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JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday,March 17, 2018 
8JUST FOR BEST FRIENDS Mountain Views-News Saturday,March 17, 2018 
Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc 

Yogic Wisdom for 
Being prepared to successfully survive a majorearthquake, tornado, hurricane or any other type ofpotential “doomsday” disaster is by no means a newconcept. However, if you are like me, you will agreethat it can’t hurt to re-visit the topic now and then, andsubscribe to any fresh ideas or suggestions on disasterpreparedness, in case that day should come whenyou‘ll need to be ready.

I once read an article in Dog Fancy magazineentitled “Ready for Anything”, by Kitson Jazynka.
It was a true story about an experience had by theAnastasias, a Maryland family who found themselvesdealing with three very frightened dogs, two of whichwent missing during Hurricane Irene. For a while 
during the ordeal, the Anastasias began to think thatthey might never see their precious pups again.

It all happened while they were trying desperatelyto escape their home after a huge oak tree had beenpushed over by the high winds and landed on theirroof. They ran to find refuge at a neighbor‘s house,
and were making their way across a small field whenthe two frightened dogs broke away and ran randomlywithout direction into the dark night.

I could relate to how the Anastasias must have felt 
when their dogs got away and ran in fear, and I couldimagine that happening at my house, if we were tofind ourselves in a similar situation. I had to face the 
fact that, although I love my dog and I like to thinkI am a responsible pet owner, I was nowhere near as‘pet-ready’ for a major disaster as I should and couldbe. I’m not sure I could forgive myself if my Mollywent missing or perished during a hazardous event,
knowing I had not done everything in my power toprotect her.

Fortunately, the Anastasias did manage to findtheir two frightened dogs and gathered them in tosafety before they were lost or injured, but the endresult could have been grim, considering their lackof preparedness. One good thing that came from thatexperience was the family realizing how important itis to be ‘pet-prepared’ for a disaster, and then sharingwhat they learned in Kitson Jazynka’s Dog Fancy 

First and foremost, the Anastasias realized that it is 
very important not to wait until the night of the stormor disaster, to prepare. To really be ready, one musttake the time to plan ahead. What a challenge for thishabitual procrastinator!

Preparing your pets for a “doomsday” eventincludes several factors and should begin with writingout a plan. Ideally, the plan will include a list of various

occur for having to remain within the home - with orwithout power - for an extended period of time, andwe should be ready to help our pets get through it.

Preparation plans will vary depending on thespecific set of circumstances and the specific needs ofyour pet, but here are a few basic tips that are sure topertain to nearly any household with domestic pets:

Microchip your dog. Collars and tags can easily falloff and get lost, and the appearance of your pet mayvary depending on the elements and whether yourdog is injured. A registered chip implanted under yourdog’s skin will ensure it’s unmistakable identity, shouldhe get lost. Ask your veterinarian about microchipimplants and registering.

Crate train your dog, or at least train him to beaccustomed to walking in and out of a small area suchas a storm cellar or underground crawl space. If a dogif fearful of small spaces, he may not be willing to takeshelter. 

Keep extra copies of your pet’s vaccination recordsand photos on hand both in your vehicle and in yourhome to help identify and prove ownership of your 

Establish a buddy system with your neighbors tohelp ensure that your pets will be kept safe in case youare unable to get home during a disaster.

Keep a box of extra pet foods and any other petnecessities you may need in case the stores are closedfor an extended period of time after a disaster. Thepet supply box should be stored along with your own“human” survival kit for easy retrieval in case of anevacuation. 

Regardless of the circumstances, it is very importantthat you secure your pet on a leash or in a crate at theonset of a major storm or earthquake. If your pet is notsecured, he is much more likely to escape and run outinto the street where he could be hit by a car, or roamrandomly into the neighborhood or forest where youmay not be able to find him.

Animals often become nervous during a stormor earthquake and they pick up on our energy if weourselves are nervous or afraid. If you plan aheadand practice the basic steps of preparedness before adisaster hits, you’re much more apt to remain calmduring an ordeal, and in that way help your pets to dothe same. 

It’s up to us humans to be responsible pet ownersand take necessary steps to protect our doggies (andkitties) during a disaster, so let’s do our best to beprepared. And as always, don’t forget to love and letlive! 

As the sages say,

create a fire in your

belly and ignite your 
passion for life!!

