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VOLUME 12 NO. 11 
Pasadena Metro Bike Share in Jeopardy

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Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: editor@mtnviewsnews.com Website: www.mtnviewsnews.com 


California Highway Patrol 
deputies now believe that a 
large boulder that killed a man 
in a vehicle Tuesday night on 
the 134 Freeway in Pasadena 
was intentionally dropped from 
the Orange Grove Boulevard 
overpass. They are looking for 
anyone that may have witnessed 
the suspect or suspects to come 
According to investigators, 
Christopher Lopez, 23, was 
killed when a 30 to 35-pound 
boulder smashed through 
the windshield of the Toyota 
Corolla he and his family were 
riding in shortly before 9 p.m. 
The boulder hit the car as they 
passed under Orange Grove 
Boulevard traveling westbound 
in the carpool lane. Lopez was 
in the passenger seat.
““He didn’t deserve this. 
My daughter didn’t deserve 
this,” said his wife Guadalupe 
Gutierrez as she made a plea 
for the public’s help. Gutierrez, 
pregnant, was driving the 
car. The couple’s 4-year-old 
daughter and Gutierrez’s 
mother were also in the car. 
No one else was injured CHP 
deputies said.
CHP Lt. Chuck Geletko said 
the incident was an “intentional 
act,” and that anyone who threw 
a boulder of that size would 
know it would seriously harm 
anyone driving on the freeway.
Gutierrez drove her husband 
to Glendale Adventist Medical 
Center where he died less than 
an hour later. 
Investigators said they have 
recovered the boulder and are 
examining it for DNA. They 
are also looking for surveillance 
video from nearby cameras. 
Geletko said they need to find 
those responsible to prevent 
this from happening to any 
other family.
Anyone with information is 
urged to call the California 
Highway Patrol, Altadena at 

(626) 296-8100. 
Hampton also suggested 
moving the underperforming 
stations to other parts of the 
The lowest performing stations 
are Fair Oaks/Hammond with 
279 rides and Pasadena Central 
Library with 391 rides. Top 
performing stations include 
Memorial Park Station with 
1,695 rides and the Rose Bowl 
with 1,425 rides. The city saw 
26,527 total rides since launch. 

Don’t Relyon the Luck 
o’ the Irish 

 St. Patrick’s Day is one of the 
most popular holidays in the 
United States. The holiday 
is heavily celebrated by most 
with friendly pinches of those 
not wearing something green, 
bangers n’ mash, and the 
toasting of green beer. Sadly, all 
this merry-making can lead to 
dangerous driving conditions as 
party-goers head home.

 Pasadena Police Department 
will deploy additional officers 
on special DUI Saturation 
Patrols specifically to stop and 
arrest drivers showing signs of 
alcohol or drug impairment 
during the hours of 6:00 PM 
and 3:00 AM tonight. In recent 
years, California has seen an 
increase in drug-impaired 
driving crashes. DUI Doesn’t 
Just Mean Booze. If you take 
prescription drugs, particularly 
those with a driving or operating 
machinery warning on the label, 
you might be impaired enough 
to get a DUI. Marijuana use can 
also be impairing, especially in 
combination with alcohol or 
other drugs, and can result in a 

 Pasadena Police Department 
recommends the following safe 
alternatives to drinking and 

 First: Always remember to 
plan ahead. If you plan to drink, 
plan for a sober driver to take 
you home. Is it your turn to be 
the designated driver? Take that 
role seriously—your friends are 
relying on you.

 There are many other ways to 
ensure a safe ride home besides 
relying on a friend. The OTS 
DDVIP app is now available 
for free download on iOS and 
Android devices. The app offers 
enhanced features, allowing 
users to search all participating 
bars and restaurants throughout 
California. Additionally, the app 
users can easily order a sober 
ride from Uber, Lyft or Curb.

 Have a friend who is about to 
drink and drive? Take the keys 
away and make arrangements to 
get them home safely.

 Always remember to report 
drunk drivers - call 911. 

