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WALKING SIERRA MADRE... The Social Side By Deanne Davis



“Peace and happiness begin, geographically, where 
garlic is used in cooking.” 

Marcel Boulestin

“You can never have enough garlic. With enough 
garlic, you can eat the New York Times.” Morley 
Safer, Canadian Journalist

“You’re a monster, Mr. Grinch. Your heart’s an empty 
hole, your brain is full of spiders, you’ve got garlic in 
your soul, Mr. Grinch!” Dr. Seuss.

Garlic lowers blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, is 
an antioxidant, an antibiotic, prevents blood clots, 
strengthens the immune system, inhibits cancer, 
fights respiratory diseases, detoxifies, is rich in 
manganese and vitamin B6, has been shown to help 
with the metabolizing of iron, and is an aphrodisiac. 
That last one applies only if you and whomever you 
are romancing both ate the garlic dish.

 In the United States, California is the major garlic 
producing state, followed by Nevada and Oregon. 
The value of U.S. garlic production has steadily 
increased, reaching a record $286.8 million in 2011. 
Really, you’re saying...and why, exactly are we talking 
about garlic? Last Monday I was driving back from 
Arizona where I had spent a delightful week hanging 
out with my Arizona family and granddaughters 
Jessie, who is 10, and Emily who will be 8 next 
month. We saw The Incredibles, which was fun, went 
to their swimming lesson and admired their floating 
techniques, went out to lunch every day, and spent 
Father’s Day celebrating their daddy, Chris. Arizona 
sunsets are beyond vivid and seem to last for hours. 
So! Driving back to Sierra Madre, I was passing semi 
after semi, with attached trailer filled with garlic 
and, even with my A/C on, the heady garlic scent 
wafted right into my car, reminding me of a lamb 
dish I cooked a few times early in my marriage to 
the adorable John, who never complained about 
anything I cooked, except once when I made pork 
chops covered with cranberry sauce. He liked the 

Lamb with 40 Cloves of Garlic!

1 lamb shoulder, bone in, about 4-1/2 – 5 lbs.

1 Tb olive oil

Salt and pepper

2 whole heads of garlic

2 large onions, peeled and quartered,

12 small potatoes – fingerlings or those nice red 
ones, unpeeled

2 TB tomato paste

2-1/2 cups red wine (and another glassful for the 

4 sprigs of rosemary

4 bay leaves

1 Tb cold butter

Heat the oven to 425. Rub the lamb shoulder with 
olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut one head of garlic in 
half crosswise and then break the other into cloves, 
leaving them unpeeled. Place the lamb in an oiled 
roasting pan with the onions, potatoes and ALL the 
garlic, and bake, uncovered for 30 minutes. Reduce 
the temperature to 225. Whisk the tomato paste into 
the red wine and add to the pan (Yes, the chef can 
have another sip or two at this point.) along with the 
rosemary and bay leaves, cover tightly with foil and 
bake for 3-1/2 – 4 hours until fork tender.

Strain the sauce into a bowl and chill in the fridge 
for one hour then remove that top layer of fat. Cover 
that luscious tender lamb and the veggies and keep 
warm. Bring the sauce to a boil in a small pan, whisk 
in the butter and pour it back in with the lamb.

 When you’re ready to serve, reheat the lamb in the 
sauce, then gently slice the meat and serve it with the 
potatoes, onions, garlic cloves and the sauce.

 See what happens when you’re on a long car ride? 
And you’re hungry? I’m not an especially big fan of 
garlic, but this lamb was GOOD! 

My book page: Deanne Davis 

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Happy Summer! I love 
summer. It’s light late, the 
weather’s nice for the most 
part, and since the school where I work ends in 
late May, I get to sleep in almost every day. With 
free time on my hands, I should do something 
creative, like write for this paper or try out a new 
recipe. I’m all over the former, but the latter is 
probably not going to happen. It’s not that I’m 
against cooking, it’s more that I’m against effort. 

 I love those retro advertisements that have 
been reworked to include snarky sayings. One 
of my favorites is of a stylish woman on a sofa 
with the caption “A 
woman’s work is never 
done... at this house it’s 
rarely started.” I can 
relate to the couch sitting 
part, not the stylish part 
so much. Another good 
one is of a smiling couple 
with the caption “I’m 
lucky he cooks... He’s 
lucky I don’t!” Totally us.

