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 SATURDAY, JUNE 2, 2018 

VOLUME 12 NO. 22

Local Area 
News Briefs

Shaun Harper to Speak 

at PCC Commencement

Deadly Hit-and-run 
Driver Arrested

 Students, families, and 
guests attending the 2018 
Commencement Ceremony 
will hear a guest address from 
a leading expert on diversity 
and inclusion in America’s 
education system.

 Dr. Shaun R. Harper, noted 
as one of the best scholars 
on race, racism, equity, and 
gender studies in the United 
States, will serve as the guest 
Commencement speaker on 
June 15, 2018.

 Dr. Harper’s groundbreaking 
research on campus climate and 
racial equity has made him a 
leader in the field of education. 
He spent a decade on the 
University of Pennsylvania 
faculty, where he founded the 
Center for the Study of Race & 
Equity in Education.

 In July 2017, Harper was 
named the Clifford & Betty 
Allen Professor in Urban 
Leadership at the USC Rossier 
School of Education, where 
he leads the USC Center on 
Race and Equity. He is the 
immediate past president 
of the Association for the 
Study of Higher Education 
and an elected member of 
the American Educational 
Research Association.

 His voluminous scholarly 
output includes 12 books and 
more than 100 peer-reviewed 
journal articles, fueled in part 
by more than $13 million 
in research grants. His 13th 
book, Race Matters in College, 
is currently in press at Johns 
Hopkins University. Dr. 
Harper’s research has been cited 
in more than 8,000 published 
studies, and he has been 
interviewed by The New York 
Times, Los Angeles Times, and 
Chronicle of Higher Education, 
among many others. He has 
been recognized by Education 
Week as one of the 10 most 
influential professors in the 
field of education.

 PCC’s 93rd Commencement 
exercises will take place at 
7 p.m. on Friday, June 15, 
in Robinson Stadium. For 
information on tickets and 
more goto: /

Police arrested a 34-year-
old Alhambra man after he 
walked away from a major car 
crash in Pasadena early last 
Sunday morning that killed 
the other driver.

 According to police, at 
around 2 a.m. a white 
SUV crashed into a black 
Honda at the intersection of 
Sierra Madre and Colorado 
Boulevards. Police said 
the impact left the Honda 
hundreds of feet away on 
the other side of the center 

 Police later arrested Robert 
Michael Ybarra, around 1 
p.m. at his home in Alhambra. 
He was taken to a nearby 
hospital with injuries before 
be booked into jail. Police 
believe Ybarra was under the 
influence at the time of the 
crash. He was also unaware 
the other diver had died 
officers said. 

 Anyone with information 
is asked to call police at 626-

Photo By D. Lee/MVNews

Chalk Artists 
to Descend 
on Paseo 
Father’s Day

 The Paseo, will again be filled 
with Madonnari (Italian for 
street painter) laboring to create 
hundreds of murals as part 
of the 26th annual Pasadena 
Chalk Festival on Father’s Day 
weekend, June 16th and 17th. 

 Organizers said the event 
celebrating the history and 
impact of the centuries-old 
artistry of street painting will 
feature the spectacular work 
of nearly 600 dedicated and 
talented chalk artists. Holding 
the 2010 Guinness World 
Record as the largest public 
art event of its kind, this year’s 
festival is expected to attract 
tens of thousands of visitors as 
artists use more than 25,000 
sticks of pastel chalk to create 
hundreds of life-sized murals. 
Proceeds from art gallery 
sales and a silent auction held 
during the free-to-the-public 
event will benefit Light Bringer 
Project’s art and educational 
programs for underserved 
youth in the greater Pasadena 
and Los Angeles areas. 
Blick Art Materials will 
provide pastel chalk for 
the artists to use to create 
their murals at the festival 
as well as new, unpainted 
12” x 12” canvases artists 
can use to create paintings 
for the art gallery and 
silent auction. A brand-
new attraction this year 
includes a solar system 
mural to be created 
by scientists from Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory 
(JPL) and the California 
Institute of Technology 

 “It’s amazingly gratifying to 
realize just how popular and 
important the Pasadena Chalk 
Festival has become, garnering 
the interest and support of so 
many thousands of visitors 
annually while generating 
much-needed funds to 
support the arts and cultural 
opportunities Light Bringer 
Project delivers to young 
people on an ongoing basis,” 
says Tom Coston, President, 
Light Bringer Project. “We’d 
like to thank The Paseo for 
hosting the event, Otter Pops 
for sponsoring the festival, and 
community partners like Blick 
Art Materials for providing 
chalk and canvases to show 
their support for the event 
and for Light Bringer Project’s 

 Organizers also said this 
year, in addition to recurring 
favorites, the Pasadena Chalk 
Festival has added some new 
attractions including the Otter 
Pops Beach Bungalow provided 
by the event’s sponsor.

 The Otter Pops Beach 
Bungalow, a unique take 
on the popular “tiny house” 
phenomenon that will offer 
visitors a one-of-a-kind 
experience as they immerse 
themselves in all things Otter. 
The Beach Bungalow will 
feature an Otter Pops tasting 
bar where a “pop tender” will 
serve Chalk Festival attendees 
their choice of six zippy ice 
pop flavors. Fully equipped 
with a deck and beach chairs 
for lounging, flat screen TVs 
with custom content and 
entertainment, music and 

 At the conclusion of the 
festival, participating artists 
and shopping center visitors 
select the most outstanding 
murals for a variety of awards 
including The Paseo People’s 
Choice Award.