So much takes place at the navel center. Many studiesreport that serotonin production begins in the gut and it’soften called our “second brain”. There are so many articles onthis topic. Browse for them and you will be amazed. Thus,
the navel center is like a central storehouse for motivation, 
joy, and power. This is true physically and energetically. Wecan relate this back to the strong feeling we get from doing“core” work. Although the core goes around back too, thisstrengthening at the belly helps to stabilize the entire body. 

In my tradition, when we say “fire in thebelly” we are referring to the energy center at the navel. Whenour fire or flame is lit, the essence of who we are is apparent.

We have the motivation, stability and stamina toaccomplish what we want and be who we want to be.
Creating this fire or vibrant flame at the navel center alsoplays another role. The heat and flame can help dissolvesome of the crud built up in the lower two chakras (energycenters). Most of our unresolved issues (what holds us back)
from the past are held at the root and sacral regions. These 

areas have to do with security, desire, and relationships. If thefire becomes bright enough and steady enough, it can helpus TRANSFORM beyond our limitations. Thus, fire in bellyfacilitates our transformation. To create this in our practice,
it’s best to first, make the body and mind as clean, clear andstable as possible. We’d never want to ignite a flame withoutthe proper fuel for the fire. It will just burn out that way.
A steady burning flame is the one we want, with an even,
abundant fuel source. The fuel source being our vital energyreserves and stable mind. Transformation is not going tohappen when we’re running on empty. Next, we simplybegin to gather and direct energy there to strengthen andenliven the entire area. 

Think about the power held at navel center, do some workin the area and see what happens. In fact, consider beginninga meditation practice specific to directing energy there.
Please contact me to learn more at

Until then, enjoy the confidence and joy that comes froma focus at the navel center. 

Keely TottenYoga and Meditation Teacher, Supporter ofTransformative Fire 

scenarios with corresponding actions to be taken.
For example, how can you best be prepared tocare for your pets in the case of a mandatoryevacuation due to a fire or flood? Or, like in the 
case of the Anastasias, what if you are forced toflee from your home during a raging storm?
Conversely, what steps of preparation shouldyou take to protect your pets if you are forcedto stay inside your house without power after ablizzard? We may not have blizzards in SouthernCalifornia, but there may be other causes that can 

and LUCKY 
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of puppy energy for playtime and outdoor activities, 
yet she also does well on a leash.Gundrop will 
need a safe enclosed home and may be best suited 
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Real Life Tips from LIfe's Instruction Manual 

It's International Women's Month, and I hope toto pass scrutiny in the arts ofchallenge your thinking and shake things up for you. The gardening, portrait painting, finepurpose of my work and column is to help you rethinkcuisine, sculpture, poetry, and 
what's possible for you. This week we learn about former dance, as well as song, to haveAltadena resident Sue Dakin who ran for President of the lines of communication fully openLori A. Harris 
United States against incumbent President Ronald Reaganbetween the President and each 
in 1984. Her effort was a performance art piece designedmember of the Executive Cabinet. 
to challenge the status quo and expand the nation's"The main focus of my 1983-84 campaign was the ideanotions about art and politics. She never expected to winthat if every citizen were truly an artist, any president wethe presidency, but she did extend the conversation. She elect will by default be an artist. “The Nation is the Artwork;
initially asked several more established and recognizedwe are the artists creating it” and the only differenceartists, but no one was interested. Eventually, she acceptedbetween being or not being an artist is that artists takethat it was a job assignment just for her. She afraid and aesthetic responsibility for what we create, and for cleaningunsure, but she went ahead and declared her candidacy.up the messes we leave in the creative process.

She suggested guidelines for a chakra-balanced Think of this: If we live as if the future will reveal itself 
Presidential Cabinet. as the consequence of rigorous art practice, it just might do

Chakras, are believed to be energy focal points locatedthat!" Sue Dakin 
in and around the body. Chakras regulation is done inThis sculptor, performance artist, writer, educator didn'tsome Indian and Egyptian practices. Ms. Dakin wanted seek permission and ran for President of the United States.
to include native traditions of the many people that callWhat challenge waits for you? Learn more about Sue 
the United States home. She assigned the art of song toDakin in her book, An Artist for President.
the Secretary of the Department of Treasure. AccordingLearn more about Lori at her website www.Loriaharris. 
to Ms. Dakin, a qualified Artist for President would have com. 

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