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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 27, 2018 SOUTH PASADENA -SAN MARINO 4Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 27, 2018 SOUTH PASADENA -SAN MARINO 4
Chu Statement on Latest Exhibition to Focus on 19th-Joe Davis, La DodgersContinuing Resolution to Century Astronomical PrintsBroadcaster, At the Library

 One of the brightest stars in 

Pause Trump Shutdown 

sports broadcasting, Joe Davis 
will appear for a Baseball Night 

 Monday, the House 

event in the South Pasadena 

and Senate have agreed 

Public Library Community 

to another short-term 

Room Jan. 29. Joe Davis was 

spending package to 

hired by SportsNetLA in

reopen the government for 

November of 2015 to serve 
another three weeks. With 

as the alternate play-by-play 
Congressional Republicans 

commentator for the LA 
unable to pass a full budget 

Dodgers during the 2016 
for the year, this is the fourth season. During that time, he 
split the role with Charley 

short-term extension since September meeting, Speaker 

of all time in anything.” But 

Steiner for the ballgames not 

the start of the 2018 fiscal Ryan asked for my patience 

Davis has divulged that he 

called by the iconic Vin Scully. 

wanted to continue the Dodger 

year in September. Rep. Judy to allow the House time to 

Joe Davis subsequently was 

Chu (CA-27) voted against find a legislative solution 

broadcast focus on storytelling 

named Scully’s successor for the 

as a reminder of one of Scully’s 

the continuing resolution for DACA. But despite four 

2017 season, alongside pitching 

most famous traits. Joe has 

and released the following continuing resolutions, 

great Orel Hershiser who 

recalled that before he started 

statement:they have made no progress 

adds the color commentary. 

as the Dodgers play-by-play 

 “I am glad the government towards a bipartisan deal. 

Houston Mitchell, Assistant 

caller, the legendary Scully 

shutdown has ended, but In fact, their rhetoric on A rare set of exquisite observation demonstrates his Sports Editor for the LA Times, 

offered the same advice that his 

without any new agreement immigrants grew more lithographs, depicting the uncanny capacity to combine and topnotch writer of the 

Hall of Fame predecessor Red 

cruel, and their demands pastel drawings of planets, art and science in such a popular “Dodgers Dugout” 

on a long-term budget, Barber had given him in 1950: 

more unreasonable. This comets, eclipses and other way as to make substantial online newsletter, will serve 

parity between defense “be yourself so you can bring 

celestial wonders by artist/ contributions to both fields,” as moderator and pose the 

and non-defense spending, is the same Republican something to the broadcasts 

astronomer Étienne Léopold Satrum said.questions for the discussion. 

disaster recovery assistance House that refused to allow that no one else can.” It’s 

Trouvelot (1827-1895), Trouvelot’s artistic talent and It will be followed by a Q & A 

for Puerto Rico, the U.S. a vote on the last bipartisan clearly working, because Davis 

takes center stage in late eye landed him a position at the with the audience. 

immigration reform bill to has disclosed that about 99 

Virgin Islands, and victims April when The Huntington Harvard College Observatory, Joe Davis is now 30 years of 

wildfires, pass the Senate in 2013, so percent of the comments he’s 

of or stopping Library, Art Collections, and where he produced highly age and lives in South Pasadena 

received from Dodgers fans 

President Trump’s arbitrary I remain skeptical of their Botanical mounts the new detailed drawings of his with his wife and daughter. A 

have been very favorable. Joe 

Dreamer deportation motives.exhibition "Radiant Beauty: observations, many of which native of Potterville, Michigan, 

Davis has endeared himself 

 “Running the House E.L. Trouvelot's Astronomical were published in the Annals of Joe Davis attended Beloit 

deadline, this feels more to not only Dodgers fans, but 

Drawings" in the Library's West the Astronomical Observatory College in Wisconsin where 

like a pause. This is why I according to the whims also to aficionados all over the 

Hall. The exhibition is on view of Harvard College. In 1875, he lettered for four years in 

voted against the continuing of hard-liners is exactly sports map. The fondness for 

April 28 - July 30.he was invited to the U.S. Naval football and also served as the 

resolution today.what got us here. The Joe’s game calling is propelled, 

 The set of 15 chromolithographs Observatory to use their 26-team’s two-time captain. Joe 

 “Nobody fact that the government at least in part, by his devoted 

wanted a was the crowning achievement inch refracting telescope, at the quarterbacked the team for 

shutdown, yet Republicans shut down under unified pre-game preparation habits, 

of Trouvelot’s career, said time, the world’s largest. He his first two seasons until a 

were also unwilling to Republican control shows his keen observation skills, 

curator Krystle Satrum, then went public, exhibiting shoulder injury moved him to 

and his distinguished vocal 

make a deal to avoid it. that Republicans cannot assistant curator of the Jay several astronomical pastels wide receiver for his junior and 


That seems to still be the effectively govern on their T. Last Collection at The at the 1876 Centennial senior years. Perhaps his most The Baseball Night with Joe case today. There is still own. Mitch McConnell Huntington. “He was both an Exposition in Philadelphia. important college experience 

Davis is ideal for fans of all 

has pledged a vote to help extraordinarily talented artist With the success of that may have come during the 

no plan to overcome the persuasions and ages, including 

Dreamers. I believe, in the and a scientist, producing exhibit, Trouvelot sought to off-season when he took on 

Republican party’s internal those who often like to wear 

wake of his failure to keep more than 7,000 astronomical publish a portfolio of his best the play-by-play duties for the 

problems with funding the bright blue and can hardly wait 

government open, Paul illustrations and some 50 drawings. He teamed up with school’s athletic department 

government just a few weeks until next season.