Pasadena Police Chief 
Sanchez to Retire in April 

Without giving much of a 
reason, Police Chief Phillip 
Sanchez announced he 
will retire, effective April 

18. Sanchez made the 
announcement in a letter to 
City Manager Steve Mermell. 
“The decision to step away 
from serving my community 
is a difficult one which took 
much deliberation and careful 
thought,” Sanchez wrote. “For 
the past eight years I have had 
the honor of leading one of the 
nation’s finest law enforcement 
agencies, comprised of heroic 
men and women who serve 
with distinction in keeping 
our city safe putting on the 
Pasadena police uniform 
everyday has truly been a 
humbling experience.”

 Sanchez is leaving the 
department at a time of 
controversy. Last week 
former Pasadena Lt. Vasken 
Gourdikian was indicted for 
selling guns illegally last year 
and falsifying government 
forms. He pled not guilty 
and is free on bond. It was 
also revealed that a second 
(unidentified) Pasadena 
police officer is also under 
investigation in the case. 

 Late last month the Altadena 
Town council sent Sanchez 
and city officials a letter over a 

Hop into Pasadena’s Egg
Bowl and Celebrate Spring 

 Celebrate spring by hopping 
your way through Pasadena’s 
FREE Egg Bowl and Spring 
Festival Saturday, March 31, 
2018, at the Rose Bowl Stadium, 
1001 Rose Bowl Dr. This is the 
fourth year the Egg Bowl will 
be held at the historic stadium, 
and more than 6,000 people are 
expected to attend. 80,000 eggs 
will line the historic Rose Bowl 
Stadium field.

 The excitement will begin with 
a special ticketed Bunny Brunch 
in the Terry Donahue Pavilion, 
Stadium Club Lounge. Tickets 
are required for the brunch 
and tickets will not be sold at 
the event, but the Egg Bowl 
egg hunts and spring festival 
are free and open to the public. 
Take photos with the bunny, 
access an exclusive egg hunt 
before the event opens to the 
public, enjoy pancakes, eggs, 
sausages and more. The public 
can purchase advance tickets 
online at eventbrite.com. One 
lucky Bunny Brunch ticket 
holder will win a free Rose Bud 
membership, the official kids 
club of the Rose Bowl Stadium. 
Three separate FREE egg hunts 
for kids ages 0 to 12 will begin 
at 11:30 a.m. The second set 
of egg hunts will start at 12:45 

p.m. and the last at 2:00 p.m. 
No registration is required, 
admission is free. All egg hunts 
are the same. Remember to 
bring your best egg hunting 
basket or purchase a $3 bucket 
for Pasadena’s largest egg hunt. 
Hop over to the Spring Festival 
featuring free family activities, 
games, performances including 

violent traffic stop in November 
requesting that Pasadena 
officers Zachary Lujan and 
Lerry Esparza stop any police 
business in Altadena. They also 
asked the department to stop 
proactively patrolling Altadena 
until doing a review of their use 
of force procedures.

 The officers stopped Ballew 
Nov. 9 initially for driving 
with tinted windows and 
missing a front license plate. 
An altercation between Lujan, 
Esparza and Ballew left Ballew 
with a black eye and a broken 
leg. Video of the incident by 
a bystander went viral. Civil 
rights activists had demanded 
the officers be placed on leave.

 According to reports, John 
Perez, Deputy Police Chief will 
become interim chief starting 
Monday. Sanchez will remain 
with the department until 

a bubble artist, a puppet show 
and the Wilson Marching Band, 
arts and crafts, face painting 
(nominal fees apply), food for 
sale and more from 11 a.m. to 
3 p.m. Scheduled exhibitors at 
the festival include, Armory 
Center for the Arts, The 
Huntington, Lakeshore 
Learning Store, Options for 
Learning, Mission Renaissance 
Fine Art, Pasadena Educational 
Foundation, PlayLab, Ronald 
McDonald House, Stratford 
School, Southern California 
Children’s Museum, the Sri 
Lanka Foundation and the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses. 

