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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 27, 2018 

I have to assume it is no news that Sierra Madre became the 
backdrop for the filming of a major movie last week. Yes,
the Hollywood hubbub crept it’s way into our days startingwith set preps on Monday and ending with an intermediatewrap late Friday afternoon. It was kind of fun to watch itcome and go, although I’m sure I’m not the only one whofound it a bit inconvenient, navigating detours to completethose ‘mundane’ daily tasks we all have to perform.

I used to be quite star struck with all the smoke andmirrors of the movie industry. That was before I workedas a caterer to feature films back in the nineties. Don’t getme wrong, it’s not that I don’t appreciate meeting a famousactor, if I happen to be in the right place at the right time. Ijust don’t feel the need to get up close to all the action.

However, I will admit there is one craft in the industrythat still gets me pretty giddy. It’s the trained animal talentin a film that excites me. I find it amazing that a dog (orany animal for that matter) can and will behave in a waythat is desirable and conducive to fulfill the commitment 
of playing a part in a movie.

With people running to take their places in time for thedirector’s call to action, all the loud noises of setting up fora shoot along with the chaotic action of the shoot itself,
the annoying glare of bright lights and countless camerasclicking and clacking, I imagine it can get pretty hectic.
Yet the canine remains calm and focused on the trainer’s 
requests to play the part perfectly. Remarkable!

That’s why my interest was piqued when I saw a (verywell behaved) German Short Hair sitting on the tailgateof a truck parked on the south side of Memorial Parklast Thursday, while the filming was going. The truckand it’s occupants were obviously part of the productioncrew. With the park so full of equipment and all theactivity I wouldn’t have noticed the truck or the doghad I not been forced to park way over on Mariposawhen I took Molly to the Dog Wash for her groomingappointment.

That beautiful German Short Hair caught my attentionbecause, well, first of all I always notice dogs…of any kind.
But this dog in particular was so handsome (I don‘t seethat breed very often), and he was sitting as still as a statueon that tail gate while Molly and I walked by. Althoughhe whined ever-so-slightly as we passed, he didn’t bark orjump down off the truck. He didn’t cross that transparentboundary his owner had apparently set for him.

I decided not to approach the truck with the dog rightthen, knowing my Molly (nowhere near as obedient)
might get overly-excited and begin jumping and barking,
so I waited until after I dropped her off at the groomer’sto go over. I saw who I assumed was the pup’s owner ortrainer, possibly both, sitting in the driver seat so I wavedand said hello. I really wanted a chance to meet that darlingdog.

The gentleman, who turned out to be very kind andapproachable, introduced himself as Scott Timmons.
When I asked if he was a trainer for the animals 
in the film, he told me that was not at all the case. 
He proceeded to get out of his truck and guidedme to the rear where his dog was still sitting onthe tail gate. The pup greeted me with a friendlywiggle waggle and held out a paw to shake myhand. What a cutie pie! (the dog, I mean)

As Scott began to tell me about the part heplayed in the production project, I looked intothe covered bed of his truck and much to mysurprise I saw two large birds inside, sittingon a perch next to his dog’s crate, looking verycomfortable and relaxed with little hoods over 
their heads. Scott explained that they were 


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Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

his falcons and they all work together to assist in theproduction of the film.

Now, I am somewhat familiar with falconry, mainlyfrom having viewed documentaries about the sport andfrom having met an enthusiast or two over the years, but Istood rather confused as to how and why it was that Scottand his falcons were of value to a film crew on a movie set, 
so I waited for him to clarify.

Scott explained that the high-end audio equipment usedto make movies is extremely sensitive, and although today’stechnology can help accommodate successful soundrecordings in the most challenging of outdoor conditions,
they have yet to find a way to block out the sound (wait forit…we locals are all too familiar with it) that comes from alow-flying flock of screeching wild parrots.

Ah-ha! So that’s why a falconer and his birds come inhandy on a film set. Indeed, Scott and his two amazingAves were there, on location, awaiting their cue to do onevery specific and unique job that none other but he andhis falcons could do; chase away those pesky screechingparrots so the show could go on!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to witness Scott and hisfalcons in action as there were no parrots overhead duringour short visit, but I think it would have been pretty coolto watch him and his birds do their thing. I imagine itwouldn’t take long before the parrots recognized theyhad an uninvited guest in their midst and take it uponthemselves to disperse.

I guess perhaps I may be an easily impressed type ofperson, but you have to admit, that is pretty impressive.
The idea that a guy could actually make a living using hisfalconry skills to keep the local parrots at bay, all to facilitatethe making of a Hollywood movie. Only in LA, that’s all Ican say!

