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 SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2018 

VOLUME 12 NO. 25



The Sierra Madre City Council authorized city staff to proceed with the Prop 218 process at its last 
meeting. Water users in the city will vote on whether or not to approve the proposed rate changes. To 
that end, the ballots arrived this week in the mailboxes of all ratepayers. The City's water distribution system is comprised of 47.6 miles of pipeline, a large majority of which is 
over 70 years beyond useful life. The increased amount of water main leaks, totaling approximately 600 
in 2016, is directly attributed to the age of the pipes (Bucknam & Associates, 2018). 

California Proposition 218 requires that a public agency proposing a new or increased property-related 
fee or charge provide written notice by mail to the owner of each parcel upon which the fee or charge will 
be imposed. This notice was mailed to the address of each parcel number in Sierra Madre as well as to the 
owner’s address of each parcel in Sierra Madre. 

A Public Hearing is set for July 31, 2018 on the matter of a proposed water rate increase. The Hearing 
will be held at 6:30 pm in City Hall Council Chambers at 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre, CA 

Visit the Sierra Madre Transparency Portal to learn more about the Prop. 2018 Ballot Process. 


From: The City of Sierra Madre


Applicant: City of Sierra Madre

Project Location: Properties in the City of Sierra Madre, County of Los Angeles, State of California

The City of Sierra Madre gives notice, pursuant to State of California law, that the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing 
to consider recommending adoption of Municipal Code Text Amendment 18-01, amending Chapters: 17.08 (Definitions), 17.36 
(Commercial Zone), 17.40 (Manufacturing Zone), and 17.60 (Variances and Discretionary Permits). The purpose of the amendment is 
to update the list of permitted and conditionally permitted uses in the commercial zone, update the corresponding development standards, 
and develop a comprehensive list of commercial zone uses. Additional amendments to the chapters referenced above are intended to 
achieve consistency specific to cross references in the Commercial Zone and other related zoning provisions.

Following a Planning Commission recommendation for approval, the proposed text amendment will be forwarded to the City Council 
for their consideration. 


City of Sierra Madre City of Sierra Madre

Planning Commission meeting City Council Chambers

Thursday, July 5, 2018 232 W. Sierra Madre Blvd.

(Hearing begins at 7:00 p.m.) Sierra Madre, CA 

All interested persons may attend this meeting and the Planning Commission will hear them with respect thereto.

ENVIRONMENTAL DETERMINATION: The subject ordinance is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) 
pursuant to Title 14, §15060(c)(2), §15060(c)(3), and §15061(b)(3) of the California Code of Regulations. The Ordinance amending 
Chapters 17.36, 17.40, and 17.60 will not result in a direct or reasonably foreseeable indirect physical change in the environment; the 
ordinance does not involve a “project” as defined by Section 15378; and the ordinance is covered by the general rule that CEQA applies 
only to projects that have the potential for causing a significant effect on the environment; Therefore, it may be seen with certainty that 
there is no possibility this ordinance will have a significant effect on the environment. 

APPEAL: A decision by the Planning Commission is subject to a 10-day appeal period to the City Council. If in the future anyone 
wishes to challenge the decision of the Planning Commission in court, one may be limited to raising the issues that were raised or 
presented in written correspondence delivered to the Planning Commission at, or before, the scheduled public hearing. For further 
information on this subject, please contact the Planning and Community Preservation Department at (626) 355-7138.


 With summer around 
the corner, Sierra Madre 
PD's Neighborhood 
Watch (NW) Program 
will be in full swing. 
This is a great opportunity 
to meet your 
neighbors and to hear 
firsthand information 
on public safety issues, 
current crime alerts and 
other topics of interest. For more information, contact:

Lou Oronoz, Community Service Officer

Sierra Madre Police Department

Office: 626/355-4596

Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: Website:

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