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Mountain Views-News Saturday,March 17, 2018 AROUND SAN GABRIEL VALLEY B2 
Mountain Views-News Saturday,March 17, 2018 AROUND SAN GABRIEL VALLEY 

The United States 
Postal Service and the 
Sierra Madre Chamber 
of Commerce 
announce a special 
postal cancellation to 
celebrate The Sierra 
Madre Wistaria 

This special postmark 
will be available at 
the Sierra Madre 
Wistaria Festival, Sunday March 18, 2018 at the Wistaria Festival Postal Station located 
at Kersting Court in Sierra Madre at Sierra Madre Boulevard and Baldwin Avenue. 

This special temporary postal station will be open 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

Bring post cards or letters. You can send mail and post from this special event post office 
and surprise your friends when they receive mail with this extraordinary postmark. 

The announcement of this postal cancellation has been printed in the U. S. Postal 
Bulletin which is distributed worldwide. To accommodate collectors from out of the 
area the Sierra Madre Post Office will cancel postcards and letters upon request with the 
Wistaria cancellation for 30 days after the event. 

To postmark a letter after the event go to Sierra Madre Post office and request The 
Wistaria Postmark on your mail. 


480 S. Orange Grove Blvd., Unit 17, Pasadena 

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Catherine “Tink” Cheney 
Luxury Property Specialist 
Cell: 626 233 2938 
CalBRE# 01173415 

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Real Estate LLC. Broker does not guarantee the accuracy of square footage, lot size or other information concerning the condition or features of property provided by seller or obtained from public records or other 
sources, and the buyer is advised to independently verify the accuracy of that information through personal inspection and with appropriate professionals. 

The History ofSierra Madre’s Most Well Known 

By Joan Schmidt

Several years ago, I read about firemen andpolicemen having their heads shaved to raisemoney; in addition, students also participated inthis annual event, on St. Baldrick Day. I had neverheard of a “St. Baldrick”, and wondered about it. 

How and when did this wonderful programbegin? In Manhattan in 1999, Tim Kenny issued achallenge to colleagues John Bender and Enda McDonnell. “How would you give back in return foryour good fortune in business?”

Enda’s thick head of hair gave John the big ideaof shaving their heads for donations to raise fundsfor kids with cancer. 

On March 17, 2000, the reinsurance industry’sannual St. Patrick’s Day Party at Jim Brady’s Pub inManhattan became the first St. Baldrick event. The 
goal of shaving 17 heads and raising $17,000 turnedinto 19 bald heads and $104,000 which was donatedto fund the research of the Children’s OncologyGroup.

The second event in 2001 raised $140,000. John 
and Enda then planned to expand the fundraiser 
past the reinsurance industry. After 9/11 the 
founders lost hundreds of friends and colleagues, 
but the dedication to this project did not stop. By 
2002, there were now 37 head-shaving events and 
$1 million had been raised. In 2003, firefighters, 

policemen and military-not only US bases, but 
also Germany and Iraq-began to take part. In 
2012, 30 million was raised and recently the $100 
million mark has been reached in research grant 
money. It is so amazing how one man wanted to 
give back, and from his gratitude, such a great 
program began.

Locally, there are two events. In Arcadia, MattDenny’s will hold its 17th Annual St. Baldrick eventat Matt Denny’s at 6pm on Saturday, March 17.
Their goal is $60,000 and so far they have reached48,000. The Arcadia Police and Fire Departmentsparticipate as well as students from Holy AngelsSchool in Arcadia and many other wonderful 

This year, Monrovia will have its 3rd annual FuzzFest at Old Town from 5-9pm on Friday, March 16.
Besides participating in the “Shaved Head” event,
volunteers and donors are greatly needed andappreciated. The Monrovia St Baldrick Foundationsite is 1333 S. Mayflower, #400, (626)792-8247.

The website for the Foundation is www. It gives so much information- notonly what funding has been raised and donated,but 
also various links to what research has been 
done, children, who have been helped and a lotmore. In 2017, $36,543,276 was donated. So far, 
$15,915,628 has been donated this year! 

