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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 17, 2018 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 17, 2018 


I can’t count how many times I’ve found myself engaged 
in a conversation wherein I am attempting to convince 
someone that pit bulls are not bad dogs, they just got 
a bum rap because cruel and foolish people bred and 
trained them to fight.

The dog people today call a pit bull is in actuality, most 
often a Staffordshire terrier or an American bulldog 
terrier. Over the years, they became mixed with a 
variety of other random breeds because careless owners 
refused to spay or neuter and failed to keep them fenced 
in. American bulldogs and Staffordshire terriers were 
originally bred and trained to perform practical tasks 
that made life easier for farmers and homesteaders. 

The infamous “pit bull” moniker was assigned later 
on US soil, when kooks like Dallas Cowboy lineman 
Nate Newton, Phoenix rapper, DMX and Detroit rapper, 
Calico took it upon themselves to breed and use them 
for a purpose they were never meant for; that of fighting 
in the pit.

I remember when the outrageous onslaught of 
negative news first came out about the pit bull. 
Headlines claimed it was a fierce breed to be feared 
rather than revered. I knew from the very start that 
any bad behavior on the part of the animal had to be 
connected to some form of abuse or mistreatment on 
the part of the human.

Any reasonable person who fell for the media hype 
that the dogs were inherently evil was clearly misled by 
the talking heads. Meanwhile, breeders continued to 
produce more and more baby bulldogs in back yards 
or puppy mills, tethering them to short chains, using 
feet and fist on them and either selling them for cash or 
flaunting them on the streets to gain status among their 
thuglet peers.

In 2007, after years of bull dog mistreatment and 
breed-bashing media mania, the US federal government 
finally found it’s way to illegalize dog fighting in the US. 
But unfortunately there are still thoughtless thugs who 
think it’s cool to breed and train them to fight for their 
own devious entertainment or gambling. Herein lies 
one reason why I often prefer the company of the canine 
to that of certain human beings.

I have a hand full bull dog mixes on my long list ofcanine clients and I must say that in my experience, theyare among the most easy-going, warm and fuzzy furry

by Chris Leclerc 

Happy Tails 
Animal Patients At Colorado Veterinary Clinic. It’s 
a true story about a precious pit bull that proved 
himself worthy of having been rescued by becoming an 
advocate for healing on behalf of the surgical patients at 
the Denkai Veterinary Clinic in Colorado, where he was 
taken in as a pup.

Dominic, a beautiful, blue-eyed silver-coated bull dog 
was only 6 months old when he was first found cuddling 
up to a post-surgical canine patient at the clinic where 
he frequently accompanied his owner, Stephany Haswell 
on her daily shifts. Stephany was a vet tech at Denkai, 
and initially volunteered to foster Dominic until he 
found a forever home. But as it turned out, Dominic 
found his way into Stephany’s heart when he showed his 
full canine colors by practicing amazing acts of random 
kindness in the recovery room.

After the first time Dominic played nurse with a 
post-surgical patient, the vet and staff decided to let 
him continue helping his fellow four-leggers as they 
recovered from surgery. Remarkably, Dominic seemed 
to know exactly what each patient needed to gain 
strength and get back on all four feet. It didn’t take long 
for Stephany to realize that Dominic was a special dog 
with unique talents and that she could never consider 
letting him go.

Dominic’s helpful attention to the ‘pup patients’ 
at Denkai came as no surprise to me. And, I think 
any real animal lover knows that dogs are fantastic 
therapy agents for humans as well. Not only do they 
perform beyond expectation as family pets by giving 
unconditional love, they are also willing participants in 
a variety of programs designed to allow canines to be 
catalysts for cure.

Hospitals, prisons, recovery centers and retirementhomes are among the many settings where canine therapyplays a major part in the humans’ daily health and welfareregimen, and rightly so. It is truly amazing how effectivefour-legged fur therapy can be for those in need.

I am especially pleased that Dominic, a “pit bull” chose 
to defy what we humans may have unwittingly mistaken 
him to be; a vicious, dangerous dog, unworthy of trust 
or love. On the contrary, Dominic and many other bull 
dogs like him have become excellent examples of why 
we humans need to kindly refrain from ignorant breed 
bashing. Love and let live! 

