“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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VOLUME 12 NO. 02 
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
VOLUME 12 NO. 02 
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of 
comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge andcontroversy.”


With the abrupt resignation of the city's electedClerk effective January 5, 2018 (http://mtnviewsnews.
com/v11/htm/n51/index.htm), the Sierra 
Madre City Council unanimously agreed at itsfirst meeting of the new year, to take the steps 
necessary in order to conduct the city's businessin a timely manner. 

First and foremost came the appointment of anElections Officer for the upcoming election inApril. Laura Aguilar, currently the Assistant CityClerk was appointed to that position 

Secondly, the council decided to seek the public'sassistance in finding a new city clerk that couldbe appointed to fill the unexpired term left vacantby the resignation. By filling the vacancy via appointment 
the city will not have to hold a SpecialElection at the approximate cost to taxpayers of$55,000. 


Sierra Madre residents that relyon the local Round About and 
Dial A Ride services are in store 
for a very pleasant surprise.
Fares will be dropping for $2.00per trip to $.50 (yes, 50 cents)
per trip.

 The council approved the decrease 
in fares in the course of 
reviewing renewal of a new contract 
with First Transit. There 
will be no adverse economic impact 
to the city by reducing therates and it will bring the cost ofthe services in line with neighboring 
cities that provide thesame services.

 The Sierra Madre Dial-A-Ride 
(Demand Response Transportation 
Service) program is acurb-to-curb transportationservice for elderly and disabledresidents of Sierra Madre. Outof-
town trips can go no more 

than two miles beyond the City,
but may travel to a variety of themedical facilities in Pasadena, 
Arcadia, or Duarte.

 Riders must be residents of Sierra 
Madre and must be 62 yearsof age or older, or must have aform, signed by a physician,
attesting to a disability whichhinders mobility and the use ofMTA buses. All patrons of theservice must first register withthe City's Community ServicesDepartment, and present proofof residency and age or disability. 
Monday through Friday:
during the hours of 9:00am 11:
00am & 2:00pm - 6:00pm.
No service on Saturdays, Sundays 
& Holidays.

 The Gateway Coach (RoundAbout) is a fixed route public 
transportation service forthe City of Sierra Madre. The 

A press release was issued asking Sierra Madrequalified residents who might be interested to apply. 
The position is open to any registered voterresiding in Sierra Madre. 

The successful candidate will be appointed toserve as City Clerk until April 2020. 

By statute, the City Clerk is responsible for recording 
the minutes of the City Council, Financing 
Authority, and Successor Agency meetings;
record City Ordinances and maintain the City'sCustodial Seal. Compensation for the position isthe same as with all other elected officials, $250 
per month. 

To apply for the position, please visit the City’swebsite at www.cityofsierramadre.com. If youhave any questions about the vacancy, please contact 
the City Manager’s Office at (626) 355-7135 

route operates Monday throughFriday, except Holidays from 
11:00am - 1:30pm and is available 
for all to use at no cost. The 
route traverses the City of Sierra 
Madre with stops at SierraVista Park, Sierra Madre MiddleSchool, Sierra Madre Library,
Post Office, Senior Housing andMemorial Park to name a few. 
For more information call 626355-
5278. or visit the city's website 
at: http://cityofsierramadre.

First Transit has been providing 
the services to the city since2012, however it was only recently 
discovered that the contract 
had expired. Monthly, thecompany provides about 285rides to residents. The expensefor operating the program iscovered by funds for Proposition 


Probably Fishing! Heydorff 
Retires After 37 Years with SMFD 

On Tuesday, Sierra Madre residents and City

Council members honored Steve Heydorff for his

37 years of service with the SM Fire Department.

Heydorff, whose actual last day was in December, 
was recognized for the many accomplishments 
while at SMFD including the establishment
of the Paramedics Program. 

His career began in 1981 as a Volunteer EMS
Coordinator. In 2008 he became SM Fire Chief. 

During his tenure 
Heydorff answered 
more than 9,000 calls
for service. 

