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By Joan Schmidt

At 8:00am, every first Thursday of the month, a veryspecial gathering, “Community Connections” is heldat the Arcadia Chamber of Commerce. There have 
been so many wonderful guest speakers from variousfields: Lisa Levy Buch, Metro Gold Line, speakersfrom Secret Service, Pasadena Humane Society,
CA Earthquake Authority, East San Gabriel ValleyCoalition for the Homeless, Arcadia DevelopmentServices and many more.

January’s guest speakers were Steve Delgadillo,
Community Affairs Liaison and Mike Vercillo,
Community Affairs Officer, from Arcadia PoliceDepartment. What an outstanding informative 
presentation on cannabis. Steve began with a “Course:
Marijuana 101”. Since cannabis is now legal forrecreational facility. You cannot walk down the streetrecreational purposes- for use at home, he wanted tosmoking it; just as you cannot walk down the streetexplain different criteria regarding its use. His powerdrinking liquor. An adult can grow six plants in apoint presentation began showing us the differentprivate home.
forms and what they are called: when the leaves areSteve also spoke about AB 168 and gun/ammunitionwrapped like a cigarette and smoked: “joints”; whenregulations. You cannot buy a gun over the Internetthey are used as cigars, “blunts”; mixed in with tobaccoand have it sent to your home; it can be sent to a gunin cigarettes, “splits”; can be smoked in pipes; can bestore. There is a limit on ammunition purchase: nobaked in cookies; can be put in vapors. Various namesmore than 500 rounds per month.
for cannabis include weed, bud, hemp, roach, chrome,There also was mention of Propositions 47,
herb, etc. It can be hidden anywhere. It can affect57 and AB 109. Felonies have been reduced to 
your perception, reflexes, give a euphoric feeling,misdemeanors. So there is no real jail time. If someoneand decrease memory. Long term can decreasegets 180 days in jail, they are usually released withinyour mental ability. It has a unique odor, and effects24 hours. It’s terrible. Both Mayor Amundson andcan include bloodshot eyes, increased appetite; aBurt Brink (Retired LASD Sgt) blamed Sacramentoperson may become lethargic, talkative, have lackfor the increase in crime and Burt is running for Stateof coordination and be slow to react. Marijuana canAssembly. With Burt’s background in law enforcementbe used in vapor devices-you can buy syringes withand knowledge of various laws, he would be an asset.
special tips. Cannabis oil can be put into vapor devices,Lastly, Steve gave us copies of Christine Cox’smaking it hard to detect.informative article on Cannabis Regulations which

Proposition 64 became effective January 1, 2018:included LA County’s informational website re:
Any adult (21+) can have 28.5 g of cannabis or 8 gramsmarijuana regulations. Please visit http://cannabis.
of concentrate. It may be used in your home or at a . 



Giving The Gift of Time 

By Susan Henderson, Editor 

Welcome to 2018. As always, I am glad to seeheart valve and bones. Imagine giving someoneanother year, actually, I wake up every day happythe opportunity to live on after you’ve gone! 
to be alive. Personally, with that joy comes asense of responsibility and a desire to help makeHer mom was so moved by Angie’s generosity thatlife better for myself and others.I may not alwaysshe became very involved in the organ transplant/
be successful but I always try. So needless to say,donation community. She is on the board of Gift ofwhen the theme of Making A Difference wasLife in Michigan, and the Detroit Minority Organselected by the Pasadena Tournament of RosesDonor/Transplant Foundation.
for the 2018 Parade, I was secretly praying thatperhaps it would have a positive influence on “It is a great honor for Angela’s floragraph to bethe current climate in our country. The floats on the Donate Life float at the 2018 Tournament 
and their individual themes were all impressive,of Roses Parade,” says her mother, Artelia. “I ambringing thought provoking ideas to life. It gave so proud of my daughter and her decision to be athe public another chance to take another look at donor, and in honor of her life, I have become a 
the work done by our service organizations, suchregistered donor.” 
as Kiwanis and Rotary, but hopefully motivatingus to all do more.In the last five years since she has been involved, 

 One of the floats that really stood out was theDonate Life Float. It depicted a vibrantly colored,
tropical backdrop that dates back to the ancientcivilizations of Mexico, celebrating the gift of lifeas 17 costumed riders sit alongside the jungle,
against stone carvings, drawing the strength theyhave gained from their donors to continue andthrive on life’s journey. The monumental Azteccalendar draws the eye to the center of the float,
where 44 donors are honored with floragraphs.
This ancient calendar reminds us of the enduring,
life-saving power of the generosity of donors andfamilies. Alongside the float, eight living donorsGriggs says donor registrants have almost doubled. 
and recipients carry baskets of fruit and flowersin celebration of the renewed life they have sharedArtelia and Angie’s selection to participate inwith one another and the world. this years Rose Parade came as quite a surprise.

Angie’s floragraph (above) on the float depicts theThe float won the Theme Award: Most outstandingvibrant, caring persona that was always willing topresentation of the Rose Parade Theme. In help others. And, she has continued that legacyaddition to it’s beauty, the theme brought to lifein death, giving others the gift to time and trulywhat we all can do to make a real difference. It making a difference in the lives of many. 
brought to the attention of viewers the very realbenefit of organ donations, as we saw recipients asAs I stated earler, I knew that Angie was anwell as the family members of those who made theorgan donor and that her Mom was very activedonation. encouraging others to do so. What I didn’t know 

And then there was the personal connection thator realize is just how much of an impact that onereally touched me. Many of you reading this arecan have by becoming a donor. In fact, the last 
familiar with the expression, “you know but youtime I renewed my driver’s license I agreed to bedon’t know”? Well, it applies to my experiencea donor. But even then, I didn’t realize just howwith the Donate Life entry in this years parade.many people I might be able to help, to give the gift

of time. It’s the least we can do to help someone

 Earlier in the year, a dear family friend called andelse. Don’t you think?
informed us that she would be coming to CaliforniaMake a difference, leave a legacy, become an(from Michigan) to work on the Donate Life float.organ donor. My eyes were opened, how about 
Artelia Griggs, our friend lost her daughter Angelayours? 
in 2010 to Asthma. Angie, was only 38 years of ageat the time of her death, but did something thatBy the way, there is one other personal connectionmany people never consider. She became an organ to this year’s Gift of Time float. Congratulationsdonor. No one knew, not even her mother until to Charles Meier, Creative Director for Paradiso 
her passing. But that one gesture changed the livesParade Floats. You may recognize his name if youand continues to change the lives of many people. live in Sierra Madre. For years he has worked with

our SM Rose Float Association and helped SMRFAAngie has given the gift of time to countlesswin numerous awards!. 
people through the donation of her cornea, skin, Float Photo by D. Lee/MVNews 

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