Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays! 

VOLUME 11 NO. 51 
Artist Sonny Salsbury created this painting depicting The Osti Christmas Decorations. Salsbury is also a Grammy nominated musician 
who was born in Pasadena. He is the brother of Judith Brandley, owner of Leonora Moss in Sierra Madre. His holiday artwork has beenon the cover of every Christmas Edition of this paper. 
Happy Holidays FRoM all oF Us To all oF yoU 
It was a season of celebration in Rome: 
only a year earlier in 403 A.D., the Roman 
Empire had battled the determined army of 
the Visigoths, who had surprised Emperor 
Honorius by surrounding his position. In 
a cleverly planned counter attack, Stilico, 
the man who historian Edward Gibbon 
described as “the last of the Roman generals,” 
would come to the Emperor’s rescue, and 
drive the Visigoths out. Over the ensuing 
year, the Visigoths were steadily forced from 
the empire of Italy onto that place where they 
were powerless to threaten Rome. 
The vanquishing of the Visigoths would 
usher in the desire of a grand celebration in 
Among this triumphant euphoria of the 
nation, there appeared a citizen of a different 
sort. Rome welcomed people from every 
place of the world, but one man was entirely 
different. The eyes of the city observantly 
watched, as the man stoically ambled over 
the ancient stone-paved rocks of their streets. 
He paused for a moment to admire a fruit 
he had never encountered before, and it 
was there, that an inquiring merchant of the 
marketplace asked: “What business do you 
have with Rome?” 
As strange as it might seem, the man named 
Telemachus, was powerless to answer the 
question; unable to explain the compelling 
impulse that had brought him to their city. 
His long journey of many weeks had taken 
him through the tiny town of Bethlehem on 
the day of Christmas. It was unseasonably 
warm, as he went out on that Christmas night 
to those famous fields where shepherds still 
the city’s name, or suggesting any idea that 
gathered their sheep. He took to the highest 
hill to stare at stars that held the memories 
of keen eyes and alert ears, he obediently 
of a million nights, and even those of world’s 
first Christmas. The spirit of that Christmas 
toward Rome. 
night is what Telemachus carried into the 
ancient city of Rome that New Year’s Day in 
Year’s celebration, as the gladiator games 
404 A.D. 
Telemachus’ existence was of prayerful 
air of the colosseum was sweetened in the 
seclusion, and he was completely content 
to remain apart from the world, until the 
spices. The sun of that afternoon burned with 
extraordinary occurrence of celestial strength 
began to penetrate his domain. These 
the colosseum floor to glow in the brilliant 
occurrences began with visions of Rome, and Telemachus watched as the people 
in time, the visions dominated his dreams. 
These true-to-life dreams commenced in 
entering the stadium, and he encountered 
different ways, but they always ended with 
Telemachus entering the gates of the great 
passed through its gate. It was then that 
city. He dared not tell anyone of this dramatic 
theatre of thought, but his dreams begat 
see two gladiators wielding their swords 
dreams, and even the conversations that at the top of his lungs “Stop!” It was a 
bandied about the mouth of strangers would 
ultimately contain their assorted references 
useless command as the mighty cheers of 
of Rome. 
Telemachus purposely avoided mentioning 
might raise the name of Rome to someone’s 
lips, but the more desirous Telemachus 
became of liberating Rome from his mind, 
the more stubbornly did the name surface. 
Telemachus’ wisdom judged that he was 
powerless to suppress the wind or change 
the direction of the sea, and being a monk 
harkened to the hints of Heaven and started 
The whole of Rome closed for the New 
became the focus of city’s attention. The 
steam-inspired scents of wine, saffron and 
particular glory, causing the silver sand of 
beauty of a diamond.
the boisterous roar of the crowd as he 
he look down from the top of the arena to 
in the great game of death, he screamed 
ANGELS continued on Page 2 
Melinda Carillo, Sierra 
Madre City Clerk who 
was elected in 2016, has 
resigned. Carillo submitted 
her letter of resignationto the council on Friday,
alleging, “the lack of 
honest communication, 
collaboration and supportI have experienced as CityClerk from City Staff andCouncil has required meto evaluate my position asCity Clerk. “ 
Most notably, Carillo 
expresses dissatisfaction 
with the compensation forthe position. Specifically,
her letter indicates her displeasure with the council’s decision toeliminate additional compensation for the City Clerk to handlethe upcoming 2018 and future elections. 
In November, the council unanimously voted to follow the modelof other cities with an elected City Clerk where the elected officialhandles those duties required by law, but election activities arehandled by the election consultant and city staff. By so doing, the 
city will save $7,500 per year. (http://mtnviewsnews.com/v11/ 
There have also been questions about Carillo’s performance. 
Council minutes are not up to date and available to the public 
as required. According to the City’s online access, the last 
minutes available to the public are from October 24, 2017. At 
that meeting, the council approved minutes from two September 
meetings. At the time of her resignation, minutes for the last 3 
council meetings were not available online and had not gone to 
the council for approval. 
In November, Mayor Arizmendi questioned why a key election 
deadline had been missed. On November 2nd, the Los Angeles 
County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk sent to Carillo a 
request for “pertinent information necessary to properly 
schedule and initiate your City’s General Municipal Election 
to be held on April 10, 2018” with a deadline for a response by 
November 16, 2017. According to sources, after the county 
did not receive a response from the City Clerk, contact was 
made with the City Manager’s office and city staff completed 
the questionnaire and submitted it to the county to avoid Sierra 
Madre’s election not being scheduled. In her letter, Carillo denies 
missing the deadline but emails from the Elections Coordination 
Division contradict Carillo’s account. 
The resignation letter also criticizes the city council for not 
reviewing the election fee issue with her in private rather than 
at an open city council meeting. If the council had done so it 
would have been in violation of the Brown Act. 
This is the first time for as far back as anyone can remember 
that an elected City Clerk in Sierra Madre has resigned from 
office. When Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi was asked about a 
replacement for Carillo and the process, Arizmendi said, “it is 
the responsibility of the council to act in a manner that does not 
adversely impact the upcoming election” and she plans to do 
so. Specifics on what will be done were not available, however 
at press time. Arizmendi did state that no city staff would be 
working at polling places or in any election capacity that might 
compromise the integrity of the election. 
The Sierra Madre Municipal election is scheduled for April 10, 
2018. There will be three council seats open and two ballot 
measures for residents to consider. S. Henderson/MVNews 

