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VOLUME 12 NO. 08 
Generosity and a good cause has brought cinemaback to Sierra Madre. Ninety-four years after itsthe SMP. As she drove up Baldwin Avenue forthe first time, she was taken aback at the beautyCINEMA RETURNS TO SIERRA MADRE 
VOLUME 12 NO. 08 
Generosity and a good cause has brought cinemaback to Sierra Madre. Ninety-four years after itsthe SMP. As she drove up Baldwin Avenue forthe first time, she was taken aback at the beautyCINEMA RETURNS TO SIERRA MADRE 

first film screened, Sierra Madre resident CarolynDasher has generously donated a screen to bringfilms back to the Sierra Madre Playhouse. Her 
contribution is motivated by her desire to havethe Playhouse be the venue for the Wild andScenic Film Festival on Saturday, March 10, 2018.

On Feb. 2, 1924, the silent film “The Virginian”
opened at what was then called the WisteriaTheater with a thirty cent admission and fifteencents for children. The theater ,owned by Mr. andMrs. Mason Brown showed silent films with an 
organist and seating for 300. Research indicates 
that the Browns didn’t have it long. It closed after 
a year, but was reopened in 1930 by J. Coburnat the very time that sound was finding its wayinto films. Coburn installed a sound system andbrought the first ‘talkies’ to Sierra Madre.

On March 14, 1930 the theater ran the ad: 
Best and Latest Sound Equipment Now Installed!
These pictures are 100 percent Talking”

Unfortunately Coburn’s dream seems to havefaded a year later with the depression. Accordingto a Mar 26, 1940 newspaper article, the then-
owner of the building, Milton Weber, refurbishedthe building once again, including seats 800 

The theater then ran full-length moviescontinuously through the ‘60s. Some current 
Sierra Madre residents remember “two features 
and a cartoon for a nickel” and seeing Gone Withthe Wind and The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
sometime during that period.

According to old L.A. Times IndependentTheater Guide listings, it was known as theBogart Theatre from 1968 to 1971, and showedart house films like Closely Watched Trains andIngmar Bergman’s The Touch.

About 1970, Frank Green purchased thebuilding and divided it, with a foreshortenedauditorium and small storefronts on either side 
of a central aisle in the front portion He showedmovies, mostly Disney and cartoons for kids onSaturdays. In the ‘70s, the theater changed handsagain and was transformed into the Sierra MadrePlayhouse and the rest is a lot more history. 

Dasher Brings It All Home

Carolyn Dasher’s first visit to Sierra Madre in the90s was to audition for the play Blithe Spirit at 

of the tree-lined street and cute older homes and 
dreamed of living in such a lovely place.
`In 2000, her dreams came true and she became 
a SM homeowner and has cherished her time 
in our City. In 2015, she was concerned about 
the drought and Sierra Madre’s beautiful trees.
Trees need deep root water. So she began asheet mulching and swale project at her home tocapture the rain water and to lessen the rain runoff 
to get the trees the water they so need.

To educate citizens on how they can collectthe precious rain to protect their trees, she heldcommunity garden classes at her home and taughta Water Harvesting class for the City. Subsequently,
she was appointed as a Commissioner to theSierra Madre Energy, Environment and NaturalResources Commission. 

In 2016, the EENR Commission began theSierra Madre First Annual Wild and Scenic Film 
Festival in conjunction with the Mono LakeCommittee bringing environmental films to theCity of Sierra Madre. Films were shown in the 
City Council Chambers, but outgrowing thatvenue, Dasher targeted the Playhouse for thisyear’s festival. To overcome only obstacle, noscreen, she generously donated one, bringing thePlayhouse into a new era of both award winningplays AND films for the benefit of the entireSierra Madre Community. 

Wild and Scenic Film Festival 

This year’s Wild and Scenic Film Festival ison Saturday, March 10 from 7:00–9:30pm.
and features eight short, beautiful films aboutwilderness, community, belonging, and 
empowerment through the lens of skiing,
mountaineering, climbing, trail running, and 

For more information and tickets, includingfilm lineups and sponsors, check out the Wild &
Scenic Film Festival, Los Angeles website or call(760)6476595. For a limited time, you can alsouse promo code MONOLAKE to save 20% ongeneral admission. All proceeds go to the MonoLake Committee’s Outdoor Education Center 
programs that bring students from Los Angelesto the Mono Basin to learn about the source of 
their water through five days of life changingoutdoor experiences. 

