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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 4, 2017 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, November 4, 2017 

Sanctuary for Farmed Animals 

While I do appreciate social networking as a neat and easyway to keep in touch with family and friends that I may nototherwise have frequent contact with, I must admit it can bea bit of a distraction, and I am beginning to wonder if myincessant need to “check in” might be becoming a not-sohealthy 

But just when I start to question my urge to participate, Ifind myself encouraged by a friend’s timeline post sharing aremarkable experience they‘ve just had, an inspiring quote tomake my day brighter or a link to a heart-warming video aboutanimals. It is then that I am reminded of the fact that internet 
socializing is not always a waste of time, it can also be a verypositive way to invest a few moments that just might enhancemy day.

Here’s an example of a link a friend shared on Facebookthat made the time I’d spent logged in worthwhile. Havingrummaged through numerous seemingly senseless ‘shares’ 

by Chris Leclerc 

Happy Tails 
of pure pleasure. When the caretaker put feed out for them,
Mr. G shared the same pale with his best bud, Jellybean.
They gobbled up every bite and begged for more!

Well, I have to say, when I saw that video, tears startedrolling down my face. I was overwhelmed with joy to witnessthe remarkable bond those two farm animals had formed 
while living together in such neglectful conditions. It wasclear that they had taken refuge in each other, just to survive.
I was elated that there were people who cared enough aboutthose two furry four-legged friends to know they needed to betogether, and made it so!

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? How we humans have managedto morph into such isolated beings who spend more timewith machines than other members of our own species,
while animals are becoming more social, not only with theirown kind but with those very different from themselves.
Animals seem to have a deeper understanding of each other 

and photos showing anything from what one guy had fordinner the night before, to a ‘selfie’ of a gal in a new outfit shejust bought for a party - amongst all the mundane mish-moshwas one morsel that changed the way my day would play out.
It was a link to a video created by Animal Place, a farm animalrefuge in Grass Valley, CA.

The video, entitled Mr. G and Jellybean, was about a goatnamed Mr. G that had been rescued from an animal hoarder 
in southern California where he’d lived for years in total neglectwith a burro named Jellybean. Jellybean had been rescued byanother sanctuary. Unbeknownst to both rescuing parties,
the goat and burro had formed a very close bond during theiryears together at their previous inhumane home.

When Mr. G arrived at Animal Place, he became verydepressed. He refused to eat and would not leave the cornerof his stall for 6 whole days. The caretakers decided they had


NINO: These 
siblings are so 
sweet and mild, & 
very cuddly. Themale is NINO. 
He's a gray tabbyand has a white 
chest, with a 
touch of orangeand an orangetint on his nose. 

Nino purrs whenhe is held and is a gentle boy. MOSSEY, female, isyour typical friendly gray tabby, with a hint oforange. She purrs, is mellow and very confident, justlike the popular tabby breed. Mossey adjusts wellto new environments, and especially loves catnip!
Please call 626-676-9505 to arrange a Meet & Greet.
They are very bonded, and we would like them to beadopted together. Don't let them wait for a loving, 
fur-ever home! 

Adoption fee is $100 for both, which includes 


Titus is a very handsome one and a half year oldchocolaty American Staffordshire terrier. He is70 lbs and still has a love for puppy games. Hehas a short smooth healthy coat, big goofy floppyears and the sweetest trusting auburn eyes you’veever seen. He was found stray in Temple City andhas already endeared himself to his new humanfriends at the shelter. Titus loves to walk, jogand he truly enjoys himself whenever he gets theopportunity to strut outdoors. He also enjoysthe scents of the world around him or stoppingto experience the pleasure of a good roll in thecool grass. If you’re looking for a fun lovinggoofball who has a zest for life and deserves aforever loving home then Titus is the dog for you!
His adoption fee is $145, which includes neutersurgery, a microchip, first vaccinations and a freewellness check-up at a participating veterinarian.
ID#28861. Feel free to call us at (626) 286-1159for more information. He currently resides atthe San Gabriel Valley Humane Society locatedat 851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel which is 
located off San Gabriel Blvd, north of Mission and 
south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and 
Greet’, please stop by any time from 10:30am to4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday.Website:www. 

that penetrates the surface and allows them to find the ‘friendwithin’ regardless of their differences.

Founded in 1989, Animal Place is one of the oldest and 
largest farmed animal sanctuaries in the US. Nestled on 600acres in Grass Valley, CA, they provide refuge to hundredsof animals. In addition to the sanctuary, Animal Place alsohas the Rescue Ranch, a 60-acre adoption center whichfacilitates placement of farmed animals into permanenthomes, as well as a dog foster program in which they teamup with local shelters to provide temporary housing foradoptable pets.

