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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 3, 2018 


You either love it or you hate it, so they say.

Yes indeed, football is all the rage for many 
(many, many) Americans, but for certain others, 
well…not so much. And as for the former -the 
avid lovers of the sport - this may very well be the 
most wonderful time of the year. The time of year 
to gear up for the “big game“.

With parties to be planned, bets to be placed 
and new televisions to be purchased (apparently 
TV sales during the week prior to the Super Bowl 
far-and-away forego that of the week prior to Black 
Friday), Super Bowl Sunday has become all but an 
official holiday in our country.

Meanwhile, those who are less-than-lovers of 
the sport and just happen to live with a football 
fan should know better than to mess with the 
clicker or get between them and the set while the 
big game is on.

If you are one of those people who couldn’t 
care less about football but you really dig your 
dogs, there is an awesome alternative available for 
your viewing enjoyment while the frantic football 
fans are carousing, jumping, yelling, jeering and 
cheering for their respective teams in the other 

This Sunday, February 4th, Puppy Bowl XIV will 
air on Animal Planet from 3-5pm ET/PT and with 
several new features, this year’s event promises to 
be the absolute best yet. The action will kick offwith “The Star-Spangled Banner” played by Jokgu, 
the piano playing chicken. No doubt, you will 
definitely want to tune in early so as not to miss 
out on that! 

Fifteenth in the series of this not-too-shabby, 
shaggy-chic show will feature the typical two 
terrific tail-wagging teams, Team Ruff and Team 
Fluff, each going nose-to-nose in competition with 
a goal to win the big titles, not the least of which 
is ‘Most Adorable, Adoptable Pack of Pups in the 

This year’s fun furry face-off will be 
held at Geico’s all new bone-shaped 
theater. Puppy Bowl XIV’s featured 
players are rescues from areas devastated 
by major disasters in 2017 including 
Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida. To 
fill the two teams’ rosters, Animal Planet 
worked with 48 different animal shelters 
and rescue organizations from 25 states.

For the first time ever, this year’s 
viewers will be able to make their own 
digital Puppy Bowl trading cards using 


ROSE! She’s 
a super-sweetcalico, age about2 years. Cindy ismostly white onher face, neck 
& front legs,
and that bright 
autumn calico 
on her back. 

She’s very soft 
and loves to be pet. Cindy will make someone avery special, loving companion. Snap her up with 
a big red bow—much healthier than a box of 
chocolates! Call to arrange a Meet & Greet, at 626533-
5554. Adoption fee is $100, which includes 
spay, microchip, exam & vaccines. We have a 
“Senior to Senior” program for half price. A greatsavings! Our cats are negative FELV/FIV unless 

otherwise indicated. 

See more pictures, videos, adoption info &
application on our website,

Can’t adopt? Visit our website for our easySponsor A Kitty campaign or for foster information.
GOOD NEWS: Peeps & Purrty have been adopted. 

Read us online at: 
Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

photos of their own pets to create a souvenir from 
the show, with ten different frames to choose from 
and fun stats like “Pawsome Talent”, “Favorite TV 
Show” and “Naughtiest Habit”. 

Another fun feature of this year’s “puppy playoff 
” is the Puppy Bowl virtual reality series, which 
will give viewers a glimpse at the puppies’ point of 
view and take them through Puppy Bowl Training 
Camp, all via the Discovery VR iOS and Android 
apps, Samsung VR and the Animal Planet YouTube 

Also new this year, Animal Planet is set to 
premiere the first-ever Puppy Bowl Presents: 
The Dog Bowl, which features adult dogs living 
in rescues and shelters, similarly competing in a 
fuzzy football competition on Team Wags and 
Team Tails. 

To add to the fun, the Dog Bowl will feature 
several celebrity dogs from Instagram, including 
Rufus the Pug, Hamilton the Pug and Chloe 
Kardoggian. And as always, all of the puppy 
players - as well as their adult dog counterparts - 
are up for adoption!

The Animal Planet Twitter account has been 
promoting the Puppy Bowl all NFL season with 
“prediction” videos where puppies choose a 
winning team based on which labeled bowl of 
food is finished first. I personally find watching 
those promos far more fun than any other ads I’ve 
seen promoting the Super Bowl. 

