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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 24, 2018 9FOOD & DRINK Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 24, 2018 9FOOD & DRINK 
There is wonderful eatery in Pasadena called “Pop”, 
and they specialize in (drum roll) sparkling winesand champagnes. They seem to be doing quite wellwith “mouse*” crowd. The story here is: sometimeback, under different ownership, they were openWednesday through Sunday. I asked the bartender/
sommelier Raphael what they did with the openedbottles of sparkling wine after closing on Sunday?
He said they poured it all out in the sink. Havinggrown up in a waste-not-want-not household, I

shook and quivered at such a thought. We 
made a deal on the spot that I could comein on any Sunday night and for $15 (friendsincluded) drink what otherwise would bethrown away.

Pop has changed hands since thisgreat event, but it got me to think aboutthe wine that is sitting in your favoriterestaurant’s refrigerator: how long has it 
been sitting there? As far as sparklingwines go (remember, it can only be calledchampagne if the grapes were grown inthe region of Champagne, France), thereshould still be a “pop” when your servertakes off the stopper. If you aren’t sure,

simply grab a utensil and see if you can stirup some bubbles. White wines and red will staypromise that there will be no eye rolling and theyfresh a day or two longer, but here is my tried anddo rotate their wines by the glass program often. 
true suggestion (and not once have I had a “no” ora roll of the eyes}. Simply ask the server when theListen to Dining with Dills Saturday at 4:30PMbottle was opened, and if they aren’t sure, ask for a KRLA AM 870. 

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fresh bottle. The mark-up on wines by the glass isin the restaurants favor; all you are doing is eveningthe odds. There are a handful of restaurants that 
sell splits of sparkling wines which gives you abouta glass and a half from a split. I don’t recommend 
splits of sparkling wine, though, as they come withscrew tops instead of corks. Sparkling wine with ascrew top? Dom Perignon would turn over in his 
grave. If you’re looking for wine by the glass, checkout the Parkway Grill or Flemings in Pasadena. I 


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