComprehensive Cancer Center,thousand units 

Team, Martin Experimentaldistributed to 100 countries for My watch told me I was running a little late. 
Lukac, Shahrzad Yavari, & Anita Therapeutics Program. Engineereddisaster relief 
Sircar nanoparticlesand undeveloped areas. 
Technology platform ensures everythat are made from polymeric
child receives materials specificallyTo purchase tickets & become a 
safe & effective vaccines by bringingdesigned and created for humansponsor
powerful datacancer therapeutics. Go to RHSTAR.Org. 
analytics, real time detection of
systems failures,Denise McCain-Tharnstrom, Ph.D. 
and cost effective systemicExec. Director - Our Children LA 
improvement to Developed an app, ‘WIN’ (What I 

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