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Most of the dogs I’ve been privileged to have as partof my family have been “mixed breeds” or what folkssometimes call “mutts”, which is actually quite appropriateconsidering the fact that I, myself come from a veryeclectic genetic line of ancestry.

I don’t have a problem with mixed breed dogs, partlybecause, more often than not they are less apt to have theinherent diseases that seem to prevail with purebred pups.
However, one of my canine companions (the love of mylife), Tatertotts was a purebred bloodhound, born of a sirewho’d come from a long line of hounds with a tight familytree that traced back to the turn of the 20th century.

In jest, I used to call Tater my darling “in-bred retread”, 
mostly because I believed her behavioral traitswere the result of too much inbreeding. It was a term ofendearment and by no means meant as an insult, becauseI loved that dog with all my heart. Let me put it this way;
that girl lived a life of luxury with no cruelty whatsoever,
but due to what I believe to have been brain damage frombirth, her mood could turn on a dime. 

Although I would never breed dogs intentionally, Imust admit I do appreciate seeing a dog whose traits,
marks and characteristics were successfully bred for aspecific purpose. However, I do think that anyone wishingto breed animals should be screened discriminately andallowed to breed only the limited few for which a goodhome can be absolutely guaranteed.

Anyway, in spite of the social challenges I had with mygirl, Tater, when I looked at her I couldn’t help thinkinghow gorgeous she was. I adopted Tater from a very kindand careful breeder/handler who bred her for show. Oneof 4, Tater’s 3 siblings turned out to be quite successfulat show. However, at 1 . years-old, when Tater provedless-than-promising for winning best-in-show due to herbehavior, the owner was forced to give her up. Lucky me!

Tatertotts was different from any other dog I have evermet. Like I said, most pets of mine have been combo-
spawn, typically adopted through a local SPCA agency orshelter. I’ve never before nor have I since owned a dog thatrequired so many trips to the vet, but Tater was a majorpart of my life and most definitely worth it.

Fortunately, I had an excellent veterinarian whomI trusted 100% with regard to Tater’s health care.
Dr. Domotor (Animal House in Monrovia) was 
knowledgeable about the unique needs of abloodhound, and she cut right to the chase withwhat must be done to keep Tater at the top of her 

What surprised me most was to find out thatthe majority of Tater’s ailments were relatedto allergic reactions. At first I had a hard timeaccepting that the goop growing in her ears andthe odd blotchy spots that sometimes appearedon the surface of her under belly or between themassive folds of skin beneath her neck could 
be the result of allergies. It seemed like such aforeign concept to me.

However, once I understood what the 


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You can make 
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MURIEL is a pretty brown tabby that we saved fromthe streets near a demolition site. She spent the first fewmonths hiding all alone at the top of a shelf. However,
now, thanks to our very wonderful, patient socializers,
she has come down lower and does not hide as much. 
She has the most beautiful large, soft eyes, that willmelt your heart, as they seem to be softly pleading 

Happy Tails 
by Chris Leclerc 

problem was, I was able to get proper treatment to controlit and avoid more chronic conditions that may haveoccurred otherwise. What I also came to know was that 
allergies are very common among dogs, skin reactionsbeing the most commonly seen symptom, and purebredsare typically more susceptible than mixed-breeds.

The allergens that can effect dogs are quite often the 
same ones that effect humans. To help identify and 
control symptoms, dog allergies are often categorized asinhalant-, food-, or parasite-related. Like humans, dogscan be allergic to airborne particles that cause reactionssuch as sneezing, coughing, runny nose and watery eyes.
Allergic reactions to certain foods are also common forthe canine, and as most of us know all too well, parasitessuch as fleas and mites can cause chronic skin problemsfor our beloved pets.

There are some home remedies for pet allergysymptoms, and fortunately veterinarians are well preparedto treat symptoms that cannot be remedied at home. Overthe-
counter antihistamines are known to be efficient in 
treating some dog allergies, but be sure to consult your vetbefore administering any medications. Common sensealso says that when an allergen is removed from the dog’senvironment, symptoms will likely decrease.

Laundering your dog’s bedding and bathing your dogon a regular basis can also help mitigate allergic reactionsin your pet. If you bathe your dog at home, be sure to usea mild, non-caustic soap product and take the time to drythe dog off well afterwards.

As for food allergies, most reactions are due to wheator other grain fillers often found in dog food products. Besure to read the label and try to stick with products thatshow meat as the main ingredient, versus grains or otherfillers. If your dog continues to show symptoms of allergicreactions, be sure to consult your veterinarian in a timelymanner before things start to get worse.

The happy side of this tale is that when a pet doesn’t feelwell, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/she is seriously ill. Itmay just be a reaction to an allergen that can be removedor easily remedied. Keep a close eye on the health ofyour canine companion and if you do detect symptoms,
hopefully you will be as surprised as I was to find outthat, rather than something serious, you’re dealing withallergies for which there are relatively simple solutions. 

for someone to love her and help her continue her 
progress. Muriel is about age 11, and how wonderfulit would be for her to experience what a loving home islike, with a special someone who will understand her.
We pay for any needed vet care, fosters provide food,
litter, safety, sweet-talk, and love. We have a whole pagedevoted to our shy cats at http://www.lifelineforpets.
org/shy-cats-need-homes-too.html. Call for info or afoster application: 626-676-9505 or 626-797-1753. 

Yogic Wisdom for 
Everyday Life 
Love yourself and be

yourself. This is one

of the most sacred 

embedded messagesof Yoga. In many ways, yoga practice is guiding ustoward self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love. Inthis process of practicing and absorbing the teachings ofyoga, our authentic self is discovered.

Sages know that harmony for the world as a wholebegins with each individual. Once this spirit of self-love(and peace) is embraced, it pours out into relationshipsand everyone we meet. A well-taken care of and a well-
loved person is a happy, loving person to be around.
When you feel like you don’t have time to practice yogaor meditate, remember that each step toward innerpresence is a gift for you and everyone you love.

In practice, the place we most associate with love andcompassion is the heart. The Heart (not the actual organ)
holds the essence of our soul or the unchanging partof us. It is a place for great healing and understanding.
When we open the heart, we open to all these qualities: 

love, contentment, compassion, healing and joy.

In yoga asana practice, back bending is a beautifulway to open the chest and heart area. It energizes thebody and brings life to the mind and spirit. Restorativebackbends are a lovely way to not only open the heartbut to receive love and healing in a gentle way. Start smallif you’ve been vulnerable and take it easy physically ifyou’re just starting out. Too much at once is not usuallyhelpful. A gradual building of love, awareness and joywill stay the course long-term. Other recommendedpractices that initiate awareness and wellness are self-
reflection, healthy diet and techniques such as self-
massage with warm oil.

Once you’ve put yourself at the top of your list, spreadthe love to others and be yourself. Happy LOVE month!
Don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more about yoga,
meditation and wellness: 

Keely Totten, E-RYT 500, Yoga and Meditation Teacher,
Self-Love for Humanity Advocate 

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