Animal Place is open to the public for self-guided farmtours Tues-Sat 10:00am-4:00pm. They also offer school andprivate tours by appointment only. For more information visittheir website at or check out their page onFacebook…hey, you might as well while your logged in, right? 

spay/neuter, microchip, exam & vaccines. Our catsare negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated.
Can’t adopt? Visit our website for easy ways tosupport our rescue or see our Holiday Giving Gridat Anyamount will be truly appreciated and goes right back 
to our rescue. 

The Yoga Sutras ofPatanjali providethe backdrop forthe teachings of 
Yoga. Weavingtogether an epic ofdivine wisdom is a 
total of 196 Sutras, or threads, expressed in short verses.
Each one is filled with simplicity, depth, and infinitewisdom providing the framework of yoga. There arefour chapters of the Yoga Sutra. The second chapter,
Sadhana Pada, is about practice.

Let’s explore just one Yoga Sutra as it applies toeveryday practice and life. Sutra 2:1 translates fromPandit Rajmani Tigunait’s book, The Practice of theYoga Sutra: Sadhana Pada, to say, “Yoga in action iscomposed of austerity, self-study and trustful surrenderto Ishvara.” This outlines the three components essentialto kriya yoga, a foundation for practice for both aspiringand devoted yogis.

Austerity (discipline) relates to a word, tapas, whichalso means “to heat.” Tapas is generated during practiceto increase strength, burn away toxins and purify thebody. Developing tapas paves the way for courage, 

radiance and the awakening of potential.

Self-study relates to a word, Svadhyaya. It means“to get close to yourself.” All learning and studyingthat helps you do this are considered Svadhyaya.
We self-study to uncover our distractions and createpositive inner revelations. This also fosters the link tolineage-- ancient wisdom and masters who revealedthe teachings.

Ishvara (Pranidhana) is simply trustful devotion tothe Divine, the source from which you came. This is bothgratitude for life itself and faith that we are being held inevery moment by the universe/divine. Meditation is oneof the ideal environments for this devotion. 

These steps of ‘yoga in action’ provide the frameworkfor practice, purity of the mind, and single-pointedconcentration. Weaved into everyday life, they becomepowerful tools for spiritual evolution. Learn more aboutthese concepts and the Yoga Sutras at Yoga Madre.
Check out our class schedule at www.yogamadre.
com AND it’s definitely worth looking into our teachertraining programs! 

Namaste and Love, 
Keely Totten 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 


Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross says there are five 
stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, 
and acceptance. In the last thirty days, I have been 
somewhere on that spectrum. Thankfully, I am doing 
and feeling much better.

One of the reasons that I am feeling better is because 
I have allowed myself to feel the feelings. Another 
reason is that I have remained curious and I look for 
the lesson this event can offer. The main reason I am 
feeling better is I have relied on the power of ritual. I 
am thankful that I established a ritual practice before 
the event. During this period of tumult, I have almost 
unconsciously stuck to my routine. 

I get up each day at the same time each morning. 
Before I exit the bed, I am grateful for the new day, 
and I express my gratitude. I am a firm believer in 
gratitude and having a practice reminds me to keep 
my mind focused on the present moment, rather 
than the disappointment about the past, or having 
anxiety about the future. I stretch, with a brief sun 
salutation. My mini yoga session reminds me of the 
strength of my body and skeletal system. I just feel 
stronger. Next, I read something for inspiration. I 
have an excellent library and each day I allow myself 

Lori A. Harris 

to be guided to the "right reading" for the day. I read 
scripture, poetry, philosophy or even memoir. It 
helps to remember that I am not alone. It is not the 
first time that I am experiencing sorrow, nor am I the 

Finally, even when I didn't feel like it, I meditated. 
That has saved me. Now, no matter what, I always 
have time to meditate. I am so grateful that I can 
calm myself. I am grateful to feel the gentleness of 
my breath passing through my nostrils. I'm glad that 
I can notice the rise and fall of chest and belly as each 
moment animates my body. This ritual has saved my 
life and reminded me that this moment didn't come to 
stay, it came to pass. 

I do something for someone else each day in 
service. Helping others is very healing, and it helps 
to keep events and circumstances in perspective. As 
I retire to bed at night, I review the day and I express 
my gratitude for the day just as I did in the morning. I 
go to sleep each night prayerful that I will get another 
opportunity to see the sun rise again.

Lori A. Harris is a lawyer and coach. You can learn 
more about her at or download her 
free app the Gratitude Train. 

to do something to encourage the goat toeat and go out for some exercise and freshair. They got in touch with the people who’d 
rescued Jellybean, and asked if they couldreunite the two animals just to see if thatwould help raise Mr. G‘s spirits.
Animal Place volunteer, Jeff 
McCracken drove 14 miles round tripto bring Jellybean to their sanctuary, andwhat happened next was amazing. WhenMr. G saw Jellybean, he immediatelyjumped to his feet and ran over to him,
nuzzling his muzzle against his cheeksand neck. He then proceeded to strutabout the corral, encircling the burroand rubbing along the fence in a gesture 
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