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excitement grew I found one problem, I couldn’tfind it anywhere except online and at a wine shopin Costa Mesa, so… you won’t hear about it here.
Anyway, I want to start the New Year off gettingback to blends, this time Decoy. For those who 
are even casual wine drinkers I am sure you arefamiliar with the name “Duckhorn”, the pride ofthe Napa Valley for the past thirty-five or so years.
Fine restaurants and gourmet shops have been myto-go places for Duckhorn, and now along comesDecoy (yes, there is a duck on the bottle). The 
price is about half what you’d pay for Duckhorn.
How and why? The grapes are sourced through theNapa region. Owner Dan Duckhorn found a needfor wines that were lower priced and still a greatquality, so the past few years has seen an upswingin the production of Decoy and it’s popularity. The 
wine? No, this a little more upscale then others inthe price range. Bring it as a gift and tell them thestory of how you found it.
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Each week I will give you my Dills Score. Startingwith a base of 50 points, I have added 8 points forcolor, 7 points for aroma or “nose”, 9 points fortaste, 8 points for finish, and 8 points for my overallimpression, which includes my value rating. 

Total Score 90, retail $27 on sale; around $18 at 
most area supermarkets 

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– Show time 4:30 
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Happy New Year to each and every one of you wine2012 vintage is smooth, with perfect levels of fruitdrinkers! I hope in the past year I have given youand tannins, and a finish that you’d expect from a 
some wine knowledge, and that you have enjoyedhigher priced blend. A mix of cabernet and merlot, 
some of the wines I’ve written about. Reader Steve it goes well with steak, pizza, and soft cheese. Picnic 
in Whittier asks, “How 
exactly are the wineschosen?” Many ways, 
really -discoveries 
through PR pitches, 
invitations to wine 
tasting events, and 
sometimes I just likethe way the bottle lookson the store shelf. I 
will only review winesand share them with 
you if I feel that theyare a good value andeasily obtainable for 
the readers. I recentlywas turned on to a 
wonderful sparklingwine from the Limoux 
region of France. It 
was a solid wine for 
under $25, but as my

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