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Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc



More on Meditation! 

It’s a matter of personal opinion, whether or not our 
pets are part of the family. Or at least, within the 
confines of the family unit it is a matter of opinion. 
If you asked me, I’d say, “Yes, my dog is an important 
and integral part of my family, therefore I consider 
her to be a person, too.” And I actually have lots of 
friends who would agree. They are far too precious 
to be placed into the same category with our 
inanimate personal possessions or assets, it‘s just 
that plain and simple.

 Domestic pets spend more time sitting side-
by-side, up close and personal with their humans 
these days than ever before in the recorded history 
of civilization. Most would agree that they have 
come to assume a familial position in the home that 
certainly precludes them from being considered no 
more important than a pair of boots in the closet or a 
bicycle in the garage, right? However, when it comes 
to the law in this country, a pet is actually regarded as 
just that - just another item on the list of things one 
might own.

 I love to watch court shows on TV. You know 
the ones…Judge Judy, The People’s Court, etc. And 
among the countless episodes I’ve viewed (more than 
I‘m willing to admit), several have revolved around 
pet ownership. In each of those episodes, the judge 
always emphasizes the fact that according to the law, 
a pet is a personal possession, not a family member. 
Compensation for any “pain and suffering” that a 
plaintiff may have sustained due to the death or 
injury of a pet resulting from a defendant’s negligent 
or malicious act are never considered. I’m not sure if 
that’s how it pans out in a real court of law, but that’s 
how it always goes in the court shows shown on TV.

 I understand how and why the law may have come 
to recognize domestic animals as part of a person’s 
estate versus part of the family. I imagine it started 
in the early days of homesteading when people kept 
dogs mainly to help protect their land or livestock. 
The dogs were typically made to stay outside where 
they could perform their “jobs”. It made total sense 
then, considering the mentality that prevailed, to 
treat them like possessions when or if someone 
harmed or stole them. But a lot has changed since 
those days. Who still keeps dogs strictly for use 
as guards or shepherds? Really? 
I mean, just because you can 
doesn’t mean you should.

 It’s 2016, folks! Everybody 
knows a dog is part of the family, 
don’t they? Well, everybody but 
our beloved law-makers, law-
enforcers and court judges, that is. 
I can’t help wondering when the 
‘powers that be’ in this country 
will finally get with it and start 
making appropriate legal changes 
to reflect the true sentiment we 
American animal lovers so clearly 
and strongly share.

 The fact is, many states have been forced to address 
this very issue in recent years, with pet-related 
cases occurring more often within their respective 
jurisdictions. In fact, it is my understanding that a 
couple of states have gone so far as to make significant 
changes to the laws they have in place pertaining to 
a pet being recognized as part of the family versus a 
possession or asset. Hopefully the trend will continue 
to catch on and other states will follow the lead.

 The great state of Texas has made their legal stance 
on the issue crystal clear. When asked whether a 
furry four-legger should be included in the family 
tree in their jurisdiction, authorities emphatically 
reply (pardon my paraphrase), “Hell no, that ain‘t 
happenin’ here!“ Tell us how you really feel, lone star 
folks. Perhaps it’s time to mess with Texas, y’all pup 
lovers out there!

 While some states apparently maintain strong, 
long-term historic opinions against putting pets into 
the kin category, Americans in various other states 
are openly proclaiming their equally intense views 
in favor of the idea. I’m betting the folks who want 
their pets to be viewed as ‘people, too’ in all courts 
of law will probably have their way at the end of the 
day. It just seems inevitable, with the direction our 
society is taking as far as how we treat our animals. 
We have come to recognize the bountiful benefits 
and blessings we receive from them, and we insist on 
having them close by and inside our homes rather 
than outside.

 After all, it would be very disingenuous and 
downright hypocritical of us to continue loving our 
pets and including them in our lives to the degree 
which we do nowadays, only to turn around and 
say they are just another item on the list of stuff we 
own. Law will eventually follow loving logic, I’m 
absolutely sure of it!