During the remainder of our conversation, Scott told mehe has a small business that operates out of the Buelltonarea called Aerial Solutions and that he and his birds offer 
their unique skills to assist clientele in a wide range ofenvironments, not just the entertainment industry.

In addition to film production, Aerial Solutions provides‘pest bird control’ services to agricultural settings, resorts,
landfills and even race tracks. Apparently these are placeswhere you’re sure to find an overwhelming number ofcrows trying to feed on crops or sea gulls foraging for food(aka cleaning up our messy leftovers), all basically gettingin the way of daily operations.

And so it is that I learned yet another interesting factabout my beloved animal friends, right here in our littletown. Wild animals never cease to amaze me. They havethe capacity to survive and thrive on this planet, havingnary a moment’s contact with the human being. Yet, giventhe opportunity they are willing to coordinate with a guy tolearn a craft and provide a service to help a cast satisfy theirdesire to artfully express themselves (not to mention, buildtheir monetary empires). Viva la falcon! 

Yogic Wisdom for 
Everyday Life 
The benefits of 

practicing yoga are

quite profound.

Only naming a few,
we know it reduces stress, improves mobility, buildsstrength and calms the mind. You can experiencethese benefits by attending class and practicing athome (with some framework to your practice). If thestyle of yoga is right for you, life gets better almostimmediately.

Beyond the classes and the physical practice of yoga,
there is the study of yoga. Once you’ve begun, a naturalcuriosity develops to learn more, to find out where theteachings come from, and what the techniques are thatlead to deeper awareness and awakening. This is whenstudentship and inspiration begin.

Necessary to studentship is a teacher who isexperienced in technique and knowledge and has theawareness to identify where the student is in theirpractice and level of understanding. Every greatteacher who inspires meaningful awareness andawakening continues their own path as a dedicated 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 
When an opportunity comes your way, what’s your firstreaction? Stop and ponder the question. The first time 
you see or hear about something that you would absolutelylove to do, be, or have how do you react? Do you allowyourself to think, “I would love that, or that seems fun,
that’s beautiful, or that’s intriguing.” When you have anidea, do you play with it in your mind? Do you explore 
the different possibilities? Do you let your ideas simmer 
or marinate? 

The life we are living is a direct result of how we respondto our opportunities, desires, and ideas.

It is also a consequence of the quality of questions weare asking.

Many of us know that Edmund Hillary was the first toreach the summit of Mount Everest. However, he made 
several attempts before he achieved success. As he built his 
teams, he invited a former prisoner of war W. H. Murray,
a skilled climber. Hillary asked Murray three times, andtwice, Murray responded, “how much does it cost?” Helet money stifle his dream. The last time he formed a new 
question. “How much is the deposit?” Knowing that ifhe paid the deposit, he would pay the remainder to avoidlosing his money. That decision lead him to his famous 

student. Along with a devoted practice, being astudent is the source of a teacher’s inspiration.

Diving deeper into the teachings of yoga shiftsperspective and brings self-realization. Think of it asstepping into the right shoes. It lifts veils of illusionand generates authenticity. Many ancient universalspiritual principles are within what we learn. I believethis is why we are drawn to learn and develop evenmore through a yoga practice. Also, in many cases,
what we learn in yoga aligns well with an existingspiritual way of life.

I encourage you to get practicing and study if youare drawn to learn more about Yoga, Meditation, andPhilosophy. It’s a vast sea and your journey could beginby reading one page in one ancient text or experiencingone sublime meditation. Please don’t hesitate to 
contact me to learn more: 

Keely Totten, E-RYT 500,
Student and Teacher 
of Yoga and Meditation 


“Whatever you can do or dreamyou can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power andmagic in it!”

What are you doing to make

Lori A. Harris

2018 a year of growth and 
expansion? What are you doing toexpress more life? I’m taking a surfing lesson in Senegal.
I refuse to be the woman standing on the sidelines. Is this 
the year you learn to paint, golf or ski? Is this the yearthat you add more people to your circle, or learn to cook.
Maybe you should learn to salsa or read a new book aweek. Ask yourself what would help me feel alive? Who 
do you want to be?

What do you want to give?

What would you love to experience?

Your brand of adventure awaits, are you going to answerthe call? 

Lori Harris is a lawyer and a coach. She is offering freediscovery sessions at her website Visit her 
site and schedule a session, she won’t bite. 

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