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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 10, 2018 9FOOD & DRINK Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 10, 2018 9FOOD & DRINK 

No pressure right? I promised you two surefirewines to get through the special day with a stamp(or kiss!) of approval. I suggest sparkling wine/
champagne for this special day. I have a certainfondness for Rosé wines. Rosé wines get theirpink color from red grapes, but are often madefrom a blend of red 
Valentine’s Day limits your budget because ofthe flowers, teddy bears and dinner, how about$15? Sounds good, right? The very drinkableCustard Chardonnay hails from Sonoma Countyand it’s available at many area supermarkets andis becoming increasingly popular at restaurants. 
and white grapes. 
Moet Chandon 
best of 
breed. This “real” 
champagne comes 
from the same winerythat produced DomPerignon some 400 
years ago. Remember 
“come quickly, I amtasting stars”? My 
recommendation is 
for those of you who 
are not considered 
a beginner as far aswine consumptiongoes. The taste is juicy,
with floral nuances 

Valentine would approve of. Consider Custard
Chardonnay, it’s light and creamy. If celebrating 

to the nose and a slight hint of pepper. The 
bouquet is juicy, and if you close your eyes onthe first sip, you will appreciate the raspberry andcherry combination. At $70 a bottle I suggestchilling your flutes for about 10 minutes beforepouring. Remember champagne doesn’t keepwell over night, so bottoms up!! 
Are you a chardonnay lover? I have one that St.
Vons/Pavilions has it for around $15. 

With our unseasonal temperatures, drink itwith a fruit salad or some grilled vegetables. Softcheese and crackers or your favorite dessert alsowould be a great wine pairing. 

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