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 SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2018 

VOLUME 12 NO. 24

County to 
Retain Eaton 

Golf Course

Reminder: All Fireworks 
Are Illegal in Pasadena

L.A. County Supervisor 
Kathryn Barger said Monday 
that after some discussion 
about a possible transfer 
to the city of Pasadena, the 
County of Los Angeles will 
retain ownership of the Eaton 
Canyon Golf Course, and 
will work to ensure that the 
facility is maintained at the 
highest possible standard.

 “Our new reputable operator 
at the course has enabled us 
to not only provide a valuable 
recreational resource for the 
community but also attract a 
new clientele for the future,” 
said Supervisor Barger.

 Course management, 
maintenance and the overall 
quality of the facility has 
improved dramatically under 
CourseCo., who will continue 
as the operator through a 
contract with Los Angeles 
County Department of Parks 
and Recreation.

 “I am very encouraged by 
the input I have received by 
all of the stakeholders and I 
support giving our golf course 
an opportunity to succeed 
and flourish,” Barger added. “I 
want to invite the community 
to utilize this course as much 
as possible. Your patronage 
as regular golfers and diners 
at the restaurant helps keep 
the facility vital and helps us 
attract a new generation of 

 Pasadena City Manager 
Steve Mermell had said in 
March that city officials were 
in talks with the county. 

 “The county approached 
the city and said they were 
interested in transferring 
[Eaton Canyon Golf 
Course] —and if the city was 
interested in taking it over as 
a golf course?” he said. “We 
are interested in it as a park 

 In recent weeks, residents 
in the area had opposed the 
transfer and had asked the 
county and Barger to keep the 
golf corse. 

 The City of Pasadena recently 
amended the municipal code 
holding property owners 
and tenants responsible for 
permitting the possession, sale, 
usage or discharge of fireworks 
on their property. The 
ordinance change allows for 
the prosecution of fireworks-
related offenses and for the 
demand of of payment for 
all costs associated with the 
safe disposal of confiscated 
fireworks. The City maintains 
a zero tolerance enforcement 
policy for fireworks and 
Pasadena’s police and 
firefighters are teaming up for 
special fireworks enforcement 
patrols before and during the 
Fourth of July holiday. Violators 
are subject to arrest; having 
their vehicles impounded; and 
serving up to one year in jail 
and fines up to $50,000. 

 Statistics show that fireworks 
are among the most dangerous 
of all consumer products. 
Even hand-held sparklers, 
which many consider safe, are 
dangerous and can reach 1,200 
degrees Fahrenheit, causing 
serious burns or fires. National 
Fire Protection Association 
statistics reveal that 90 percent 
of all fireworks-related injuries 
are caused by so-called “safe 
and sane” fireworks which are 
illegal in Pasadena.

 The City of Pasadena invites 
you to celebrate the Fourth of 
July responsibly and join us for 
the 92nd annual “Americafest,” 
one of the best family-friendly 
celebrations and professional 
fireworks shows in Southern 
California at the Rose Bowl 
Stadium. For ticket and event 
information, please visit www.

 Due to the potential for fire 
hazards and injuries, Pasadena 
police and fire personnel will 
staff checkpoints around the 
stadium to search for and 
seize any fireworks. Parking 
enforcement officers will ensure 
that vehicles illegally parked in 
Pasadena’s hillside areas on July 
4th are impounded.

 The Pasadena Fire Department 
will be applying Phos-Chek 
on Monday, July 2nd to brush 
areas around the Arroyo area. 
The main ingredients of this 
fire retardant are phosphates 
and fertilizers to help prevent 
plants from burning and to re-
vegetate burned wildland areas.

 Pasadena’s Fire Chief Bertral 
Washington, Interim Police 
Chief John Perez and Public 
Health Officer Dr. Ying-Ying 
Goh urge everyone to make 
safety their top priority and 
offer the following reminders:

 Celebrate responsibly and 
always designate a driver.

 Stay hydrated, drink water or 
other nutritious fluids before 
becoming thirsty; limit alcohol 
& sugary drinks.

 If outdoors, remember to use 
sunscreen, wear a brimmed hat 
and seek shade, if needed.

 Fight the Bite, use bug spray/
repellant to protect against 

 Many areas of the City, 
including outdoor areas, are 
designated as “No Smoking” 
zones. Smoking anything in 
“No Smoking” areas is strictly 
prohibited. Always make sure 
that whatever you smoke in an 
official smoking area is fully 
extinguished before disposing 
in an appropriate trash 

 Always have someone tending 
the barbecue and watching the 
swimming pool when in use.

Call 9-1-1 for all life-
threatening emergencies.

Call (626) 744-4241 for all 
other public safety needs.

When calling for help, speak 
calmly, give accurate location 

Pasadena Playhouse Celebrates 100

 Just a week after the city 
celebrated a birthday, the 
Pasadena Playhouse, the State 
Theatre of California, held a 
block party Saturday for its 
centennial that included the 
theatre’s Artistic Director 
Danny Feldman and Mayor 
Terry Tornek (pictured above 
second left) unveiling a cake. “Last week we cut a 
cake over at the Museum of 
History celebrating the city’s 
132 birthday and today we’re 
celebrating the Playhouse 
hundredth birthday.” Tornek 
said. “The great thing about 
this is that in addition to 
celebrating our history, and 
the fact that we have done 
so many things so well, so 
long, but its what’s going to 
happen, its celebrating what 
we are going to be doing 
in the future, I don’t think 
there is a better example 
of that then our Pasadena 

 Feldman (pictured above 
second right) noted that 
a little over a year ago the 
theatre received a grant 
from the state for $1 million, 
“that helped refurbish the 
buildings,” he said.