Born to loving parents, Daniel

obtained at any cost. Moral training

David and Arrie Deloach on 

and living choices were imperatives

July 7, 1924, Eunice Lester Banis

with Eunice! She always bragged

arrived in Savannah, Georgia

about her children’s successes to all. 

as our country was celebrating

Eunice and Joe moved to Sierra 

the Roaring 20s, an era of

Madre in 1965. Eunice was known 

independent self expression.

in the family and community as a

Eunice was certainly destined

unique personality and active person.

to be a strongly independent 

She drove a motor scooter well into 


her seventies. When not driving

Eunice spent her early

herself, she would hop on the back of

years as a proper southern girl

a “real” motorcycle with pop or one

attending local schools and 

of the boys. She swam every day at

training in classical piano and

the Sierra Madre pool until around

later organ. She taught piano

10 years ago and continued weekly

lessons as a young adult but this

swims at the Y until 5 years ago. She 

ended abruptly upon meetinga handsome Army Air Corp pilot at a USOHalloween dance in town. Joseph Banis swepther off her feet (even though he was a “Yankee”!!)
and the two were wed the following January 6th.
She was widely known for her annual January 6thOpen House, which celebrated their anniversaryand The Feast of the Three Kings/Epiphany!

Eunice and husband, Joe, welcomed 6 childrenthrough the years. Eunice was a “Tiger Mom” waybefore that term was in use. She firmly insisted thateach child be/achieve their very best! Education 
was a priority and the best medical care was 

enjoyed her last swims on her 93rdbirthday and other days this past hot summer.
Eunice loved her Sierra Madre community andgreeted friends daily in town, at church and atevents, concerts and meetings. She played piano/
organ for St. Rita’s 7:30am Sunday mass every week,
at the S.M. Women’s Club (honored as a LifetimeMember) and SMCC Bible Study for over 50 years.
Eunice treasured her friends, and not ever wantingto burden them, would reply to inquiries of wellbeing, even when ailing, with “I’m a perkin’.” 

*continued on page 2) 

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