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Mountain View News Saturday, May 5, 2018 

Vice President Mike 
Pence Visits JPL

in PCC 

Drops Out

Candidate forums canceled

 Pasadena City College 
officials said Friday that Dr. 
Cliff Davis, vice chancellor 
of the Ozark Technical 
Community College System 
in Springfield, Mo., and 
president of the Ozarks 
Technical College Table 
Rock campus, dropped out 
as the last candidate for 
PCC president, forcing the 
school to start the search 

 In a letter to students faculty 
and staff Friday the school 
said two forums scheduled 
Monday at noon and 5 p.m. 
have been canceled.

 In a special meeting Friday 
morning the PCC Board of 
Trustees voted to negotiate 
a contract to keep current 
President Dr. Rajen Vurdien 
through June 2019.

 A new president search 
time line was also approved 
starting June 13 with 
the board approving the 
selection of an executive 
search firm and job 
announcement; September 
7 Application packages due 
to the college; October 17 
Board of Trustees select 
candidates to interview; 
November 10 Candidates 
interviewed and top two or 
three selected; December 
10-11 Finalists meet the 
students faculty and staff on 
campus and December 19 
with the board selection of 

 The board also approved 
the creation of a committee 
to review, suggest changes 
to, or update its bylaws 
governing the executive 
search process. The 
committee will consist 
of tree members each of 
the Board of Trustees, 
tenured faculty, managers 
and classified staff. Board 
members said they expect 
work by the committee to 
be completed before June 6.

Vice President Mike Pence 3rd from right. 

Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

 Vice President Mike Pence 
toured the birthplace of 
numerous past, present and 
future space missions at 
the agency’s Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory in Pasadena, 
California. Pence made the 
visit one week before today’s 
scheduled launch of Mars 
InSight lander. 

 The afternoon visit by the 
Vice President, his wife, 
Karen, and daughter Charlotte, 
included a stop in JPL’s Mission 
Control, where engineers will 
communicate with NASA’s 
Interior Exploration using 
Seismic Investigations, Geodesy 
and Heat Transport (InSight). 
The Mars lander is scheduled 
to launch Saturday, May 5, from 
Vandenberg Air Force Base in 
California. InSight will be the 
first interplanetary mission ever 
to launch from the West Coast, 
and is the first-ever mission to 
study the interior of Mars.

 The Mission Control building, 
a National Historic Landmark, 
has served as a hub for 
communications with countless 
spacecraft since 1964, including 
some of NASA’s Apollo Moon 
missions, the twin Voyager 
spacecraft at the edge of our 
solar system, and the Cassini 
mission to Saturn. From 
here, Charlotte Pence had an 
opportunity to send commands 
giving the Mars Curiosity 
rover a day’s worth of science 
activities. The signal took about 
seven minutes to travel the 80 
million miles to reach Curiosity, 
which has been roaming the 
Red Planet for almost six years.

 “We were honored to show 
the Vice President, who has a 
strong commitment to space 
exploration, some of our special 
sites and space missions,” said 
JPL Director Michael Watkins. 
“With JPL’s rich history, 
which includes designing and 
building America’s first satellite 
for launch in 1958, and with 
our cutting-edge scientific 
capabilities, we stand ready to 
advance exploration as we move 
forward into our revitalized 
space age.”

 The tour included a stop at 
the JPL Mars Yard, an outdoor 
test facility that simulates the 
Martian landscape. There, the 
Pence family tried their hands 
at maneuvering a test Mars 
rover. They also visited the 
Spacecraft Assembly Facility, 
where the Mars 2020 mission 
hardware is being assembled. 
Mars 2020 will search for signs 
of habitability in Mars’ ancient 
past and signs of past microbial 

 The Vice President, who chairs 
the National Space Council, was 
accompanied on the tour by 
Watkins, JPL Deputy Director 
Larry James, Mars Exploration 
Program Director Fuk Li, 
Caltech President Thomas 
Rosenbaum, National Space 
Council Executive Secretary 
Scott Pace, and Jim Ellis, chair 
of the NASA Space Council 
Users Advisory Group. Caltech 
manages JPL for NASA.