 So, to answer the question that is the title of this 
happy tale, and to bring this week’s short and per 
pondering article to a kindly close, I’d like to shout 
out a great big, “YES“! Pets ARE people, too. Just 
ask my Molly, she’ll tell you! Enjoy your four-footed, 
furry friends. Share your home and lives with them. 
Give them the respect they deserve, and above all, 
love and let live!

Meditation is for 
everyone! As long 
as you are strong 
enough to do it, 
it’s recommended. 
Remember why 
we meditate? 
I thought I’d 
highlight just a few of the benefits knowing these 
benefits may urge you to try and set aside 5 minutes 
per day. For those meditating already, it may 
strengthen your dedication and good feeling about 
sitting down each day. 

 Meditation restores vitality by refreshing the 
mind and connecting it with the body. Meditation 
provides silence which helps rid waste from 
the mind. Meditation strengthens focus and 
concentration. It brings deep stillness to the mind 
which is usually not still at all. 

 Meditation soothes our emotions. It is a 
neutral state or a state to just feel what is without 
resistance or struggle. Meditation gives inspiration 
and it surprisingly answers questions we haven’t 
asked. Meditation encourages compassion and 

 Meditation puts a positive vibration out into the 
world and brings feelings of connection with other 
humans in the world. Meditation leads to other 
healthy choices. 

 Meditation transforms. It reveals truth. It reveals 
what we need to work on. We can become aware 
of patterns preventing us from experiencing true 

 Lastly, meditation slows the aging process and 
boosts the immune system. It reduces stress - or the 
feeling of stress - which greatly impacts our overall 
health and well-being. 

 Satisfy your desire to bring balance into your life! 
Come practice. I have a NEW Meditation Series 
beginning Wednesday evening, May 9 through 
June 6. It’s local in Sierra Madre. Visit my website 
for details, Until then, 
Meditate, experience YOU, change the world. 


Keely Totten, E-RYT 500, 

Yoga & Meditation Teacher,

Lori A. Harris


Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual



It’s spring, and it’s the season, the time of year 
when we regroup, we shed, and we clean. It’s the 
time when we reflect and decide what the next 
step should be. Maybe we step up our workout 
to lose a few pounds, or we clean our closets and 
our desks at work. We return to the garden, weed 
and we plant.

 We have Easter and Passover. We attend 
graduations and weddings. We have Mothers 
and Father’s Day to celebrate and to reflect on 
the kind of parents we want to be. We mentally 
renew our wedding vows; we remind ourselves of 
what we love in our spouse and the love we want 
to foster in our marriage. We begin anew.

 I’m attending my sister’s graduation this 
weekend. The commencement speaker repeated 
the usual platitudes. Graduates face crossroads: 
should they take the traditional route or blaze a 
new trail? Spring is the time to remember what 
kind of parent do you want to be. Mothers’ and 
Fathers’ Day is not just a Hallmark moment. It’s 
a time to be grateful for our 
parents that gave us life and 
support. We can appreciate our 
children for the opportunity to 
provide love and guidance. We can also look for 
the lessons they teach us.

 As you look at May, look for opportunities to 
leave things better than you found them. Spring 
is here. What are you shedding and what are 
you planting? Take the time to decide who you 
want to be and how you want to show up in your 

 Seize your response-ABILITY. Recognize your 
choice in all situations; choose happiness and 
joy. Hold your tongue or express your self with 
kindness, because you will feel better. Spring has 
sprung, what are your planting? Decide to plant 
the seeds of peace.


 Lori is a lawyer and coach. Learn more about 
her here:


Gumdrop is a friendly and athletic two-year-old 
American Staffordshire terrier. She is a young 
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leash. Gumdrop will need a safe enclosed home 
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What a fun name 
for a fun boy! 
young male, about 
7-8 mos. Rescued 
from a feral colony, 
but too friendly 
and sweet to put 
back. He is still a 
bit cautious, but 
playful. Give him 
some sweet-talk and 
toys, and it probably won’t take this youngster long to 
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See more pictures and adoption information on our 

Good news: Baby Clementine has been adopted!

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