 California State 
Assemblymember Chris 
Holden (pictured above 
center) said, “When we said 
to the State of California... 
100 years, we are going to be 
marking the anniversary for 
the playhouse, the state has 
to do something, to support 
it. Do you know, they didn’t 
even know that it was a state 
landmark, historic theatre. 
So they go back in there 
records and find it... when 
they did that, it made it a lot 
easier to get the $1 million.” 

 According to officials, 
Pasadena Playhouse is 
one of the most prolific 
organizations in the history 
of American theater, having 
commissioned over 550 new 
works, produced upwards of 
1,200 shows, spearheaded 
over 500 world premieres, 
developed several shows 
that went on to Broadway, 
and welcomed more than 
one million audience 

 As a community center, 
it has been the recipient of 
well over a million hours 
of service by more than 
12,000 volunteers. The 
well known Friends of the 
Pasadena Playhouse has 
been instrumental in the 
running of the theatre both 
backstage, front of house, and 
administratively. For more 
than thirty years, Pasadena 
Playhouse ran a famed and 
fully accredited college -- 
more than 30,000 students 
received arts education and 
access programs. 
For more information visit:

Bridge Party

 Join Pasadena Heritage for 
the celebration at the Colorado 
Street Bridge Party Saturday, 
July 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 11:30 
p.m. Stroll along one of the most 
beautiful bridges as you enjoy 
an evening of music, dancing, 
vintage cars, free kids activities, 
and festive foods and beverages. 

 Old favorites will return 
and new attractions are being 
added to make a night to 
remember. There will be live 
music on three stages, which 
will offer groups such as Vin 
Piz Flyer Band, Dilemma, 
Jimbonaries, Upstream, Mercy 
and the Merkettes, and Art Deco 
Entertainment. Our display of 
vintage automobiles is always a 
hit, and this year the new joins 
the old with a display of state 
of the art Teslas joining a 1948 
Porsche, a 1957 23 Window Bus, 
and a 1957 Bel Air. Youngsters 
will be entertained in the 
children’s area with balloons, 
face painting, drum circles, a 
rock wall and more. 

 Guests have the rare opportunity 
to stroll along the Bridge on foot, 
enjoying food from vendors 
such as Mijares Mexican 
Restaurant, Robin’s Wood 
Fire BBQ, DogHaus, 
Pam’s Sweet Shack and 
Funnel Cakes, and beers 
from Craftsman Brewing and 
Eagle Rock Brewery. Specialty 
cocktails, and wine will also be 
available. The Colorado Street 
Bridge has been threatened 
numerous times in its one 
hundred and five year history, 
and for the last 41 years, 
Pasadena Heritage has been 
its leading champion. To save 
and restore this iconic structure, 
the organization conducted 
letter-writing campaigns, 
constant lobbying and national 
publicity efforts. Pasadena 
Heritage’s famous summer event 
on the spectacular span first 
highlighted the need to repair 
it. After many years of effort, the 
Bridge was saved, seismically 
upgraded and restored to its 
original grandeur – a feat that is 
celebrated biennially and what 
has become a much anticipated 
community event. Join us this 
year and become a part of the 

 For more information: 



 Pg. 3

Tournament of Roses 
Foundation Grant Awards


Pg. 4

 The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation announce 
the 2018 grant awards totaling $200,000 presented to 33 civic, 
educational and cultural organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. 
Two of the 33 organizations funded are first-time grant recipients. 
These organizations are: K9 Youth Alliance, and the San Gabriel 
Valley Choral Company.

 “We believe it’s not just the girls who benefit, but the entire 
Pasadena community,” said Molly Snow - Executive Director, 
Girls on the Run of Los Angeles County

 Since its inception, the Tournament of Roses Foundation has 
funded over $3 million in charitable contributions on behalf of 
the Tournament of Roses Association. The Foundation assists 
charities in the greater Pasadena area by funding sports and 
recreation, visual and performing arts, and volunteer motivation 
and leadership development. These grants will help support new 
and ongoing programs benefiting children, teens, adults and 

 The complete list of 2018 Tournament of Roses Foundation grant 
recipients can be found at: 




In Related News: Playhouse 
Awarded Arts Education Grant

 The California Arts Council announced Tuesday its plans 
to award $15,300 to Pasadena Playhouse, The State Theater 
of California as part of its Arts Education: Exposure 

 As a segment of the California Arts Council Arts 
Education grant opportunities, Exposure grants 
support attendance at performances and exhibitions for 
students who may otherwise have limited access to these 
experiences. The impact of student attendance at these 
events is complemented by pre- and post-attendance 

 Danny Feldman, Producing Artistic Director of Pasadena 
Playhouse, says, “At Pasadena Playhouse, we believe that 
theater not only has the power to change lives but also to 
build stronger communities. Through Community@Play, 
Pasadena Playhouse provides thousands of underserved 
students access and exposure to an enriching professional 
theater experience. Community@Play serves participants 
of all ages by removing the barrier of cost and partners 
with Title I schools, at-risk youth and social service 

 Pasadena Playhouse, The State Theater of California, 
is one of 113 grantees chosen for the Arts Education: 
Exposure program. The award was featured as part of a 
larger announcement from the California Arts Council.

 “Studies have shown that projects like the Pasadena 
Playhouse’s Community@Play that offer real-world, 
authentic interaction with the arts have a rewarding effect 
on learning ability,” said Nashormeh Lindo, California 
Arts Council Chair. “These early life experiences can spark 
interests, provoke thought, and build a student’s capacity 
for success. The path of what’s possible is widened by every 
opportunity to step outside the familiar.”


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