Golf Course Could Become City Park

By Dean Lee

 Pasadena City Manager 
Steve Mermell confirmed 
Friday that city officials were 
in talks with Los Angeles 
County over a possible 
takeover of Eaton Canyon 
Golf Course —if approved, 
they would close the nine 
hole course in East Pasadena 
to be used as park space. 

 “The county approached 
the city and said they were 
interested in transferring 
[Eaton Canyon Golf 
Course] —and if the city was 
interested in taking it over as 
a golf course?” Mermell said. 
“We are interested in it as a 
park only.”

 He said they were in the very 
early stages of discussions, 
“nothing has been finalized, 
nothing has gone to the 
county board of supervisors. 
Its all conceptual at this 

 “There would have to be 
a covenant that says its for 
open space, we’re not going 
to use it to build homes,” 
Mermell said.

 He said there still needed 
to be an environmental 
report as well as a series of 
community meeting. The 
issue would also need a vote 
from the city council to move 

 “I’m hopeful that in less 
than a year, we will get to a 
decision point. If the city 
were to get the land we would 
engage in a master plan 
process with the community 
in what they would want to 
see for the area,” he said. “But 
a golf course is off the table.”

 Mermell said that the city 
would lose money keeping 
it as a golf course. He said 
the course had been losing 
money and that is why the 
county is looking to offload 

 “We will never again have 
the opportunity to acquire 
that much parkland. That 
would be a great get for the 
city,” he said.

 Neighbors in the area had 
rumored the idea of soccer 
fields something Mermell did 
not rule out.

de Mayo 

In order to reduce motorcycle 
crashes and save lives, the 
Pasadena Police Department 
and the California Office of 
Traffic Safety (OTS) are teaming 
up with the National Highway 
Traffic Safety Administration 
(NHTSA) this month for the 
annual Motorcycle Safety 
Awareness campaign to help 
save lives on our roadways. 
The awareness campaign aims 
to educate vehicle drivers and 
motorcyclists on how each 
motorist can be more aware 
of the other, creating safer 
roads and saving lives in the 

 Pasadena Police Department 
will join law enforcement 
throughout the state to step 
up enforcement along with 
awareness efforts to lower 
motorcycle deaths and injuries 
during the May campaign. 
Officers will have a special 
emphasis this month on 
enforcing all traffic violations by 
both motorists and motorcyclist 
deploying Saturation Patrols on 
May 11, and May 12.

 Pasadena Police Department 
has these general tips to drivers 
on how to prevent a fatal crash 
with a motorcycle:

Though a motorcycle is a small 
vehicle, motorist can do their 
part by sharing the road.

Always us a turn signal when 
changing lanes or merging with 

If you see a motorcycle 
with a signal on, be careful: 
motorcycle signals are often 
non-canceling and could have 
been forgotten. Always ensure 
that the motorcycle is turning 
before proceeding.

Stay alert, check all mirrors 
and blind spots for motorcycles 
before changing lanes or 
merging with traffic.

Always allow more following 
distance, follow at a safe 
distance when behind a 
motorcycle. This gives them 
more time to maneuver or stop 
in an emergency.

Never drive distracted or 

Motorcyclists can increase their 
safety by following these steps:

Wear a DOT-compliant helmet 
and other protective gear.

Ride safely when lane sharing 
and always proceed at safe 

Obey all traffic laws and be 
properly licensed.

Use turn signals at every lane 
change or turn.