If you are interested in more details about this ever-
growing, popular pup-lover’s viewing alternative 
to the Super Bowl, as well as a close-up look at this 
year’s full Puppy Bowl lineup, visit animalplanet.
com where you can enjoy a sneak preview of the 
event itself and get an early look at the pre-game 
show. This year’s event is sure to be a win/win for 
all involved. 

Yogic Wisdom for 
Everyday Life 
The benefits of 
meditation are 
immense and 
indisputable. It 
has many fruits many of which include emotional 
balance, improved physical health and a strong spiritualconnection. There are studies out that connect meditation 
to positive changes in brain function.It’s never too late tostart a meditation practice or begin again or re-up yourcurrent practice. Things get in the way and life happens.
What’s important is that we go back to the practice. Newor not new, don’t make it complicated. As YogarupaRod Stryker says, 10 minutes a day is better than 1 houronce a week. It’s the consistency that’s going to pay offand help us in our daily life each day. Remember, ameditation practice is going to provide a place for furtherdevelopment and spiritual connection. Always makesure to find a comfortable seat for meditation. There’s 
nothing like having your leg fall asleep or having anuncomfortable hip bothering you while you’re trying tobe still. The seated postion should allow the spine to betall with the natural curve in the lower back. If seated on 

Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 

Each year February is designated as the month to honor

and remember the contributions of African Americans. 

We have been celebrating Black History Month for most of

my life, at first, it was only a week and took over the month

in the 1970's. It is the month when we honor the dreams 

and dreamers of our nation. Each week this month I will 

introduce you to someone that I love and respect; someone

that has made a difference in my life.

This week, meet James Lawson. We know about Martin 

Luther King, but Rev. Lawson is an equally important part

of the early days of the civil rights movement, he was a

contemporary and partner of Dr. King. By the time that they

met in 1956, Lawson had met and studied with Mahatma 

Gandi in India; he had already spent a year in federal prison

as a conscientious objector to the Korean War. They had

heard of each other, their work and already respected one

another. They were both men of similar backgrounds.

Both were raised in the church and were not only ministers

but were also the sons of ministers too. Rev. Lawson was 

pursuing his master's degree at Oberlin College, and he had

a plan to leave the North and go the South to help with the

movement right after he earned his doctorate at Yale, then 

the floor is uncomfortable, sit in a chair or against a wall.
Set aside enough time to sit for meditation and make sureyou have a space where you won’t fear interruption ordistraction. Meditation is usually best in the morning justafter waking up. If you can avoid looking at your phoneor other electronic device before meditating, please do(or don’t). It’s best to have all of your focus and awarenessmoving toward an internal point of view. Once there,
begin to breathe and relax the body. If you use a guidedmeditation to begin, that’s ok for a while. Eventually,
you’ll want to move into just sitting on your own whilemaintaining breath, internal awareness and visualization.
Happy Meditating! Again, don’t make it complex, evenif your head is busy, you are still meditating. Learningto focus is part of the process. As you get on the road tobeauty and bliss, seek out teachers whom you respect andthe style of meditation that calls to you. Contact me tolearn more about starting a meditation practice, keely@ 

Namaste friends, Keely Totten,
Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

he would be ready. Then he would 
feel qualified. But when theymet, King needed help right away,
and he believed that Lawson was 

Lori A. Harris 

already qualified. At a short ten 
minute meeting, he enlisted Rev.

Just as it was for Dr. King in 1955, when opportunityknocked for Rev. Lawson; he didn't feel ready, it wasn'tconvenient, and he didn't know how to lead yet, but heaccepted the challenge. He moved to Nashville, Tennesee, 
and lead Gandhian nonviolence workshops. Soon he was 
leading eight young Black college students to integrate thelunch counters of downtown Nashville, armed with nothingbut the power of love and prayer. All because he had a 
dream and he allowed that dream to have him. 

What would happen if we all answered the call of ourdreams? We would change the world! 

Lori is a lawyer and coach. Learn more about her, signup for her workshops and download her app at www. 

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