 Take advantage of our summer 
day camp preview sale at this 
year’s Egg Bowl. There is a 
nominal fee for face painting 
and limited supplies of buckets 
and commemorative Egg Bowl 
backpacks will be available for 
purchase as well. 

 Free rides to and from the Egg 
Bowl and Festival will be offered 
on Pasadena Transit Route 51 
Saturday buses from 7 a.m. to 4 

p.m. The route travels between 
Old Pasadena & Memorial 
Park Gold Line Station along 
Fair Oaks to the Rose Bowl. 
The Rose Bowl Stadium is 
a 5-minute walk from the 
nearest Pasadena Transit bus 
stop. View the route map and 
schedule at pasadenatransit.net 
Riders will also be entered in a 
raffle to win great prizes! Free 
parking is available in Lot F for 
people who drive to the event. 
For more information about 
the spring Egg Bowl visit: 
cityofpasadena.net or call (626) 

With a cost of over $1.3 million 
to the city, no current title 
sponsorship, and with onlyeight percent fare box recovery 
—as part of a two-year plan — 
the city’s Municipal Services 
Committee looked at options 
Tuesday that included removing 
Metro’s Bike Share network 
completely from the city.
Pasadena Director of 
Transportation Fred Dock 
said during negotiations with 
Metro in 2015, it was estimated 
that a title sponsorship could 
generate between $516,000 to 
$750,000 per year and it was 
also estimated fare box recovery 
would be 60 percent at best. 
“Unless… Metro modifies 
the terms of any subsequent 
[Memorandum of 
understanding] MOU to be 
more favorable to the city, it is 
unlikely that continued support 
for the bike share system in 
Pasadena can be recommended 

as fiscally prudent,” Dock said.
Although no action was taken 
on the information item, 
committee members decided 
that the city should work with 
Metro to save the program, 
including looking at local 
sponsorship such as Kaiser 
Metro Principal Transportation 
Planner Jenny Cristales-
Cevallos said winter was lowest 
turnout for bike riding. She said 
they expect the numbers to 
go up in summer. Committee 
Member Tyron Hampton noted 
that three stations were still not 
installed including the Allen 
Gold Line station popular with 
Pasadena City College students.
Mayor Terry Tornek and 
Committee Members suggested 
looking at possibly having the 
city create its own program 
similar to Santa Monica or Long 

Eyes On The Universe 

Leadership InAstronomy Today

Dr. John Mulchaey, 
Director of the Carnegie 
Observatories, will 
discuss the history 
and accomplishments 
of the Carnegie 
Observatories on 
Saturday, March 24, 
11 a.m. at Pasadena 
Public Library’s Linda 
Vista Branch, 1281 
Bryant St.

 Mulchaey is the 
11th director of the 
historic department, 
founded in 1904. He 
has been with Carnegie 
for more than 20 
years and has been 
intricately involved in 
research and telescope 
development during 
his tenure. As the 
leader of Carnegie 
Observatories he 
follows in the footsteps 
of such astronomical 
giants as George Ellery 
Hale and Horace 

 His focus at Carnegie 
has been on groups 
and clusters of galaxies, 
elliptical galaxies, dark 
matter—the invisible 
material that makes up 

most of the universe—active 
galaxies, and black holes. 
He studies galaxy groups to 
understand the processes 
that affect most galaxies 
during their lifetimes.

Mulchaey works 
extensively with space-
based, X-ray telescopes, and 
the extraordinary optical 
Magellan telescopes at 
Carnegie’s Las Campanas 
Observatory in the Atacama 
desert of Chile. Both types 
of telescopes play a role 
in delving deeper into the 
nature of galaxy groups. 
Join us to learn more about 
galaxies as well as other 
projects currently underway 
at Carnegie Observatories. 
2018: Year of Science is 
sponsored by the Linda 
Vista Library Associates. 
For more information on 
this and other upcoming 
science programming events 
planned, contact Robin 
Reidy (626) 744-7278 or 
rreidy@cityofpasadena.netor Deborah Takahashi at 

(626) 744-7278 dtakahashi@ 

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