Wear brightly colored clothes 
and reflective tape to increase 

Ride safely when lane sharing 
and always proceed at safe 

Never ride distracted or 

 The Office of Traffic Safety 
encourages all riders, new 
and experienced, to enroll in 
the California Motorcyclist 
Safety Program (CMSP). The 
CMSP was developed in July 
1987 and has training sites 
throughout the state. The 
CMSP trains approximately 
60,000 motorcyclists per year 
and has trained more than 1.1 
million motorcycle riders. For 
more information, or to find 
a training site near you, visit

 The Motorcycle Safety 
Saturation Patrols are funded 
by a grant from the California 
Office of Traffic Safety, through 
the National Highway Traffic 


In the United States, the 
Cinco de Mayo holiday 
is often associated with 
parties and alcohol. If you’re 
celebrating with friends 
and family this weekend, 
remember that at the end 
of the night, you need to 
have a safe and sober ride 
home. Police, Sheriff and 
the CHP will be out in force 
looking for the telltale signs 
of impaired driving this 

 In the rush to prepare 
for a night out, it’s easy to 
forget the most important 
Cinco de Mayo plan of all: 
designating a sober driver. 
Going out for a night of 
drinking without a plan 
for getting home safely is a 
recipe for disaster.

 Pasadena Police 
Department will deploy 
additional officers on 
special DUI Saturation 
Patrols specifically to stop 
and arrest drivers showing 
signs of alcohol or drug 
impairment during the 
hours of 6:00 PM and 3:00 
AM., in areas with history 
of DUI crashes and DUI 

 Pasadena Police 
Department supports the 
new effort from the Office 
of Traffic Safety (OTS) 
that aims to educate all 
drivers that “DUI Doesn’t 
Just Mean Booze.” If you 
take prescription drugs, 
particularly those with 
a driving or operating 
machinery warning on 
the label, you might be 
impaired enough to get 
a DUI. Marijuana use 
can also be impairing, 
especially in combination 
with alcohol or other drugs, 
and can result in a DUI.

 There are many other 
ways to ensure a safe ride 
home besides relying on a 
friend. The OTS DDVIP 
app is now available for 
free download on iOS and 
Android devices. The app 
offers enhanced features, 
allowing users to search 
all participating bars and 
restaurants throughout 
California. Additionally, 
the app users can easily 
order a sober ride from 
Uber or Lyft.

 To report Drunk Drivers 
- call 911.

Free Monthly Events at 
Pasadena Senior Center


 There is something for everyone 
in May at the Pasadena Senior 
Center, 85 E. Holly St.

 You do not have to be a 
member to attend. Some events 
require advance reservations as 

 A Toast to the Joys of Music – 
Tuesdays to May 29, from 9:30 
to 11:30 a.m. Tom Campbell 
returns to play his guitar and 
sing covers of traditional 
country, country rock, blues, 
folk, gospel and classic rock 
music made famous by The 
Grateful Dead, Vince Gill, 
Merle Haggard, B.B. King, 
Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, The 
Rolling Stones and others.

Taxi Vouchers – Tuesday, May 
1, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Qualified 
low-income adults who are 
50 and older and live in the 
Pasadena area will receive two 
vouchers for taxi rides. Proof of 
income and a California ID are 
required. Quantities are limited.

 Scenic Walkers Club – 
Wednesdays to May 30, at 
10 a.m. Join members of the 
Pasadena Senior Center’s 
Scenic Walkers Club for walks 
to scenic local places to enjoy 
the great outdoors and get some 
exercise. For more information, 
including where to meet up each 
week, contact Scenic Walkers 
Club coordinator Alan Colville 

 Domino Club – Thursdays 
to May 24, at 1 p.m. Rollicking 
games of chicken foot dominoes 
will have you laughing as the 
tiles cascade! This game is 
easy enough for beginners 
yet challenging enough for 
seasoned players. For more 
information call Vicki Leigh at 
(928) 478-4654.

 Friday Movie Matinees at 
1 p.m. Everyone enjoys the 
experience of watching movies 
and the pleasures they bring. 