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pr on o u n c e d“Temba,” is a 
3-yr old sweet 
beauty! She 
used to only 
be on our “Shy 
Cats” page; 
however, our 
w o n d e r f u l 
socializers have 
been working 
with her and now may be the time to feature her 
as available for adoption or fostering.She is not 
hiding much, and is appearing more, and seems 
to want some attention. Several of us have even 
been able to pet her! It’s like she really really 
wants to be brave and get some petting, but she’s 
just not sure how . . . If she can just find a patient 
adopter or foster we know she will do even 
better. You can see it in her eyes--this girl has 
tender love and care of volunteers 
and staff, she is discovering some 
of the nice and fun things in life. 
She enjoys her walks around the 
park, does well on a leash and loves 
sunbathing during her walks.If you 
are that special family who is able 
and willing to give this adorable 
girl the loving and forever home 
she deserves, please stop by and be ready to fall in 
resides at the San Gabriel Valley 
Humane Society located at 851 
E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel 
which is located off San Gabriel 
Blvd, north of Mission and south of 
Las Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet 
and Greet’, please stop by any time 
from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday 
through Sunday.Website:www. 
four-legged friends I could ever hope to spendtime with. Not to mention, they are absolutelygorgeous animals.
If you read about the breed you will learn 
that when treated kindly, bull dog terriers 
are known to be great with children, they 
are very loyal companions and they tend to 
be carefully protective of their masters. How 
much better can it get if you are looking for a 
family pet?
One excellent example of why it is all 
wrong to judge a dog by it’s cover came out 
in an article on, entitled 
Dominic The Pitbull Cuddles and Comforts 
a lot of love to give, and just wants to be loved! 
See her video at
watch?v=f4qym5tMB7U. Adoption fee is $100, 
which includes spay, microchip, exam & vaccines. 
Fosters provide food, litter, safety, sweet-talk, and 
love while we provide vet care. Call 626-355-7672 
for a Meet & Greet. We have a whole page devoted 
to our shy cats at

Yogic Wisdom for 
Everyday Life 
Living in 


Do you remember

the “like attracts 
like” principle? It illustrates the idea that the moreenergy and thought we put into something, themore it will grow. Also, the longer we are in thatplace or state of mind, the greater the tendency is tostay there. It becomes comfortable.
This applies to thought patterns and habits, or evenoptimism and negativity. Gandhi illustrates thispoint of view eloquently: “Your beliefs become yourthoughts, your thoughts become your words, yourwords become your actions, your actions becomeyour habits, your habits become your values, yourvalues become your destiny.” In other words, “like 
attracts like.” So, how then do we change course andstep off the flow of negativity?
First, the realization of the power of choice mustcome into awareness. No one, no circumstance, no 
external structure has power over our lives and innerpeace. Higher values of love, compassion, tolerance,
and universal connection with one another are the 
guiding force by which we soothe fear. To take the 

fuse out of fear, truthfulness (honesty), or satyamust be present.
Second, after becoming aware and acknowledgingthe feeling of fear or the train of thought ofnegativity, cultivate the opposite. Optimism andlove are the antidotes to overcoming negativity.
Even doing this begrudgingly will call upon thosehigher principles when we act in our higher selves.
This process will lead us into the spirit of open-
mindedness. This process is one of the core reasonswhy yoga benefits the world. The world has enoughpain and negativity. Yoga cultivates compassion andtolerance –for everyone- and that means everyone!
Each one of us is experiencing the human conditiontogether. Any actions I take affect not only others butmyself as well by creating my own internal sufferingfrom living in a negative frame of mind. Resist anddefeat negativity with hope and a positive attitude.
Knowing all of this, my yoga practice, meditation,
and a practice of loving-kindness feel moreimportant than ever.
Namaste, Keely Totten, Yoga & Meditation Teacher,
Fan of the resistance against 


Diamond is a lovely two-and-a

love with this jewel! Her adoption 

half year old “Blue” American 

fee is $145 and includes spay 

Staffordshire girl who was made 

surgery, vaccinations, microchip 

to look like a warrior when she is 

and a free wellness exam at a 

actually a sweetheart and a lover. 

participating veterinarian. Feel free 

This sweet girl was surrendered by 

to call us at (626) 286-1159 for 

her former owners. Thanks to the 

more information. She currently