 So the other day I was 
visiting my parents and 
my mom was looking 
for cookie recipes in one 
of my grandmother’s 
old cookbooks. It is 
a well-loved volume 
stuffed with handwritten 
cards and pages torn 
from magazines. In her 
cookie quest, she came 
across four pages of 
“Salad Secrets,” basically 
an ad for Jell-O. Some 
of their suggestions 
sounded fine, like rolling a ball of cream cheese 
in crushed cereal and nuts as an appetizer with 
crackers or vegetable sticks. But some of the 
other secrets should have stayed secrets. (“What 
happens in the 50’s stays in the 50’s.”) 

 Most of the Jello-O creations came in fanciful 
molds. Some looked like your typical bundt 
cake, some looked like little castles, and some 
looked like the emoji “poop” swirl you’re used to 
seeing on your phone. Another thing they had 
in common was that they all used either lime 
or lemon Jell-O. That’s cool, I dig both those of 

 What wasn’t cool, however, were the 
suggested additions, such as avocado, shredded 
cabbage, chives, hard-boiled egg, radishes, and 
Worcestershire sauce --of all things. Each recipe 
was photographed, in case the reader wondered 
how olives, radishes, and cabbage looked 
suspended all together in a gelatinous mass. 
The worst-sounding recipe of all combined lime 
Jell-O with vinegar, grated onion, celery, stuffed 
olives, and cubed cheese. Just as if it couldn’t 
get any worse, the recipe specifies the cheese as 
“processed.” One wonders why the authors felt 
free to experiment with 
weird ingredients, but 
felt constrained to use 
either the lemon or lime 

 While most of 
these creations had 
descriptive titles, such 
as “Cabbage Grapefruit 
Salad” or “Jellied Potato 
Salad” (another must-
miss, but at least there’ll 
be no surprise about 
what’s in it), someone 
got creative with naming 
the other dishes (e.g., 
“Sea Dream Salad” 
which as far as I can tell, 
is Jell-O with cucumbers 
served over salad greens 
with a salmon salad 
mayonnaise mixture. 
“Cranberry Come-
On” actually had the 
least repulsive list of 
ingredients. “Jell-O 
Patio Salad” is the one with Worcestershire 
in the emoji swirl molds, but you could use 
whatever shape you want). 

 It was fairly entertaining to read these and 
other recipes from a bygone era. My dad had 
the idea that I should play a practical joke on my 
husband and show him one of the recipes when 
he got home and tell him that I already made it 
that day and it was chilling in the fridge. “I’d just 
like to see his face!” he said, “You should take 
a picture.” “Won’t work, Dad,” I told him. “He 
knows I never cook. Not even Jell-O.”


During this period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 408 day and night time 
calls for service.

Monday, June 11

At about 7:14AM an officer was dispatched to the Hart 
Park House for a report of vandalism. An unknown 
suspect(s) scrawled several phrases on a yellow, 
wooden covering using a black marker.

Case to Detectives 

Wednesday, June 13

A non-injury accident occurred when a vehicle 
collided with a pile of asphalt in the 100 block of E. 
Montecito Ave. at about 10:33AM.

Friday, June 15

An officer observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign 
on Sierra Madre Blvd at Baldwin Avenue Following a 
field investigation and testing, the officer determined 
the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol 
and was also driving with a suspended license due to a 
prior DUI). The driver was arrested and transported to 
the Pasadena Jail for booking.

Case to the Pasadena DA’s office

Saturday, June 16,

Around 10:56AM, a vehicle was stopped for a vehicle 
code violation. Further investigation revealed that 
the driver’s license was expired. After the driver 
was informed that his license was expired and that 
he needed to contact someone with a valid driver’s 
license, the driver fled the scene. Following a brief 
search by assisting officers, the driver was located at his 

 The driver was arrested and booked at the Pasadena 
Jail until being released on a citation. Case to the 
Pasadena DA’s office 12:17PM

 Officers responded to the 700 block of E. Grandview 
Ave in regards to a injured bicyclist. The bicyclist was 
traveling west in the westbound lane. The bicyclist lost 
control of the bike and fell onto the roadway causing 
abrasions on his face, body, and hands. The bicyclist 
was transported to a local hospital for further medical 


A resident was the victim of an internet scam when 
unknown suspect(s) contacted him with information 
that they were in the possession of a video of the victim. 
The victim was told to send money so the video would 
not be posted to social media. The victim complied 
with the demand and the video was not posted.

Case to Detectives

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