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Mountain View News Saturday, February 10, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday, February 10, 2018 
Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis 

Walking Sierra Madre……The Social SideDeanne Davis 
January 6, 2018 

“Give a man a beer and he wastes an hour...teach a 
man to brew and he’s busy for a lifetime.” 

“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence toenjoy beer.” Stephen Beaumont 

“He was a wise man who invented beer.” Plato 

The first time I met Ryan Rogers was last March.
He was up to his hips in a deep hole in the ground,
wielding a shovel and creating an even bigger,
deeper hole, along with lifetime family friend, DaveBergman. His mom and dad, Joanna and Kelly, werethere to lend moral support as the diggers carved outa trench for the pipes which would connect to therestrooms at R T Rogers Brewing Company. Ryan,
in addition to creative shoveling, is a brewmaster ofthe finest kind, having been brewing beer since hewas 16 years old, fermenting grains in his closet andexperimenting in his mother’s kitchen.

Visited R T Rogers Brewing Company againthis week and discovered that the Rogers familyhas created a thing of beauty out of the hole in theground. Coming in from Montecito through theoutdoor patio – a charming place with fragrantwood chips on the ground, lights crisscrossing thearea, plants in pots and heaters, just in case it’s chilly

– I was astonished to see all that Ryan and familyhave done. Inside, in the brewing area are two ofthe most beautiful copper tanks, each of which hold500 liters of in-process beer. Joanna said she hadspent hours polishing each of these copper tanksand applying a protective coating. These babies arebig! That was quite a job. Also in that area is a 1000liter double fermenter. Beer making is complicated,
involving a few hours in one tank, then theprocessing involves piping over to another tank, aboiling kettle, 180 degree water and grain wherethe in-process beer boils anywhere from an hour toan hour and a half, aromatic or bittering hops areadded. When it cools down to 70-72 degrees, yeastis added then the beer is pumped into a fermenterfor about 14 days. Complicated! Ryan family,
forgive me if I’ve not got this quite right.
The most important part of this story is that R TRogers Brewing Company is a delightful place tospend some time. Currently, they are serving threebeers on tap: Henny Penny English Style BrownPorter; The Dell Farmer’s Belgian Style Blonde (myfavorite) and The Shoemaker’s Red IPA (India PaleAle). Here’s something you might not know aboutIPA beers – they were originally made in Englandto travel by ship to the troops in India. They hada little more alcohol in them and, amazingly didmake it over intact to the hot and thirsty soldierseagerly awaiting their beer from home. Beer ispoured here at 38 degrees. The English prefer theirs 

at a kind of tepid 58 degrees. (Trivia!) Milk Maid 
Milk Stout and Woodchopper’s IPA are scheduledto be on the menu shortly.

Jesse Rogers, Ryan’s older brother, is the familyartist-webmaster-social media guy, and he has putup all the right art to create a friendly atmosphere.
Folks are already making R T Rogers BrewingCompany their favorite spot to sit and enjoy a glassor two of beer, read, work on their iPad, and justgenerally feel at home. Trivia games will be goingon after January 11th at 8 p.m. on Thursdays and,
if you watch Jeopardy, you’ll remember how manycontestants became Jeopardy-worthy by playingtrivia in various pubs like R T Rogers.

The bar was custom-made by Ryan’s dad, Kelly, outof Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. Neighbor, MichaelHill of WoodHill Designs, whose shop is right therein the Montecito center with the brewery, helpedout a bit with the bar’s edging and also supplied anabsolutely exquisite sideboard in the bar area. Onedetail I liked is instead of taps on the bar, they haveTap Towers, which are a bright red. Three now andan eventual eight of these towers.

My son-in-law, Chuck Seitz, who is a beerconnoisseur, accompanied me to R T Rogers andenjoyed a tasting of the three beers currently beingserved. He liked each one thoroughly and later saidthat was really great beer and he’ll be coming backwith friends. Games are available, Quoits and darts 
are coming and the patio is dog friendly. You canorder food from any place that delivers. There arenuts and soda available and on weekends, families 
are coming to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there.
Tasting classes are in the planning stage. Hours are4-9 p.m. weekdays and noon-10 p.m. on weekends.

R T Rogers is most definitely a productionbrewery and there is interest already in our localrestaurants to carry their product as soon as theystart bottling. Experimental and seasonal beers willbe coming and you really need to go take a look.
Bring a friend along and taste the exceptional beersbeing created at R T Rogers Brewing Company.
They’re in the 38 Montecito Center, just past Chris’sSierra Madre Independent Honda Service. Parkingis available inside the center after 4 p.m. and acrossthe street at the public lot.

Rumor has it that Benjamin Franklin originallysaid, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wantsus to be happy.” He’d be really happy at R T RogersBrewing Company. You will be, too!

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During this time period, the Sierra Madre Police 
Department responded to approximately 300 day and 
night time calls for service. 

Monday, January 29 At about 9:40 p.m. a vandalism 
occurred at Arno Drive and Santa Anita Avenue. An 
unknown suspect(s) used an unknown tool to smash 
the rear driver's side door of the victim's vehicle. The 
victim's cell phone was damaged, she also received 
minor injuries from the shattered glass. 

Wednesday, January 31 The Sierra Madre Police 
Department received second hand information 
from hospital staff at Greater El Monte Hospital 
of a possible domestic battery that had occurred 
in the City of Sierra Madre. Officers interviewed 

the victim and confirmed the victim had sustained 
injuries during an altercation. 

Thursday, February 1 At about 10:35 p.m. a driver 
was stopped for a vehicle code violation. A records 
check of the driver indicated that there was a full 
extradition felony warrant attached. The subject was 
arrested and transported to the Pasadena PD jail. 

Friday, February 2 At about 7:10 p.m. an injurytraffic collision involving a vehicle and a pedestrianwith her dog occurred in the 00 block of E. LaurelAve. The pedestrian was treated by the SierraMadre Fire Department Paramedics at the sceneand transported to a local hospital for further 

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