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My buddy Brad is headed off to Europe next week andwas curious on the protocol for tipping. Here in thestates it is customary to tip your server, carwash person,
hairstylist, and just about anyone that provides a service.
Tipping the bartender that owns the bar or the stylistthat owns the saloon, or even the delivery person thatowns the florist. My research tells me that they want tobe tipped as we. After all,
we are tipping for thosewho provide a service,
however if they own theestablishment I never feel 
that bad about loweringthe tip or rounding itdown. I know that won’t 
get me front row seats, butI have found that tipping a$1 at Starbucks at the end 
of the week is sufficient. 

Now the question is doyou tip in Europe? In myfirst trip to Athens as anadult I lavished 20% tipson waiters and service 
people and was rewardedon the end of my trip forthat indulgence. I willexplain later. In ten daysof vacation we never reallygot outstanding service. 

thumb is to check your bill, and look for a service charge.
Believe it or not many restaurants don’t allow the workers
to keep their tips.
I have three suggestions:

1/ Round up the amount; say it’s 35 Euro, round it up to

Leave the tip portion as cash. 2/ Give tip directly to your 
We never got bad service but the server’s job was to getthe food to the table and that amounted to it. I found it 
curious coming from California where we expect plentyof up sell and a full glasses of water that Europe did notshower me in attention as I am accustom to in the states. 
Another restaurant, but the same medium of the road 
service greeted me. So I started tipping 10%. I askedour tour guide as to the policy of tipping. She said thateveryone in Greece works at what is called a living wageand that any gratuity is welcome. So, what about otherparts of Europe, or was this just in Greece? The rule of 
server 3/ Check the bill and if there is a Tax or Service
charge and you feel that you got great service, by all
means leave a few more Euros. 
Now back to my story on the 20% tip, we went back to
the original restaurant in Athens that we started out trip
at, the one I gave a full 20% tip to. After such a journey,
now I know why he was so happy to see me. The beer,
and the desserts were all on the house, so maybe the 20%
did pay off!

Listen for more tips this Sunday at 5P M KLAA AM830 or go to my website 

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