May 11: “Darkest Hour” (2017, 
R) starring Gary Oldman and 
Kristin Scott Thomas. As the 
threat of Germany’s invasion 
looms during the early days 
of World War II, Britain faces 
its darkest hour while the fate 
of Western Europe hangs on 
the leadership of Winston 
Churchill, the new prime 
minister. May 18: “Coco” (2017, 
PG) with the voice talents of 
Anthony Gonzalez and Gael 
García Bernal. Despite his 
family’s baffling generations-
old ban on music, young Miguel 
aspires to be an accomplished 
musician and enters the Land 
of the Dead where he meets 
an array of extraordinary 
characters who help him unlock 
the real story behind his family 

 Wellness Care – Thursday, 
May 10, at 10 a.m. Learn about 
the popular Activator Methods 
Technique that uses a Medicare-
approved instrument to apply 
gentle, low-force chiropractic 
adjustments; acupuncture, 
a safe, all-natural, drug-free 
and virtually painless healing 
technique that dates back more 
than 2,500 years; and holistic 
nutrition. Presented by Dr. Ted 
Marriott, David Liu L.A.C. and 
Harvey Slater.

 Hoarding and Clutter – 
Thursday, May 17, at 10 
a.m. Hording disorder affects 
between two and five percent of 
the population. Learn about the 
symptoms and possible causes 
of this newly identified clinical 
disorder and resources available 
for people who want to get 
treatment. Presented by Mary 
DeVan, a licensed social worker 
and therapist who specializes in 
the disorder.

 LA Opera Talk: In Love with 
Mozart – Monday, May 21, at 1 
p.m. An LA Opera community 
educator will explore the 
reasons Wolfgang Amadeus 
Mozart has been beloved by 
people from all walks of life for 
more than 200 years.

 Estate Planning Basics, Part 1 
– Thursday, May 24, at 10 a.m. 
Learn the basic facts everyone 
should know about trusts, wills 
and probate issues. Presented 
by the Law Offices of Geoffrey 

 Estate Planning Basics, Part 2 
– Thursday, May 31, at 10 a.m. 
Learn the basic facts everyone 
should know about estate taxes, 
conservatorships and durable 
powers of attorney. Presented 
by the Law Offices of Geoffrey 

 For more information visit 
or call (626) 795-4331. Founded 
in 1960, the Pasadena Senior 
Center is an independent 
nonprofit agency that offers 
recreational, educational, 
wellness and social services to 
people ages 50 and older.

Pet of the 

Larry (A452618) is a 2-year-
old pit bull who loves toys. 
He can hear a squeaky 
toy from a mile away and 
will stop whatever he is 
doing and perk up. His 
absolute favorite toy is the 
Jolly Ball. Our volunteers 
have noticed he has good 
focus and is good with 
commands. While out on 
our Wiggle Waggle Wagon, 
he has met many children 
and is friendly to people of 
all ages. Larry has received 
his blue ribbon, so he knows 
his “sit,” “down,” and “stay” 
and is ready to find a home. 

 The adoption fee for dogs 
is $130. All dogs are spayed 
or neutered, microchipped, 
and vaccinated before 
going to their new home. 

 New adopters will receive 
a complimentary health-
and-wellness exam from 
VCA Animal Hospitals, as 
well as a goody bag filled 
with information about how 
to care for your pet.

 View photos of adoptable 
pets at pasadenahumane.
org. Adoption hours are 
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday; 
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday 
through Friday; and 9 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. Saturday.

 Pets may not be available 
for adoption and cannot 
be held for potential 
adopters by phone calls or 

Metro Bike Share Looking 
for Input on Stations 

 Metro is constantly looking to improve the bike share system and 
is interested in relocating some stations in Pasadena to better serve 
residents and visitors. To give your input, visit: bikeshare.metro.

 The average station size is approximately 50 feet in length. Some 
stations may be smaller or larger. Stations may be placed in parking 
lanes, plazas or open areas that do not impact circulation

What are the station siting criteria?

We are searching for locations on streets, sidewalks or plazas that 

Connectivity – Connections to transit hubs and key destinations 
create a network.

Space Availability – Wider sidewalks and parking spaces are great 

Accessibility – Stations should be visible from the street and easy, 
safe and comfortable to get to.

Sun – Sunny spots are best since stations run on solar power.

Demand and Support – Stations should be located where there is 
high demand.

Convenient & Close to Bike Lanes – Stations should be as close 
as possible to key destinations and placed along streets with bike 
lanes or where riding is comfortable.

 The deadline for comments is Friday, May 18.

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