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TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
Register at 
or call 310.954.7079 
Workshops Begin: 
January 22 
Performing Arts for Kids and Teens 
Be a part of 
Winter/Spring Production 
Directed by: 
Christina Harris and Matthew Herrmann 
Performances May 10, 11 & 12 
Give your child tools to feel ready and 
capable of delivering a solid performance! 
Ages 6 – 18. Tuition: $500 
Mondays & Wednesdays from Jan 22 – May 9 we will learn acting, 
singing, and performance skills as we rehearse 
and create a fully produced show. 
Includes professionally designed costumes, lights and set. Classes and final 
performances take place in the Frostig Center in Pasadena, 971 N. Altadena Dr., 
where we enjoy a full kitchen, breakout rooms, and a newly refurbished theatre. 
With Valentine’s Day Fast approaching, I take 
a pause this week to find the most wacky and 
bizarre wine names on the market today. Have you 
ever pondered how the heck some of these names 
actually made it onto a wine label and then onto 
a store shelf? I pride my work here on wines that 
are always available 
on your favorite wine 
retailers shelves, 
although this week I 
make no guarantees. 
I wonder whether as 
much consideration 
has gone into the label 
as coming up with the 
perfect blend, or is it 
that the wine just isn’t 
that good and with a 
bizarre name maybe 
someone will buy it. 
I’ve been told that 
getting your wine on 
a shelf is very difficult, 
especially for small 
boutique wines. 
Most wines are 
named for their grape 
variety or for the place where the grapes grew. 
That information, plus the name of the producer, 
becomes the shorthand name often used when 
talking about the wine. For example, Lucas 
Lewellen of Solvang (yes, there is a Lew at the 
Lucas Lewellen Winery), and Wild Horse Winery 
which was started by two college students at San 
Luis Obispo who noticed wild horses roaming the 
fields above the college. Here are a few more 
Toasted Head Chardonnay - The ends of 
the barrels, or “heads”, are and can be ordered 
“toasted” for additional flavor if preferred. 
Prisoner Blend - David Phinney started 
working at the Robert Mondavi Winery as a 
temporary harvest worker. He loved the job but 
figured if he was going to work that hard it might 
as well be for himself. So in 1998, he founded 
Orin Swift Cellars, named in honor of his parents; 
Orin is his father’s middle name and Swift is his 
mother’s maiden name. And the name Prisoner? 
When Phinney was looking for a label for his 
latest zinfandel blended wine, he used a painting 
by Spanish artist Francisco Jose de Goya (1746- 
1828), given to him by his parents when he was 
12 years old. Years later in 2000, it became the 
inspiration for the label of his award winning 
wine, The Prisoner…named after Goya’s etching, 
La Petite Prisonier. 
Mad House Wife Chardonnay - Not mad at all, 
just a few ladies who wanted wine that is a value 
and a little free time away from the kids. 
Hey Mambo – It wasn’t the label that caught 
my attention; it was the name. Makes me want to 
mambo, I guess that’s the point. 
Plungerhead Wine – Eddie..was employed by 
a local winery, and according to local legend, 
after giving the creative department a bit of 
grief during a wine brand creative process, a 
mysterious bottle of wine bearing a label that was 
eerily familiar and quite uncanny made its way to 
Eddie’s desk. The character on the label had his 
face, his signature facial hair and was wearing his 
favorite purple blazer. However, on the label he 
was also wearing a red toilet plunger hat, wine 
barrels for trousers and holding a sign that simply 
said, “Plungerhead.” 
Rex Goliath - The name might not be that 
obscure, but the story sure is, this wine being 
named after a 47-pound fictional rooster. 
Screaming Eagle - (I haven’t been there but they 
tell me it’s nice) Don Henley Hotel California, one 
of the most sought after California wines. Bottles 
can go for as high as $2500 to $3000. Getting 
someone on the phone at the winery was like 
finding Howard Hughes, but once that happened 
I was told that founder Jean Phillips named many 
of her early pet projects Screaming Eagles. The 
name was a tribute to the Fighting Screaming 
Eagle Squadrons of WWII. 
You have a few favorites? Visit my website and listen to Dining with Dills on 
KRLA AM 870 on Saturdays at 4:30 PM 
Sierra Madre Rose Float Association 2019 Float Design Contest: 
This year’s design contest will be held until Friday, February 9th 
2018. The 2019 theme, as announced by TOR Chair Gerald 
Freeny, “The 2019 theme celebrates music - the universal language. 
"Music has the power to not only bring us together but take us back to memories and moments as 
nothing else can. Music is woven into the fabric of our lives - community, family, friendship and love. 
Music heals us, defines us, reminds us, and inspires us to be our greater selves. 
Rhythm, melody, harmony and color all come together to create the soundtrack that defines our 
lives.” The Melody of Life,’ celebrates music, the universal language,” 
Design Guidelines: 
1. Designs must be received no later than Friday, February 9th 2018, by 5 PM at P.O. Box 603, 
Madre, CA 91025. 
2. Design submissions need to take into consideration the Pasadena Tournament of Roses 2019 
theme as outlined above. 
3. Designers should consider the appropriate use of float riders, Sierra Madre Rose Princesses/ 
Escorts (2-4) and animation. Float designs should represent a float no longer than 55 feet and 18 feet 
4. The design contest is open to all ages (need not be a Sierra Madre resident nor a Sierra Madre 
Rose Float Association member). Designs developed by Groups, Art Classes or other organizations 
are gladly received. Designers are encouraged also to submit more than one design. 
5. Please provide a title to the float design. Submission should include a written description (no 
more than 100 words) of the concept and possible animations. 
6. While only a very simple sketch is required to illustrate the concept, more detail can help in the 
selection process. 
Design Rules: 
1. Designs must be submitted on an 8 . X 11 “Theme Draft Form” in black & white pencil. No 
drawings or oversized drawings will be accepted. Do not include the title of the float within the 
design drawing. 
2. Designs submitted to the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association will become the property of the 
Association and may be modified by the Association to achieve construction and floral requirements. 
3. Designers will be required to sign a Design Release form certifying the originality of their design 
and assigning those design rights to the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association. 
4. The designer(s) may be asked for consultation. 
5. The designer understands that he/she will receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for 
theuse of the design and that the Sierra Madre Rose Float Association, City of Sierra Madre and/or 
the Pasadena Tournament of Roses have no obligation of any kind towards designer(s). 
6. Submitted designs are not returnable. 
7. Mail all designs to: Sierra Madre Rose Float Association 
P.O. Box 603 Sierra Madre, California 91025 Submission forms available at