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Mountain View News Saturday,March 17, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday,March 17, 2018 

“Every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation.” 
Gordon B. Hinckley 

“The first requisite of a good citizen in this republic ofours is that he or she shall be able and willing to pull his orher own weight.” Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U. S. President 

Friday, March 9th, I was invited by Gayle Bluemel, formerPrincipal and current pianist, to attend the SpotlightAssembly at Sierra Madre Elementary School. Thisyear’s Spotlight Assemblies have focused on Art Historyand each class in turn has explored and then presented 
a specific part of the world timeline through Music,
Theatre and Dance. Visual Art lessons are also alignedwith each class theme, resulting in some really niftyten foot tall representations of Ancient Egypt, AncientGreece, Ancient Rome and Medieval Times. These papertapestries are so well done by the various grades involvedthey could qualify for showing at the Norton Simon!

Medieval Times was presented by the second gradeclasses of which there are five, ably and superbly taught byMs. Becky Bickel, Ms. Susan Andres, Ms. Linda Newhart,
Ms. Carolyn Halpern and Mr. Steven Mulder. Theseexcellent folk were arrayed in t-shirts sporting a lovelyoak tree (I think) and the concepts: Brilliant – Creative –
Strong – True-Hearted printed around the tree. They alsohad glittery gold crowns, which they richly deserved.

Miss Emily Clark, who is the Director and PerformingArts Specialist for Sierra Madre Elementary explainedthat we were about to take a journey through MedievalTimes where we would hear how art evolved throughilluminated manuscripts printed on scrolls of parchmentas the printing press had not yet been invented. As thereweren’t a lot of career choices available, one pretty muchdid whatever one’s mother or father did so people had tofit into one certain mold and, my goodness, aren’t we gladthat’s no longer the case!

The program started with the Pledge of Allegiance,
heartily pronounced, and then a verse or so of AmericaThe Beautiful, with gestures showing us the amber wavesof grain. The 100 second graders, now occupying riserson the stage, were costumed for Medieval Times in jester’shats, crowns, various doublets and many of the ladies 

wore long velour dresses with sneakers. The VolunteerCostume Committee, as usual, outdid themselves with 
practically no budget but lots of willing hands.

The music was taken from “Camelot,” “Spamalot,” and“Pippin,” and, having seen all of these musicals, I have tosay the second graders did a marvelous job, kicking offwith “Magic To Do,” 

“We’ve got magic to do........ Just for you 
We’ve got miracle plays to play 
We’ve got parts to perform.... Hearts to warm 
Kings and things to take by storm 
As we go along our way.” 

The King and Queen of Camelot, the Knights of theRound Table, Ladies in Waiting all danced – thanks toLynnanne Hanson-Miller, Dance Specialist - and sangwith joy and enthusiasm, ending with “Find Your Grail”
from “Spamalot” and the school song. These little peoplecould not have been more professional and well prepared.

Then, my favorite part of the Spotlight Assemblies,
the giving out of certificates of merit to at least a hundredstudents. These awards were, in great part, for being goodcitizens: For participation, for kindness, for helpfulness,
for a good attitude, for a great sense of humor. Yes, for greatmath work, reading comprehension, but good citizenship,
friends and neighbors, is so important and Sierra MadreElementary is teaching and rewarding exactly that. Thepictures this week are the King and Queen of Camelotand just a few of the kids receiving certificates of merit.
Next month: First Graders and Medieval Fairy Tales....
stay tuned! 

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