Pictured above at a 
recent 911 ceremony
and left enjoying one
of his favorite pastimes,
fishing. No doubt, the
stories of his retirement 

Thank you Steve for all you have

adventures will grow 

done for this community. 

as time goes on. One 
thing is for certain how-


ever, Heydorff will be


 The Friends of the Sierra Madre adults, some with famous artists as our Bargain Books at only $1.00 
Library are sponsoring their Best illustrators. We have a set of Harvard each and small Paperbacks for .25 
Used Book Sale on Friday, February Classics, Bruce Catton’s biography of each or 5/$1.00. Children’s and Teen 
2 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and U.S. Grant, and a set of Edna Ferber’s titles in the parking lot range from 
Saturday, February 3 from 10:00 novels as well as other treasures. $.25 - $1.00. We hope to see you at 

a.m. – 2:00 p.m. This will be our Our DVD shelves in the Basement the February Book Sale, where you 
annual Vintage Sale and will feature are overflowing and all DVDs will be will find wonderful books in great 
Collectible books on every subject. . price at the Sale. condition. 
In the Basement, our Vintage shelves Featured in the Parking Lot this The sale will be held behind the 
will be available for your inspection time will be a huge collection of Sierra Madre Library, 440 West 
and the Table will showcase Limited, Marvel and DC comic books. Plan Sierra Madre Blvd. in Sierra Madre. 
Signed and/or First Editions of to spend a few minutes to look All proceeds are used for services, 
yesteryear. There will be many through the boxes and you may acquisitions and programs of the 
charming children’s titles as well as even find a valuable issue or two. As Sierra Madre Library. 
non-fiction and fiction classics for always, our parking lot will also have 
2018 – NEW YEAR....NEW LAWS.....AND YOU! 

California is a very special place tolive. As evidenced by recent politicalevents, we appear to be in a world of 
our own. As we begin another yearin the Golden State, let’s be mindful 
of the changes in our laws that willhopefully help improve the quality oflife for us all: 


A prospective employer will nolonger be able to decide how muchmoney to offer you by asking what 
you made at your last job. Under 
Assembly Bill 168, the salaryhistory of job applicants can only bedisclosed voluntarily. Supporters saythe law could help women closethepersistent gender pay gap.

Assembly Bill 1008 aims to improveemployment prospects for formerlyincarcerated job seekers by banningthe box on applications that asks 
about criminal conviction history.
Employers will still be able to 
conduct a background check once aconditional offer has been made, but 
the law, which is part of a nationalban-the-box movement, is meant 
to give former convicts a betteropportunity to be considered on 
their merits before they are judged 

for past mistakes. 


Get ready for a new era of votingin California: Senate Bill 450, 
which passed in 2016, does awaywith neighborhood polling placesand replaces them with elections 
conducted primarily by mail. It 
represents another effort to boost 
sagging voter participation. Underthe system, which Sacramento is 
among the first counties to adopt,
every registered voter will receive amail ballot. Drop-off locations willbe available up to four weeks beforeelection day, and temporary regional“vote centers” will open 10 daysahead of time to register voters andaccept ballots. 

Job leave 

Californians enter 2018 with 
expanded protections to take timeoff from work. Under Senate Bill 63, 
nearly 2.8 million workers at smallbusinesses with between 20 and 
49 employees are now guaranteedup to 12 weeks of unpaid parentalleave within the first year of theirchild’s birth, adoption or fostercare placement. (Workers at largerbusinesses with at least 50 employees 

already received this benefit.)

Assembly Bill 908 also boosts statecompensation for workers takingpaid leave to temporarily care for 
a family member, to 60 percent oftheir regular wages from 55 percent,
and up to 70 percent for the lowest 

Drug prices

Fueled by widespread anger 
over soaring prescription drugprices, lawmakers went to battle withthe pharmaceutical industry. SenateBill 17 requires manufacturers to 
notify the state at least 60 days beforedramatically increasing the price ofmost drugs.

Health insurers will also have 
to report how much prescriptiondrugs are contributing to the cost oftheir plans, including annual hikesto premiums. (In December, thepharmaceutical industry filed suit infederal court, challenging the law as aviolation of interstate commerce and 
free speech protections.)

Assembly Bill 265 also prohibitsdiscount coupons for brand-namedrugs, which can lower how muchpatients pay out-of-pocket. Criticscontend the coupons build customerloyalty (cont. on page 12) 

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