scientific articles during his New York publishers Charles and called the baseball and 

at a time. And, although Ryan should do the same. The event is presented by the 

working life.” Scribner’s Sons, selecting 15 basketball games on local radio 

Sen. Mitch McConnell I urge House Republicans South Pasadena Public Library 

vague assurance to prioritize governing over In vivid color and meticulous drawings to be made into and TV. and the Friends of the South made a detail, the works depict a range chromolithographs, which After graduation, Davis spent 

campaigning, and work Pasadena Public Library with 

to consider legislation of astronomical phenomena. were finally published in 1882.three years as the radio voice 

special thanks to 210eastsound. 

to help Dreamers, the with us to reach reasonable “The high quality of both the It is estimated that some 300 of the Montgomery Biscuits, 

Please note: South Pasadena 

House is another story. In a solutions for our country.” artwork and the scientific portfolios were published, but an Alabama-based Double 

Public Library closes at 6:00 

only a handful of complete sets A Affiliate of the Tampa Bay 

p.m. on Mondays, but the 
still exist. Initially the portfolios Rays. Then Davis began his 

Library Community Room will 

were sold to astronomy libraries meteoric rise through the ranks 

open at 6:30 p.m. for this very 

and observatories as reference at ESPN and Fox, where he’s 

special event. 

tools that astronomers could called the MLB Postseason, 

 The Library Community 

use to compare with their Big 12 and Pac 12 Football 

Room is located at 1115 El 

own observations. However, Championships, and dozens of 

Centro Street. Admission is 

as early 20th century advances other high-profile events as one 

free of charge and doors will 

in photographic technology of the network’s lead voices.

open at 6:30 p.m. No tickets or 

allowed for more accurate and Joe Davis has revealed in 

reservations are necessary, but 

detailed depictions of the stars, interviews that he didn’t plan 

space is limited. Refreshments 

planets, and phenomena, these to completely emulate Hall of 

will be served. Free parking 

prints were discarded or sold to Famer Scully’s style, use his 

is available after noon at the 

collectors. The Huntington’s set catchphrases, or be considered 

Mission-Meridian Parking 

was acquired by Jay T. Last as a “replacement” for Vin. He’s 

Garage located adjacent to 

part of his collection of graphic declared that “one cannot 

the Gold Line Station at 805 

arts and social history, then replace the greatest anyone 

Meridian Avenue. 

donated to The Huntington.

 Trouvelot’s legacy is not without Chu Invites AAPI Dreamer controversy, said Satrum. 

Born in Aisne, France, he fled to Attend State of the Union

to the United States in 1855 
with his wife and two children Rep. Judy Chu has invited 

following Napoleon’s coup Jung Bin Cho, a 23-year old 
three years earlier, settling in Dreamer, to be her official 
Medford, Massachusetts. While guest at President Trump’s 
supporting his family as an State of the Union scheduled 

artist, he spent much of his free for Tuesday. Jung Bin Cho’s 
time studying insects, working 

family emigrated to the 

to see if better silk-producing 

U.S. from Korea in 2001 
caterpillars could thrive in the 

with the hope of attaining 

United States. During a trip 

the American Dream for 

back to France in the late 1860s, immigrants today. Dreamers 
he collected live specimens their children. Thanks to have known no home 
of the gypsy moth, bringing DACA, Jung Bin was able to but America. They have 
them home to Medford. work and save money that contributed through school, 
“Unfortunately, after hatching, allowed him to graduate work, or military service. 
some of them escaped his from Virginia Tech with And they’ve stayed within 

backyard, infesting the nearby a Bachelor’s of Science the law. Deporting them woods, then quickly spread 

in Business Information now would be both cruel 

throughout New England and 

Technology. Rep. Chu and counterproductive, 

Canada, destroying millions 

released the following 

of hardwood trees,” she said. causing serious disruptions 


Though large-scale efforts to to families and communities 
eradicate it were underway by “I’m honored to invite Jung alike. People like Jung Bin 
1890, they proved unsuccessful; Bin Cho to be my guest at this are American in every way. 
the gypsy moth continues year’s State of the Union. An Instead of deporting them, 
to be a scourge of U.S. and immigrant who has worked we should encourage others 
Canadian forests today, causing hard to earn a higher degree to be more like them. It’s time 

millions of dollars’ worth on his path to even greater that Trump faces the reality of damage annually. “This success, Jung Bin is a sterling of immigration in America 

episode also seems to have 

example of the American instead of hiding behind 

soured Trouvelot’s passion 

Dream, and how it is within the fiction sold him by his 

for entomology, for by 1870, 
he had turned to astronomy,” reach for any who work extremist aides and others. 

Satrum said.for it. But Trump’s cruel Trump himself has called 
The West Hall is adjacent to the immigration proposals, for immigration reform with 
astronomy section of “Beautiful which turn prejudice into ‘heart’ and just this week 
Science: Ideas that Changed policy, threaten to put that expressed a desire to reward 
the World” The Huntington’s dream out of reach for too 

immigrants who work hard. 

permanent exhibition on the many. And in addition to 

It is my hope that seeing 

history of science, featuring 

the future implications of Dreamers like Jung Bin will 

rare books and manuscripts by 

Trump’s war on immigrants, make him understand that 

the likes of Ptolemy, Galileo, 

I invited Jun Bin so that 

Newton, and Einstein, among ending DACA fails on both 

others. Trump could see the face of points.” 

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