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Mountain View News Saturday, February 24, 2018 
Mountain View News Saturday, February 24, 2018 
Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis 

“I have been lucky in my life to have met peoplethat are so special, so extraordinarily talented thatthey somehow are on a different plane. Sometimesthese amazingly talented people find a way to keepreinventing themselves to stay relevant and alive.” 
Tamra Davis 

“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselvesextraordinary.” Gerard Way 

What a week we had this last week... The Olympics,
of course, where we saw extraordinary people doingoutta-this-world sort of extraordinary things thattook our breath away. The figure skaters. Seriously?
Watching these young men casually toss a girl upinto the air so she spins around three or four times,
catching her and easing her back onto the ice was justawesome. We were in pain every time one of themfell, knowing they would lose a point, but seeingthem able to keep going and not miss a beat wasamazing.

Then there were the snowboarders, the majorityof whom were fearless teenagers who couldn’t wait tohurl themselves off those mile high snow slides, dofour or five midair turns upside down and backwardsand manage to fall back on the slide and do a splashyflourish at the end. We’ve got another week to goand I expect we’ll all be tuned in to see “ordinarypeople making themselves extraordinary.” And then 
there’s curling. Various members of my family havebecome so involved with curling that that’s all theycan talk about. I did ask searching questions aboutthe broom and sweeping like crazy in front of the“stone” which is what that thing is called. OK, afterthe stone is thrown, “players are allowed to sweep theice in front of the stone. Sweeping clears the ice ofany debris that might slow the stone down or send itoff course. Sweeping also melts a thin layer of ice thatreduces friction and thus increases the distance the 
rock travels.” This is fun to watch as these folks getrather frenzied in their sweeping.

The venues look great, the opening ceremonieswere fabulous and it’s thrilling to see these peoplewho have dedicated their lives to their various sportsbeing seen, appreciated and rewarded.

In case you didn’t know, this past week or two haveseen Daddy-Daughter and Mother-Son dances allover the place. My picture this week is of our Texasgirls, Jessie and Emily and their daddy, Christopher,
at the Wally W. Watkins annual Daddy-Daughterdance. Emily has acquired a wig, which she iswearing, while shamelessly mugging for the camera.
Christopher has his same patient smile and a goodtime was had by all.

Miss Emily spent the evening racing ‘round withfriends, 

While Miss Jessie and her Daddy talked andlaughed till almost eight.

No, they didn’t dance a single dance,

Not a foxtrot or a waltz. 

But they finally got into the photo booth,

Which you can see was quite a blast! 

The Misses E and J and their Daddy, made memories
last week. 
They looked so lovely and he looked just grand,
Nothing they did was thought out or planned,
An evening together, dressed up, that’s all,
But the Misses Emily and Jessie, and their Daddy,
who is their Prince, 
Loved every single minute at the Wally W. Watkins
Elementary ball. 

Also this week, I got to see pictures of my next doorneighbor, Craig Cardella and his three daughters,
Violet, Fay and Avery dressed to perfection inpreparation for the Daddy-Daughter Dance, whileyoungest daughter, Charlotte, was captured in themidst of an epic meltdown when she realized thatshe was not going to be going, too. 

Hope you’re reading the One Book, One City book

– “In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash” by JeanShepherd, as selected by our excellent library. This isa nifty book, a series of connected vignettes, manyof which made up the movie, “A Christmas Story,” 
where nine-year old Ralphie hopes mightily that hewill get the Red Ryder Daisy Air Rifle for Christmas, 
in spite of the fact that every time he mentions it hehears, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!”

I can’t close this week without mentioning theother thing that happened last week, the hideous,
senseless, unbelievable, impossible, tragedy in 
Florida. Seeing the pictures of these young people,
including two coaches who died trying to save others,
whose lives have been cut short is heartbreaking.
Seventeen extraordinary people, many the same 
ages as the Olympic competitors, will never have theopportunity to be all they might have been. We canonly pray comfort for their families and friends. 

My book page: Deanne Davis 

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