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On April 10, 2018, voters in Sierra Madre will 
go to the polls and select three people from a field 
of four to sit on the City Council. They will also 
vote on Measure D which attempts to abolish the 
city’s current Utility User Tax and Measure A an 
Advisory Measure. 
The Mountain Views News will provide our readers 
with comprehensive coverage of this election. Each 
week, as we have done in the past, we will profile 
the candidates and give each of the candidates the 
opportunity to introduce themselves to our readers 
by answering the following questions: 
1. Why are you running for City Council? 
2. What are you going to do for Sierra Madre? 
3. How do you plan on accomplishing your goals? 
(All candidates are being asked to answer the same questions and their answers will be published 
This paper will also review the pros and cons of Measure D and Measure A.
The schedule will be as follows: 
March 3rd Candidate Andy Bencosme 
March 10th Candidate Gene Goss 
March 17th Candidate Denise Delmar 
March 24th Candidate Rachelle Arizmendi 
March 31st Measure D &Advisory Measure A 
It is our sincere hope that each candidate will submit their answers so that we can share them with our 
readers. A separate letter has been sent to each candidate asking them to participate. 
Our reporting on this election will be as fair and objective as possible. However, please keep in mind 
that our columnists are always free to share their opinions. Their opinions are their opinions and may 
or may not reflect the position of the paper. This is true in all things, not just this election. 
We will also provide for you the calendar of important dates regarding the election. It is our goal to 
do whatever we can to help you make an informed decision on April 10, 2018. 
Susan Henderson, Publisher and Editor 
I am honored to have served the 
residents as a City Councilmember 
of the unique and special place that isSierra Madre. When elected we faced 
a looming budget deficit, a droughtwhich forced the City to import outsidewater with devastating effects our waterpipes, a demoralized police force, andreduction in City Hall office hours. With 
hard work, tenacity and collaboration ofall the City Councilmembers, City Staff,
community support, and the leadershipof our new City Manager we overcamethose obstacles. 

I was Chairman of the Sierra Madre 
General Plan Update which establishedwhat the community wants Sierra 
Madre to be in 30 years. After many

hours of work by the Committee,
dedicated Sierra Madre residents, and the PlanningCommission, the Plan was proudly presented tothe City Council. It was unanimously passed andis being implemented and followed as dictated bythe Sierra Madre residents. I’m committed to assure 
that the Plan is adhered to. 

I’m also committed to maintain all the Cityservices for Sierra Madre and retain its villagecharacter as voiced in the budget town hall meetingsheld in 2016. 

The city still faces many challenges, including acontinuing budget crunch, an ageing infrastructure,
and a continuing demand by the California State 
government. I bring my past experience in the 

City Council and knowledge as Human ResourcesDirector of an organization with over 7000employees to help resolve present and upcomingchallenges.

I am committed to: 

The General Plan to preserve Sierra Madre

- Maintain city services
- Promote efficiencies in the City Government
- Advocate for our volunteer and civic organizationsI am asking the voters to cast their vote for me onApril 10,
Email Denise Delmar at reelectdenisedelmar@ 
gmail.com with your concerns or wishes for Sierra 

VOLUME 12 NO. 11 



Sierra Madre, CA –The City of Sierra Madre has put 
TeaPac and the two proponents of Measure D on notice 
that they must immediately cease and desist the 
unauthorized use of the City's logo in their Stop the 
UUT campaign literature, or face legal consequences, 
including a potential lawsuit. After receiving 
telephone calls and emails from confused or angry 
residents demanding to know why the City's well-
known and loved wistaria logo was being used in 
Measure D campaign materials, the City was forced 
to take immediate action to stop the deception. 

Use of the City's logo without express written consent 
is a violation of the Sierra Madre Municipal 
Code and may be enjoined as a public nuisance or 
enforced as a misdemeanor. Use of a city logo or seal 
in campaign materials in a manner that misleads or 
gives a false impression that the campaign materials 
are authorized by a public official is also a violation 
of state law. 

Unlike private committees and initiative proponents, 
Sierra Madre is held to a higher standard by 
the Fair Political Practices Commission to communicate 
only truthful and accurate information to the 
community on the impacts of proposed initiatives, 
and cannot produce campaign literature. The use 
of the City logo to communicate false information 

in campaign literature is deceptive and misleading. 
The March 8th TeaPac email, which used the City's 
logo, contained several false statements about the 
City's fiscal condition. 

The Utility User Tax (UUT), which is a 10% local 
tax on utilities, produces $2.6 million in revenue 
annually, making up 24% of the General Fund, and 
pays for Police, Fire, Library and Community Services. 
The Fiscal Impact Report which analyzes the 
effects of Measure D on Sierra Madre is available 
at www.CityofSierraMadre.com, by clicking on the 
link titled Fiscal Impact Report on the home page. 
This report outlines what is likely to happen to these 
services if Measure D is approved and 24% ($2.6M) 
of revenue is removed from the City’s General Fund. 

Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi, stated "This City Council 
has worked hard to keep our police and fire services 
here in Sierra Madre while still maintaining 
a balanced budget. The UUT is an integral part of 
that. I trust our residents, who overwhelmingly 
supported the UUT just two years ago, know this 
and will not be fooled by false statements from Tea-
Pac. But using our City logo to try to confuse people 
about supporting Measure D is beyond the pale 
and we have to just say "No." 


On Thursday,right across the street from Sierra 
Madre City Hall stood about a half dozen protestors, 
with a very large yellow banner that suggested 
that someone was stealing wages. (See picture 

 The persons associated with the banner were 
members of one of the Los Angeles area Carpenter's 
Unions and when queried about their grievance, it 
was learned that their issue was neither with City 
Hall nor the building they were standing in front 
of, The Kensington Senior Living Facility. Rather, 
according to the spokesperson who did not disclose 
his name, the allegations of wage theft were directed 
at a sub-contractor on a project in Redondo 
Beach. When asked why they were protesting in 
Sierra Madre, they indicated that while the Kensington 
was not involved in the dispute, one of the 
initial deveopers of the Kensington, Billie Shields, 
was also involved in the development of the Redondo 
Beach project.

 A corporate spokesperson for Billy Shields and 
The Kensington sent the following statement, " We 
are aware of the public awareness activity near our 

community and can assure you that the actions and 
allegations have nothing to do with The Kensington 
Sierra Madre. 

The actions and allegations relate to a general contractor 
who is responsible for building our project 
in Redondo Beach. The general contractor has 
hired numerous subcontractors. The actions and 
allegations relate to one subcontractor’s previous 
work on a non-Kensington project. 

We have every confidence in our general contractor. 
They have an excellent track record of building 
first-class senior housing communities nationally."

 It should be noted that during the development, 
construction and ongoing management of The 
Kensington Sierra Madre, wage disputes have not 
been lodged. 

 The banner, however speaks for itself. Wage Theft 
is a crime, but not one being committed in Sierra 
Madre at The Kensington. 

S. Henderson/MVNews 

California Highway Patrol deputies now believe that a large boulder that killed a man in a vehicle Tuesdaynight on the 134 Freeway in Pasadena was intentionally dropped from the Orange Grove Boulevardoverpass. They are looking for anyone that may have witnessed the suspect or suspects to come forward.
Full Story on Page 5. 

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