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Judson International School’s Science 
Night was an opportunity for students 
to display their creative and innovative 
STEM projects to the community. 
All students, grades K-12, presented 
their projects for families, friends, 
and guests. Judson also welcomed 
alumni who came back to see their 
alma mater for this fun night. Student 
STEM projects were creative and 
interesting. The kindergartners 

gave guests an opportunity to stick projects on a variety of topics from augmented and 
their hands in “blubber” to see how it protected virtual reality to quantum computing to fracking. 
them from cold. First and second graders wrote, High school biology students demonstrated worm 
directed, produced and acted in their own movie dissection, DNA testing, and blood typing. High 
entitled Spiderific that is all about spiders. Third school physics students had to make bridges using 
and fourth graders created aquatic creatures that only paper that would hold a hardback textbook. 
floated down from their classroom ceiling. Fifth The record bridge held 17 textbooks. The creativity 
and sixth graders, dressed as doctors, presented a and love for learning that Judson is known for were 
journey through the human body. Judson junior evident in abundance in their STEM projects on 
high students presented their science research Science Night. 


Alverno Heights Academy200 N. Michillinda Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 355-3463 Head of School: Julia V. FanaraE-mail address: 
Arcadia High School180 Campus Drive Arcadia, CA 91007Phone: (626) 821-8370, Principal: Brent 
Arroyo Pacific Academy41 W. Santa Clara St. Arcadia, Ca,
(626) 294-0661 Principal: Phil ClarkeE-mail address: 
Barnhart School 
240 W. Colorado Blvd Arcadia, Ca. 91007(626) 446-5588Head of School: Ethan Williamson 
Kindergarten - 8th gradewebsite: 
Bethany Christian School93 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 
(626) 355-3527Preschool-TK-8th Grade 
Principal: Dr. William Walnerwebsite: www. 
Clairbourn School 
8400 Huntington DriveSan Gabriel, CA 91775 
Phone: 626-286-3108 ext. 172 
FAX: 626-286-1528 
Foothill Oaks Academy822 Bradbourne Ave., Duarte, CA 91010(626) 301-9809Co-Principals Nancy Lopez and Diane 
Frostig School971 N. Altadena Drive Pasadena, CA 91107 
(626) 791-1255Head of School: Jenny Janetzke 
The Gooden School 
192 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 355-2410Head of School, Carl Parke 
High Point Academy1720 Kinneloa Canyon RoadPasadena, Ca. 91107 
Head of School: Gary Stern 626-798-8989 
La Salle High School3880 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 
(626) 351-8951 website: 
Principal Mrs. Courtney Kassakhian 
Monrovia High School325 East Huntington Drive, Monrovia, CA 91016(626) 471-2800 Principal Darvin JacksonEmail: 
Odyssey Charter School725 W. Altadena Dr. Altadena, Ca. 91001(626) 229-0993 Head of School: Lauren O’Neillwebsite: 
Pasadena High School2925 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, Ca.
(626) 396-5880 Principal: Roberto Hernandezwebsite: 
St. Rita Catholic School 
322 N. Baldwin Ave. Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024Principal Joan Harabedian (626) 355-9028website: 
Sierra Madre Elementary School141 W. Highland Ave, Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024(626) 355-1428 Principal: Lindsay LewisE-mail address: 
Sierra Madre Middle School 
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Walden School 
74 S San Gabriel Blvd 
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Weizmann Day School1434 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, Ca. 91107(626) 797-0204Lisa Feldman: Head of School 
Wilson Middle School 
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Monrovia Unified School District 
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Duarte Unified School District 
1620 Huntington Dr., Duarte, Ca. 91010 
Alumni working in engineering professions returned to theiralma mater, Don Bosco Technical Institute (Bosco Tech),
on February 21 to commemorate National Engineers Week.
These graduates provided motivational talks to inspire currentstudents, the majority of whom are considering STEM-
related college majors and careers. This is the sixth year ofthe popular speaker series. Representing organizations likeEdison International and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
the speakers made presentations on topics as diverse as spaceflight mechanisms, effective city planning, and digital cloudstorage. This year, the day’s special guests included studentsfrom neighboring all-girls schools Alverno Heights Academy,
Ramona Convent Secondary School, and San Gabriel MissionHigh School. The students, who selected two presentations oftheir choice, had the opportunity to ask questions about thespeakers’ companies, career pathways, and university coursework. “Engineers Week is a natural fit for a STEM-based schoollike Bosco Tech,” said Principal Xavier Jimenez. “Hearing 


from our own alumni who are engineering professionals isan invaluable opportunity for current students, and we arehappy to have been able to share that with students fromour sister schools. Bosco Tech regularly engages industryscientists and engineers to visit the campus and speakabout the path to university and their careers beyond. Thatconnection to the ‘real world’ helps to better prepare BoscoTech graduates for the many opportunities they will have afterhigh school.” Bosco Tech is an all-male Catholic high schoolthat combines a rigorous college-preparatory program witha technology-focused education. The innovative curriculumallows students to exceed university admissions requirementswhile completing extensive integrated coursework in oneof several applied science and engineering fields. The schoolboasts a four-year college acceptance rate of 100 percentand approximately 75 percent of Bosco Tech graduates havecareers in STEM-related fields. Visit or 
call 626-940-2000 for more information. 



In recent columns, I’ve outlined job and career prospects forstudents who seek to provide medical services to patients ofall varieties. What about professions that focus on emotional,
mental and social issues faced by different populations acrossage and disorder spectrums?

