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LOS ANGELES COUNTY — In response to the“Although United Blood Services has met thetragedy in Las Vegas, Nevada that has so far ledimmediate need for blood, they are still askingto the deaths of 59 people and left 500 injuredpeople to return and donate later this week.”
(including many Los Angeles County residents,Several Los Angeles County hospitals areemployees, and Fire and Sheriff personnel), theequipped with blood donation centers and are ableBoard of Supervisors unanimously approved ato assist Las Vegas hospitals in the event of a bloodmotion by Supervisor Kathryn Barger directingshortage.
the Department of Health Services to engageThe motion also directs the Department of Healthwith the American Red Cross to coordinate blood Services to include upcoming Red Cross blooddonations to Las Vegas area hospitals in the eventdonation events on their website and encourageof an immediate shortage.all County employees and department heads to

“We have an opportunity to help our fellowvoluntarily give blood at one of the participatingAmericans in their time of need, and we join themRed Cross locations. 
in mourning this tragic loss of life” said Barger. 


Does Your Home Have Damage? 

Mold and water damage are clear signs thatpipe leaking inside the shared bathroom showeryour home either has a plumbing problem orwall or from a plumbing line leak in the concreteother water intrusion issue. The sooner these slab. You could see a stain or bubbling paint onare identified and addressed, the better chanceyour ceiling directly below your upstairs bathtubyou have of minimizing repair costs. To avoidor toilet. If your home is single story, a ceilingincurring unnecessary expenses, do a cursorystain could either be plumbing related or youwalk through of the interior of your home.could have a leaky roof. If you are smelling a

Knowing what to look for is important in musty odor, this could also mean that you have aidentifying problem areas. Main areas to inspectmoisture problem or leak.
are the ceilings, walls, cabinets, flooring andFirst, conduct a visual check and then see ifbaseboards: your home passes the touch test. The following

- inside bathroom and kitchen sink cabinets signs could indicate that you have issues that
- around the base of and behind toilets need immediate attention: 
- around showers and tubs 
dampness or wetness
- above and beneath your water heater unit 
small puddles or standing water
near dishwashers, refrigerators and washing peeling or bubbling paint
machines dark stains or discoloration 
- directly below windows and around sliding 
black, green or white mold
glass doorsmushrooms 
- near chimneys and fireplaces 
- around air conditioning units 
rust or corrosion of pipes
moisture or water on or around pipes andIt is a good idea to also inspect other rooms inplumbing fixturesthe surrounding areas mentioned above in casewarping or bucklingwater seeps through walls. Look for damage insoft, mushy or brittle materialsrooms located on the other side of shared walls rot or deterioration 
where sinks, toilets, showers, tubs and appliancesare situated. In next week’s article, we’ll review how to 

For example, you may find wet flooring in yourrecognize a mold problem in your home, health

dining room on the other side of the wall directly 
symptoms to look for, who are most at riskbehind your if exposed to mold and the do’s and don’ts ofrefrigerator even removing mold.
though you don’t Jenee’ Child is CEO of SOS Solutions, Inc., whichsee water in youroffers free help to home and building owners inkitchen. Clothingcalling, scheduling and managing emergencyor shoes in yourcontractor services. Mention “Mountain Views 
bedroom closet News” to receive 75% off ($225.00 savings) onmay be moldyhome inspection services when you call SOS atfrom a hot water 1-888-589-1868. 


By Joan Schmidt

Thoroughbred racing has returned to the GREATRACE PLACE and what an exciting weekend! OnSaturday, all paid club admissions received a greatwindshield visor and with the hot CA sun, it was a 
most welcomed Freebie! 

Saturday had FIVE great stakes races, “Win andYou’re In!”-The Breeders Cup with purses of $300,000each. Flavien Pratt had not won any races the daybefore on opening day, but he sure made up for it onSaturday! He won three of the stakes races: He rodeParadise Woods in the “Zenyatta Stakes”, MoonshineMemories in the “Chandelier Stakes”, and Avengein the “Rodeo Drive Stakes” in addition to a win on 
Bolster in the 2nd race. 

Drayden Van Dyke won the “Awesome AgainStakes” on Mutaahij over the favored Cupid withRafael Bejarano aboard and Drayden also won Race 3aboard Mourinho. 

Corey Natatani took the “Frontrunner Stakes” onBolt d’Oro, who I believe has no losses to date. Coreyalso won Race 10 on Storm the Hill. 

The Autumn Meets lasts from September 29October 
29. Weekdays, Thursdays and Fridays,
parking is free and also Club House Admission is free.
The first post is at 1pm.

On Weekends, the first post in 12:30. GeneralWEINER DOG RACES, with our lovable dachshunds 
Admission is $5; Club House Admission is $10. There will be Sunday, October 29. Register your dachshund atis free admission to the Infield. (Saturdays and 
only) Also,kids 17 and under are admitted FREE withThe FAMILY FUN ZONE and PUMPKIN 
parent on any day.FESTIVAL will run Saturday, October 21-October 29.

Upcoming FUN events include WINGS & There will be infield activities for the kids, inflatable 
BEERFEST-October 7; HOLIDAY RACING, October jumpers, face painting, carnival games, pony rides,
9- Dollar beers, hot dogs and soda all day long;a playground and even a chance to meet Seabiscuit.
PINKTOBER-Saturday October 21-Pik’s Hot DogsPurchase your Family Fun 4 Pack online at santanita.
are teaming with Santa Anita for trackside fun andcom/events!
loaded hot dogs. (A portion of each ticket benefitsClockers Corner offers great breakfasts and a chancethe American Cancer Society.) A CAJUN SHRIMPto watch morning workouts. Often you will run intoBOWL is planned for Saturday, October 28, and trainers, owners and even the jockeys. See you there! 

Flavien Pratt