 For more information visit:


 Dangerous Carjacking 
Ends in Burbank 

 A suspect driving a stolen 
vehicle led CHP officers on 
wild chase Wednesday from 
East Pasadena to Burbank 
that included a carjacking, 
several other attempted 
carjackings and attempting to 
steal a Metro Freeway Service 
Patrol vehicle. 

 According to police a man 
driving a stolen car, rear-
ended a white SUV on the 
210 Freeway near San Gabriel 
Boulevard around 9 a.m. The 
suspect ran past the other 
driver, jumped in her SUV 
and fled. According CHP 
officers, the driver became 
erratic intentionally ramming 
the SUV into several vehicles 
and driving into oncoming 
traffic down Riverside Drive. 
The driver, thought to be 
on drugs, was arrested after 
police tackled him to the 
ground as he tried to run 
from the vehicle .

 Residents can safely 
dispose of electronic waste and 
have personal and business 
documents shredded at the 
City’s popular free e-waste event 
from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, 
June 16, 2018. The event will be 
held in Parking Lot I outside 
the Rose Bowl Stadium near 
Brookside Park, 360 North 
Arroyo Boulevard. 

 Shredding trucks and e-waste 
collection sites will be arranged 
at different stations in Parking 
Lot I. Look for signs directing 
you to the event. Motorists and 
bicyclists are advised to use 
caution while traveling through 
the area.

 E-waste items include 
computers, keyboards, printers, 
monitors, laptops, docking 
stations, scanners, shredders, 
fax machines, computer mice, 
telephones, televisions, flat 
screens, VCRs, DVD players, 
PDAs, cassette players, tape 
drives, stereos and household 
batteries. Many of these 
products have parts that can be 

 Public Works is also helping 
residents prevent identity 
theft by providing free paper 
shredding during the event. The 
public can bring a maximum 
of three (3) legal-size boxes for 
shredding. Sensitive documents 
such as receipts, checks, pre-
approved credit applications, 
credit card statements, outdated 
tax returns, pre-printed 
envelopes, return address labels 
and business cards are items 
that can be shredded.

 Event participants will be 
required to show proof of 
Pasadena residency and the 
duration of the event is subject 
to truck capacity. The event 
is sponsored by the City’s 
Department of Public Works. 
For more information about 
the free e-waste collection and 
document shredding event, 
PublicWorks or call (626) 744-

PCC Students Give Award 
to Creator of the XBOX

By Dean Lee

 After a discussion with 
Seamus Blackley, the co-creator 
of the XBOX, several weeks 
ago, students at Pasadena City 
College presented him with 
an award horning the game 
designer widely known as the 
“Father of the Xbox.”

 At the April 24 event Seamus 
talked about everything he 
has done from early days of 
experimental aircraft design 
to his new startup in which he 
said “in the future everyone will 
be watching 3D Hologram TV.” 
He was hired at Microsoft in 
the 90s at part of Entertainment 
graphics for Windows. Out 
of that came a dedicated 
PC for gaming based on the 
application programming 
interfaces DirectX. 

 “During a presentation , I said 
we need a simple box, a direct 
x box,” he said about the name. 

 When asked what he would 
look for hiring interns, he said. 
“We want to see that they did 
okay in school but we want to 
see someone who is interested 
in doing ‘stuff’ because there 
might be a chance we are 
interested in what you are 
doing? Almost everything we 
try and do... is stuff that hasn’t 
been done before. That means 
there are no rules, nowhere to 
look, no YouTube videos, so 
you need to find a way to let 
everyone know that you’re cool 
with that. You’re going to get 
out there not go insane. You’re 
going to know what to do. 
That’s most important.” 
Blackley is currently the CEO 
of a venture-backed startup, 
Pacific Light & Hologram 
based in Pasadena. “This is the 
best place to build stuff,” he said 
about Pasadena.



 Pg. 3


Pg. 4




PUSD Teacher of the Year


Pg. 7

 Donna Shepard, a 
special education teacher 
at Focus Point Academy, 
has been named the 2018 
Pasadena Unified School 
District (PUSD) Teacher 
of the Year and is the 
district’s nominee for the 
annual 2018 Los Angeles 
County Teacher of the 
Year honors competition.

 Ms. Shepard was one 
of five Rotary Teachers 
of Excellence awardees 
honored earlier this 

 “Honoring the 
exemplary educators 
in our district is one 
of the highlights of 
the year. Ms. Shepard’s 
remarkable dedication 
to the students she serves 
represents the excellence 
of our teachers,” said 
Superintendent Brian 

 Ms. Shepard is a Special 
Education teacher at 
Focus Point Academy, the 
structured program that 
incorporates daily supportive 
counseling and specially 
designed academic instruction 
for students diagnosed with 
emotional disturbances and 
specific learning disabilities. A 
native of Pasadena, she worked 
in PUSD for 25 years, with the 
last six working as a special 
education teacher. 

 Ms. Shepard said, “My goal 
is to get each student reading 
and writing at or above grade 
level. I’m inspired every day 
by their growth and academic 

 Ms. Shepard will represent 
PUSD in the annual Los 
Angeles County Office of 
Education (LACOE) Teacher 
of the Year competition.




 Pg. 10



Victory Park 



 A community meeting 
will be held to present the 
restroom replacement 
project to those who are 
interested in learning more. 
Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.

In front of the existing 
Victory Park restroom 
building facing Paloma St.





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