Practitioners in Psychology and Social Work arenas covera wide array of ever-increasing and complicated problemspeople can confront and endure, and professionals in thisfield often work closely with their medical counterparts inproviding counseling, intervention, emotional and mentalsupport. Sub-specialties abound in both psychology and socialwork job areas, and most career paths will eventually demandsome variety of a graduate degree down the road.

Can you make a career of being “good with people,” 
a phrase college advisors and professors often hear fromstudents exploring Psychology or Social Work paths? Well,
your Golden Retriever is also “good with people,” and, as itturns out, some of his smiling and patient attributes could bewell worth emulating if you want to counsel others in life. If weall could be as calm, as non-judgmental, as good a listener andas reluctant to bite or snarl, no matter the provocation--all ofthese qualities would serve you well in these professions. In allprofessions, actually.

Who am I? Why do I do the things I do? What motivatespeople in general in their behaviors and relationships? What’sthe role of my family in my self-concept and life path? The roleof peer groups, schooling, society in general?

Interested in these kinds of reflective questionings? Thenyou could begin to examine the plethora of career paths inPsychology and Social Work, which in many respects are first-
cousins to each other as job areas. Here’s a case situation that 
illuminates some of the distinctions: 

For instance, if you feel the urge to help troubled children ina school setting to heal, to learn and grow, you might initiallyconsider School Psychology, but as it turns out, much of whata School Psychologist does on a daily basis is more closelytied to testing and analysis of learning issues, development ofindependent educational plans for students and evaluations ofchildren across organic and behavioral areas, as in discerningand addressing issues across the Autism Spectrum, for 

It’s often the School Social Worker (slightly differentundergraduate path, typically a Master of Social Work forgraduate training) who is the front-line counselor to students.
Social workers in schools can assist children who have ailingor mortally ill relatives, can and do intervene internally inbullying situations, act as mandated reporters when there aresuspicions of at-home emotional or physical abuse.

When children in Santa Rosa finally returned to schoolafter their catastrophic fires, the social workers were especiallytrained to support children who’d lost their homes or family 
members and who’d actually fled for their lives. Similarly,
social workers are dispersed to perform grief counseling topopulations that survive the terrors of Sandy Hook, Parkland 


A food and beverage tasting eventfeaturing over 35 eateries and beveragecompanies. This event benefits the AlumniScholarship Fund at La Salle High School.

Saturday, March 24, 20186:30pm-9:00pm on campus

Tickets are $50 in advance 
or $75 at the door for unlimited 
tastes from over 25 vendors. 

or contact the Alumni Office at 
For your information:
Participating vendors include: 

Adictivo Tequila, Altadena Town & 
Country Club, Asian Mix Boba Fix, 
Bloomfield Creamery, Brother Timothy 
Wine, Casa Del Rey, Chef Carmen’s 3 C’s, 
COLETTE, Craft Beer Cellar Eagle Rock, 
Domenico’s Pasadena, Dulce Amargura, 

E. & J. Gallo Wine, El Cholo Cafe, El 
Portal, Fauborg, Fosselman’s Ice Cream 
Co., Frank Family Vineyards, Hop Secret 
Brewing Company, Jones Coffee Roaster, 
Lagunitas Brewing Company, Mt. Lowe 
Brewing Company, Nothing Bundt 
Cakes, Pasadena Sandwich Company, 
PizzaRev, Pressed Juicery, Quintessential 
Wines, Roy’s Restaurant, San Antonio 
Winery, Sierra Filtration Services, Sierra 
Fusion, Stone Brewing, Stonefire Grill, 
The Peacock Grill @ Embassy Suites, 
Twohey’s, Twohey’s Tavern, We Olive 
& Wine Bar, Wilson Creek Winery, and 
and other school 

In Psychology job 
paths, the PhD in 
Clinical Psychology isthe most demanding 
specialty, and these 
practitioners parallel 
the MD Psychiatristniche in many respects.

To understand more 
about other non-doctoral graduate degrees and specialtiesin both fields, you can look to the website of the appropriateprofessional societies:

If you want an insider’s synthesis of what they think and feelabout their profession, listen closely to the career insights of ageriatric social worker in a memory-loss residential setting:

“I love my work and it drains me sometimes to the limit ofmy abilities. I’m not ever going to get rich in this profession, butI am rich in ‘psychic dollars,’ my sense of making a differencein the lives of the vulnerable and troubled. 

Some days I come to work to discover a favorite client nolonger recognizes me, a family member in frustrated despairover the incapacitation of their loved one, or fellow medicaland psychological staffers themselves grappling with thedifficulty of doing their jobs with hope and optimism. Withall this in mind as I park at my facility, I’d still rather do this job 
than anything else.” 

Lots of wisdom here for you if you are considering Psychand Social Work. And, remember that image of the GoldenRetriever I mentioned? Well, twice a week a pair of Goldensspend time at this memory-loss facility as therapy dogs (inthe company of a specially-trained psychologist), where theyoffer not only consolation and love to the clients, but typicallyunlock memories of prior pets, memories buried deep in theminds of folks who’ve often forgotten almost everyone else intheir lives. 

There are also equine and porcine therapists out there,
and practitioners who help veterans with PTSD throughhorticulture therapy and, most touching of all, throughparrot rehabilitation programs at the VA Hospital in West LosAngeles, where abused and abandoned parrots are broughtback to physical and social health--and end up soothing thetorments and fears of their human handlers along the way. 

Dr. Dan Golden was the founding director of Life Planning atthe Vistamar School in El Segundo. He was a professor, programdirector and Dean for Work & Service-Learning at WheatonCollege (MA), and now consults with individuals, schools andeducational districts on college access, post-graduate study andcareer planning issues. He can be reached at dangolden0@gmail. 

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