Sierra Madre, CA – The City of Sierra Madre has selected KurtNorwood to serve as Interim Fire Chief while it initiates recruitment 
of a Fire Chief. Chief Norwood begins his service to Sierra Madreon the heels of Fire Chief Steve Heydorff’s retirement. StephenHeydorff served as Fire Chief for the Sierra Madre Fire Departmentfor almost 10 years.

Chief Nowood began his career with the Arcadia FireDepartment as a paramedic in 1987, and went on to serve asCaptain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief, and Fire Chief until heretired in 2016.

 Soon after he retired, the City of Montebello contracted ChiefNorwood to serve as Interim Fire Chief while they searched for aFire Chief. 

Chief Norwood is highly respected in the Verdugo System as wellas with area Fire Chiefs. His extensive experience, knowledge, andcredibility will help the Fire Department through the transition to afull-service Fire Department. 


On Tuesday, February 27th theSierra Madre City Council is likely todo something that hasn’t been donein more than 40 years, appoint a newCity Clerk. Due to the resignationof the elected City Clerk last month,
the position has been vacant. Below 
is the staff report on the matter: 


The City Council received noticefrom elected City Clerk MelindaCarrillo resigning her positioneffective January 5, 2018. At theJanuary 9, 2018 meeting the Councildirected staff to solicit applicationsto fill the unexpired term of the CityClerk. 

 City Clerk Carrillo was electedto City Clerk in the April 2016Municipal General Election to 
serve a four (4) year term. CityClerk Carrillo provided her letter ofresignation effective January 5, 2018.
Government Code Section 36512(b)
states “the Council shall, within 60 
days from the commencement ofthe vacancy, either fill the vacancyby appointment or call a specialelection to fill the vacancy.” 
At the January 9, 2018 meetingthe Council directed staff to solicit 

applications to fill the unexpiredterm of the City Clerk. GovernmentCode Section 36512(b) providesthe City Council with the optionof appointing a City Clerk to servethe remainder of the vacant term, 
until April, 2020. The Council mayonly appoint an elector of the City(e.g., a City resident and registeredvoter). The decision to appointmust be made within 60 days ofthe commencement of the vacancy.
The last day Council may make anappointment is March 6, 2018.

 City staff advertised the vacancythrough social media, on the City’swebsite, through press releases 
to several media outlets, and in 
the City’s bi-weekly electronic 
newsletter. A notice was also 
published in the City’s adjudicated 
newspaper, Mountain Views 
News. Staff has received four (4)
applications and provided them 
to the City Council in advanceof this meeting for their review. 
The applicants were all previouslynotified that the Council would be 
discussing an appointment at theFebruary 27, 2018 City Councilmeeting. 

The applicants are (in alphabeticalorder): 

• Christopher 0. Bamberger 
• Carolyn Joy Dasher 
• Alexandra E. Potter-Watts 
• Sue Ann Spears 
Duties and stipend of the City Clerk:
The statutory duties of a City Clerk,
whether elected or appointed, are setforth in Government Code Section 
40801 through 40811, and as theypertain to the City of Sierra Madre,
are as follows: 

• keep an accurate recordof the proceedings of the legislativebody• --keep-and record all cityordinances with the clerk’s certificate 
annexed to each, 
which record, with the certificate, 
constitutes prima facie evidence ofthe contents of each ordinance and 
of its passage and publication and isadmissible as such evidence in anycourt or proceedings; and act as thecustodian of the city seal 
The stipend paid to the appointedCity Clerk will be $250 per monthbeginning March 1, 2018 and 
concluding April 2020. 

Creative Arts Group is proud to present Art in 
Bloom 2018, an art exhibition pairing the area’s 
finest floral designers with work from our most 
talented artists. Floral designers will create an 
arrangement based on their interpretation of 
selected art pieces. The art work and the floral 
interpretation will be displayed side-by-side in 

our gallery for the weekend of March 2nd.

The opening reception with wine and hors 
d’oeuvres will be held Friday, March 2nd from 7-9pm at Creative Arts Group, 108 N. Baldwin Ave.
Sierra Madre, CA 91024. 

The show will continue Saturday, March 3rdfrom 10-5 pm, and Sunday, March 4th 11-4 pm. 

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