Don’t Miss Performances & Prizes! 
Join Us Sunday, March 18th • 2018 Wistaria Festival 
87 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre, CA 91024 
9am: SMP Opens! Silent Movies showing on the big screen inside – all day! 
10am-11am: Jane Fuller – singer/song writer on guitar, brings a variety of music 
influenced by jazz & expressive lyrics. 
11am-Noon: Michelle Bloom & Co. “Big Backyard” – original songs inspired 
by the music of the 1970’s, classic children’s books, & warm campfires. 
Noon-1pm: Barry Schwam & Co. – Theremin! Music without physical contact. 
1pm-2pm: Alison Kalmus Theater Academy – the showcase talent of the 
Advanced Performance Students that will be featured in this summer’s 
musical at the Playhouse, “Peter and The Starcatcher.” 
2pm-3pm: Michelle Bloom & Co. “Big Backyard” 
3pm-4pm: Alison Kalmus Theater Academy 
4pm-5pm: Jane Fuller + Mike Gallegos + Barry Schwam 
5pm: PRIZE DRAWINGS! (need not be present to win) 
ENTER TO WIN PRIZES! Tix to upcoming shows & more! 
Landmark (continued from page B1) 
from Mrs. Fennel, who was now a widow, for the Chamber of Commerce. The Sierra Madre 
$17,000.00. December 5th was Mrs. Lawless’ Beautification Committee was the yearlybirthday, and according to one account, shesponsor in the 1980’s. Approximately 500was 
making a present to herself of the world’s600 people attended the festival each year.
largest bouquet. Also a widow, her husbandIn the spring of 1989, Huell Howser came toWilliam J (Bill) Lawless was mayor of Sierrafilm the vine for his program Videolog, whichMadre during 1928-29. She, herself, was a aired on KCET. The next year, approximatelysuccessful businesswoman having founded 6,000 people came to view the vine. Thethe Weaver Jackson Beauty Co. in Los Angelesfestival organizers were unprepared for suchand was active in the community, serving asa turnout; lines stretched for two blocks. 
president of the Woman’s Club and the GardenHowser returned in 1992 to film again for hisClub. California Gold program. Sierra Madre andthe Chamber of Commerce quickly organizedMrs. Lawless spent a small fortune (aroundand combined the annual Vine viewing with a$100,000) enhancing the grounds of her newdowntown street fair. A shuttle bus is provided,
property and caring for the vine. When theand people procure tickets to see the vine at afestivals were held they often lasted for thepre-scheduled time. 
weeks the vine was in bloom, not just for oneday. Mrs. Lawless, a patron of the arts, alsoThe Guinness Book of World Records has 
sponsored vine activities all year long. named the Vine the World’s largest floweringplant. It is estimated that at the height of bloomShe hosted art exhibits, musicales, and poetryit has 1.5 million blossoms with 40 blossoms 
readings. Nearby residents objected to theper sq. ft., weighs 250 tons and has branchesconstant activity and took their complaints tothat extend 500 feet. Wistaria is a member of 
the City Council. Nothing was done as Mrs.the pea family though its seeds resemble a flatLawless presented the argument that the vinebean. Seed pods burst open in the summer.
existed before these neighbors purchased theirThe plant is deciduous, losing its leaves inproperties.the winter. Wistaria seeds were brought fromIn recognition for her contributions to theChina by Marco Polo in the 13th century. 
community, the Garden Club planted anotherWistaria in the terraced garden on the west sideToday, the vine covers approximately oneof what is today the Solt’s garden. It blooms aacre. Over the years, it has shown distress andbit later than the original vine and the plaqueseemed to be dying. Experts have been broughtcommemorating the occasion is gone. in from Cal Tech, Occidental, and Cal PolyPomona. Correct pruning, treatments withWhen Mrs. Lawless died in 1942, she providedhormones, and vitamin B have helped the vinefor the vine by leaving a legacy to her nephewto recover and to flourish. To help maintainand heir, Bruce McGill, to continue care of the Vine’s health, records of vine growth andthe property with a committee headed by thecare are now kept on a computer log. The VineGarden Club President. In 1944, the propertyseems to produce its greatest flowering after awas purchased by Richard and Marian Thayer.cold winter followed by a sudden hot spell. 
Marian is the daughter of M. Penn Phillips,
a well-known developer of desert property.What is the correct spelling for wisteria—
In 1944 the vine was overgrown and in poorwisteria or wistaria? In the Sunset Western 
condition. Richard Thayer planned to chop itGarden Book it is spelled wisteria. Sierra Madreup and get rid of it. A protest was raised andhas always spelled it wistaria. According to L.
an association was formed to protect the vine,A. County Arboretum and Botanic Gardenwith money provided to pay property taxessenior biologist Jim Bauml and Librarian Joanand provide year-round care for the vine. De Fato, the plant was named to honor CasparWistar (1761-1818), an American physicianIn 1961, after Richard Thayer died, the lot wasand teacher, who taught at the University ofsplit. Marian married builder Ronald CookPennsylvania. Among his accomplishments,
who developed the west side of the propertyhe wrote the first text-book on anatomy. Whenwith homes and built the present Solt home forthe name of the genus Wisteria was put into thehe and Marian in1962. The upper home wasbooks, it was incorrectly spelled, says De Fato.
sold to Joseph and Marie Feeney who raisedSo, one could say that all along, Sierra Madreeight children there. In 1972, Ron and Marianhas correctly spelled Wistaria! 
sold the lower home to Bob and Nell Solt. In 
the late 1990s, Joe Feeney died and Maria soldthe property. It was purchased in 2003 by thepresent owners, Dan and Dana Dorrance. 
By the 1970’s Vine Festival activity hadabout ended. It started up again in the late70’s when sponsored for one day each year by 

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